Know Important concept for Force

What we study maximum in Physics ?

Know Important concept for Force,what is force,force definition,force concepts
Know Important concept for Force 

      We study maximum about force in Physics. Now we will see what is force in Physics world ? You have study in previous classes some idea about force. Recall force is push or pull what is meaning of push and pull Newton has written in his book but he was worry about pull because there is no any pull force. When you open the door apply force from front say push or when you apply force from back then you say pull wait in both the cases actually you are pushing just open your eye you will understand when you pull the door what you are doing here you put your hand inside the handle of the door and pushing the handle of the door.  Force depend upon point of contact here in door case point of contact is same. What can you pull give me any example you can pull you can’t give any action in which purely pull. Wait now take an example when we drop a ball come down to earth what is this pull or push common this is pull earth is pulling this is an example of pull but Einstein was worry if there is no push then how ball is falling to the earth then he made a space theory that in universe there are two things one is material and other is sky. When we take ball in hand earth pushes the ball and sky also  pushes the ball since sky force is greater than earth force so ball come down to earth this is modern physics where difficult to understand for all. Here we study classical Physics before 1900 after 1950 modern physics is introduce so in 11th class  we study Classical Physics. In 12th class we will study modern physics some last chapter.In Classical Physics concept every object interact with each in this world and it was called force it may be push type or pull type ball falling under gravity is considered as pull force because earth pull type theory was not available that time.How many types of forces in classical physics take few example we study that flood came and water broken wall this is type of water force. we study a man pushes the other man and fall on the ground this is type of muscular force. we study car was running on the road off the engine car stopped this is due to friction force. when we jump in water come up from water this is bouncy force when a iron ball is drop just drop it goes into the water but when a light plate is just kept on water it does not sink into water this is surface tension force and many more example of force. now what is law in physics study Unification which is well explained previous maximum phenomenon can be explained in a single law so no need to made many force only a single force will explain all these phenomenon then it will be easy for our study. scientist has view from starting there should be only a single force through which all the phenomenon can be explain. but all forces are different how it will be possible to explain through a single force scientist tried to categories sources of different forces and minimizes force lets see a ball falls on the earth this is gravitational force moon rotate around the earth this is also gravitational force, earth rotate around sun this gravitational force, sea water confined in sea does not come out on the road this is gravitational force each phenomenon try to explain and solved as a single gravitational force half of the phenomenon in nature was solved by gravitational similarly half of the phenomenon was solved by electrical force. when two bodies come in contact then electron exchange between them one become positively charge and other become negatively charge wait which body will be negatively charge it depend upon electron affinity now this two body will attract each other. friction is electrical force this appears due to exchange of electron.white washing is also type of electrical force in this manner scientist analysis all type of forces and finally come out the conclusion either it will be a gravitation force or electrical force then it was declare that there is only two type of forces through which all the forces phenomenon can be explain. now it became easy only two forces, now it was only to search the way of force source, if electron exchange then it is electrical force take an example viscosity force is also an example of electrical force now finally scientist were happy having only two forces but latter on when modern physics introduce scientist were study about atom now study of atom found that in an atom there is a nucleus proton, electron proton present in nucleus electron moves in outer orbit proton has positive charge electron has negative charge.Rutherford model about atom explain that proton lives in nucleus now problem create here all proton lives in nucleus all proton having positive charge then there should be a big repulsive force between proton plus charge repeal each other since electrical force is stronger than gravitational force but through experiment it was seen that many proton living with each other without any repulsion how it is possible. now scientist were worry not to explain this force neither through gravitational nor through electrical force. finally not able to explain then scientist give this third force name “nuclear force”  since this force is present inside positive , positive charge was unable to repeal each other its mean that nuclear force is stronger than electrical force. after that atom bomb made and nuclear blast now all scientist concentrated on nucleus study breaking the nucleus and try to find out the smallest particle in nucleus through which atom is made molecules is made and this universe is made searching for that smallest particle. some time scientist think atom is smallest particle, some time molecule, some time nucleus, some time electron confusion was there where it will be last no ideas but continue in search of that smallest particle. Scientist has finally claim that we have found that smallest particle and given name “God particle” because God has made this nature. Now after breaking nucleus all nuclear particle like alpha, beta, gama, meso, these particle also interact with each other but their force is weak in comparison of proton proton nuclear force so finally its name is weak nuclear force and proton proton force is strong nuclear force hence we have finally four forces for study in Physics that is in universe in macroscopic study gravitational force and electrical force and in nucleus weak nuclear and strong nuclear force. latter we will study in details about these four forces.basic review gravitational force cause is mass heavy mass having large gravitational force. electrical force cause is charge heavy charge having large electrical forces its range is up to infinity means existence in whole universe or both forces are called long range force. nuclear force range is 10^-7m only. nuclear forces are called short range forces.In nature or Physics we study these four forces.Now i hope that force concept will be visualizes. 

Energy Conservation Laws:

What is Conservation laws ? our philosophy is combined with conservation laws.

Energy Conservation Laws
                  Energy Conservation Laws                               

 This philosophy indicate us we are not God we are nothing how we are nothing ? its mean that we can’t lift any think by our force we can’t displace anything by our force we can’t make anything we can break anything this is like Gita discourse but it is true.this is discourse of Physics. God and Physics little bit difference because Physics is Study of Nature and God has made this Nature so we study Nature which is made by God.Hence when scientist got ultimate particle its named as God Particle.In this manner Physics teaches us we can’t made we can just transfer it like whatever energy is available in coal it can be transfer to heat energy process is to combustion of coal and transfer it to heat energy and to steam to pressure on turbine bled rotate generator and make electricity but think without providing anything if told to generate your electricity can we produce electricity big no we need to take whether water,diesel, coal,or nuclear from anywhere we have to take energy then it is possible to generate electricity. here we can transform one energy to other energy like electrical to mechanical or chemical just transform. see given electrical energy to fan converted into mechanical motion to fan and fan wind energy in form of mechanical so without giving electrical energy we can’t get mechanical energy. if you will claim i can use my hand for mechanical energy then my answer is you are giving your hand energy from your body which comes from taking food just remember when you was born you was not able to do this activity after taking energy from food you have right now energy in your body so we can only transform energy one form to other is simple energy is stored in nature we take from one place and put to other place but anytime God comes everyday and count the total energy lets 1000 energy but we have displaced one form to other form and one place to other place we can’t 
destroyed in night God comes and count how much it will be 1000 so this is called Conservation and called Conservation Laws here we are discussing about energy similar for mass one thing break and other thing will question when coal is combustion its mass is destroyed wait carbon is converted into CO2 not destroyed just converted mass is same similarly we can’t make carbon so human should understand difference between God and men even we can’t make a smallest particle in nature so nature is conserved always total mass or energy will be same quantity in physics is also conserved its name is momentum latter we will study what is momentum in details but short view momentum is how fast a body is moving how difficult to stop it take an example four bodies are moving with different velocity and collide with each other after collusion each has moving with again different velocity but its momentum is conserved. what so far we have seen conservation three quantity mass, energy and how much charge nature has created we can’t create or destroyed we take charge from powerhouse glow our bulb and return it in form of light.when we rub two bodies one become positive charge and other become negative charge sum is zero so in universe same quantity of positive charge and negative charge exist in nature and its sum is always zero we just take charge from one body to put in other body and this is called Conservation of charges again charge is conserved.
Fundamental Rules of Physics:

Whatever the phenomenon happen in this world there must be a single cause.If any process takes place their must be a single cause what is that every object of this universe wants to continue in minimum energy level means want to spend minimum energy take an example we go to school if time for class start left is 5m school is far then how we will go time is minimum so run fast but time is 1hr then we like walk why because we want to spend minimum energy in walk minimum energy spend.we like to stand in bus rather than walk if we get seat then we not stand occupied seat so that minimum energy can spend if we long journey we like to sleep rather than seating or standing so that want to spend minimum energy we like action of minimum energy spend similarly every object of universe want to continue in minimum energy level
We can’t create Force:
its is fact that we cant create force then how we apply force the answer is we take force in loan how we take loan take an example when we apply force on a standing car then we stretch our body push the earth through feet backward and earth pushes us forward we get loan from earth and pushes the car. if you have doubt you can proof yourself just put banana rind you can’t push the car now because your contact is not with earth same your body and car but can’t push why because you are not taking loan from earth then you can’t give the force to car. force always create in pair here one force we pushing earth backward and earth given that force forward to our body as a loan.

Principle of Physics use to make technology:

Using Bernoulli’s theorem aeroplane technology was made.
Using electromagnetic induction electricity technology was made.
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