Small Business Ideas Profitable Success Guaranteed (New Theory)

Small Business Ideas Profitable is topic for today.  I’m going to explain here EVERYTHING.

You need to know, how you can make a business profitable exactly.

So i have chosen Small business ideal profitable Success Guaranteed (new theory) topic.

Because everybody want to earn money, but they don’t know, how to earn money ?    

So you’re going to learn here a new theory. which you have never heard before.

And i’m sure after finishing this article, your thought about business will definitely  change.

Because you’ll have a secret of making business successful new theory with proof.

If you REALLY want to know, why maximum people failed in their business carrier ?

Keep reading to know the gap.  

Small Business Ideas Profitable New Theory for Success

Actually i’m sharing here my own experience about small businesses with you.

Because experience make a man perfect. So you’ll know here the exact small business tip and trick

How to make a successful business carrier ?

If i’ll say EVERYBODY want to make money, and i hope you’ll AGREE with me.

But unfortunately maximum people failed to make money in his carrier. Do you want to know why ?

So continue with me to know the true FACT. 

I’m also excited to share with you small business ideas profitable new theory.

So Let’s dive in right now without waiting more.

Well, lets come to know, why generally people fail to make money in his carrier.

The main reason is they don’t know, what do you get money for ?  

And the best part is, they are searching for long time on internet.

How to make money online without doing ANYTHING ?

After all some people make their own excuses like i’m not lucky one to make money.

And some people go for the advance training.

How to attract money to their life, law of attraction is best example.

But they forget in reality it does not work at all.

Then the main question is how people make money ?

So to answer this question, you need to know first, what do you get money for ?

By the way some people suggest you below listed options.

  • Hard work
  • Smart work

IF you’ve interest in communication business, then you can try conference call

How To Make a Business Profitable By Doing Hard Work or Smart Work ?

What’s your opinion, which option is correct for making money ? Hard work or smart work.

If you’ll ask me, then my answer is non of the above is correct method for making money.

Because never run behind money, let the money rush to you, The money has to run to you.

But the question is, how money will come to you ? I hope you’re excited to know the exact answer.

Well, i’m here to tell you the correct answer RIGHT NOW.

So what do you think ? ANYBODY of this world are making money through only and only of just his SKILLS.

It does’t matter whether doing service or business, but money is running to him, only due to his SKILLS.

So if you REALLY want money come to you, then just develop yourself multiple SKILLS.

Always remember Until you give nothing, you will not get anything. This is the fundamental natural law.

There’s no any system in the universe which provide output without input.

So money will ready to run to you, when you’re ready to give something back to society.

But understand the point here “something” is your SKILLS.

which’s actually need of society for your contribution to make world class solution and development.

So just think you’ve any creative new idea. which can help to the people or society.

What you’re thinking it can be a service or product anything.

which can solve a society problem and people can take it advantages.

That’s so simple to setup a small business idea with clear vision.

Because this’s the time now money start running towards you. “Don’t run behind money”

And i ensure, you’ll never fail in your business carrier if you’ve clear vision blue print in your mind.

Do you know ? Why i’m telling you to serve the society ?

Because they’ll make you and your business ZERO to HERO.

If you have a better service or product for them.

it does sound well.

Now I hope that you will take advantage of my personal business life experience.

Because  you’ve learned the rule of small business clear vision.

After finishing this article.don’t forget to comment .

About this article in comment box.

Small Business Ideas Profitable Success Guaranteed (New Theory)

Small Business Ideas That Are Profitable


Small Business Ideas That Are Profitable

Now your main concern is about new ideas and its solution.

But unfortunately the idea is not sell in the market.

Then what you’ll do for a new idea.

So the best way to find the idea, Its comes from problems or issues so start searching the problem in society.

There’re many problems in society for best services and products. And people are looking for a best solution.

Which’s still not solved.

#For example:

I would like to highlight a society problem, which’s recently solved by some younger contribution in the society.

They’ve startup their business recently eventually making a Robot. What’ll that Robot do ?

Well, Robot will clean main hole.

And do you know ? how they come to these ideas ? just by thinking the problem in society.

It’s a big problem, when people get down in main hole to clean it.

Because men get them self dirty and they clean the main hole.

It’s REALLY very dirty and unhealthy process of cleaning the main hole.

So they found an alternate idea for this dirty method of clearing.

Because they feel and realizes a pain in this process.

And finally found an alternate solution through Robot.

Now they’re making a lot of money through this problem solution ideas.

Because they’ve solved a critical problem or issue of the society.

So money is running towards them.

Now you may be thinking about what’s new idea for you.

So go around the world problems and find an idea.

There’s no scarcity of problems in the world.

Because people are facing still many unsolved challenges in the world.

If you’ll watch closely with open eyes, and feel the pain point of people.

There’re many system which’s looking for a solution.

So what services or products you can just provide as a solution of the problems.

Now why you’re waiting ? go and start your Small Business Ideas That Are Profitable right now.

Because you’ve a clear vision now for your small business new idea.

Money is waiting for your order to run.

So leave the attitude to run for money.

Because you need to change your attitude about money thinking as, what i can get rather than what i can give.

The moment you start to think, what i can contribute, the money will start following to you.

This’s the exact way multi billionaire are born in the world.

If you’ve any doubt about my experience.

Then i’ll suggest you to read the biography of Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and many more founder.

They become successful business man, because of they only focuses on the issues of the peoples life and fixed them.

Nothing else, No any rocket science.

you’re able to do it, just need to recognize yourself ability.

And make the world better place to live.

Small Business Ideas At Home

Well, ideas for small businesses at home.

Actually in my life I’ve tried two types of businesses the first one .

when you master a skill you build a community around it.

You’ll learn how to sell your skill.

And you just scale and the good example is online platform for business.

So how you can setup small business ideas at home.

Now through internet you’re able to sell and buy services and products all around the world.

Because of only internet as a gift to enhance your business visibility around the world.

So recognize the power of what is internet ?  for small business ideas at home.

Now you’ve freedom to operate your business from any part of the world, even from your home as well.

So i launched my own website providing free education and latest technology updates.

And now  adding more category like,  how to earn money online without any investment.

 just to helping the people and making them awareness from old trend of  making  money.

As well as making a community.  

Now what’re the small business ideas at home,  for you to start and make money FAST.

  • YouTube Channel 
  • Website
  • Content writer
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Affiliate marketing

These all are the best option available for you right now.

And the best part is you can start it from home.

Even if you’re interested in telecom business.

Then you can try for phone service provider for small business.

And the second type of business is when you build a platform that allows other  people to make money.

So second type of business is when you can target like billions of dollars Uber is the platform.

This’s era of social media from where you can earn setup your small business from home.

And advertise through social media around the world FAST.

Because social media have all kinds of marketplaces.

But i always advise people to start with business number one like mastering skills.

So scaling your Skills and try doing something yourself first.

okay I’m sharing my own experience i already mentioned.

I know many bloggers from different part of the world are making a lot of money just from home.

So you’re also able to do it, this  need only your passion.

But the difficult part is peoples are generally failed to recognize his passion.

And this is the reason, why they generally failed in their work activity.

So how you’ll recognize, what’s your passion ?

It’s so simple, by doing that work activity you never feel bored and tidiness.

This’s your real passion, So once If you find your passion, then it become easy for you to achieve your target.

So for whom you’re waiting to start your small business ideas at home.

Just find out your passion and start it today.

Small Business Ideas Creative

Well, so many people who wanted to become a blogger.

so I just teach them that there’s no sky limit in blogging.

If it’s really your passion. There’re multiple options available for Small Business Ideas Creative inside it.

So for example, you can sell your own courses, whatever you have learned during blogging carrier as a course.

Even you can start online tutoring as well as launch a webinar.

These’re only some examples, there’re more options available for creative ideas in blogging.

So you’re able to start making money through multiple channels in short time.

This’s real power of blogging, but need some patience because it’s not one day game at all.

You’ve to invest some amount of time and energy with passion.

Then you’ll see the result more than your expectation.

so remember idea number one if you’ve  mastered a skill.

Then already and you are  willing to share it with other people.

Start an online course there’s so many resources out go ahead and do it.

Because it’s a huge market and it’s growing as well.

Now people have less and less time to take care of their homes and the skills.

You could hire people online to clean your apartment or office.

so there is so much demand for a good cleaner.

There’re many affiliate program as well.

Even you’ve no website you can join affiliate program and earn money.

By just selling the products through social media as simple.

No tension of shipping respective company take care all.

you only need to provide customer or lead.

Which you can do easily through social media interaction and exchange.

Small Business Ideas List

Well, as the technology is growing more new opportunity are creating.

For example you can now sell your own products on Amazon website.

So make your small business best products people are looking for and sell around the world from your home.

How cool ideas for your own products visibility around the world FASTER.

The main thing you’ve to know the people requirements, So that your products goes on demand in the market.

This’s really Amazing what’s cool about selling on Amazon.

Because you don’t have to have your own garage.

where you store everything and you don’t have to ship.

Everything you just send it to Amazon and they do the rest and your task.

Just to sell and collect reviews, And making a lot of money from your own products.

you become pretty successful it’s like a good business.

Because you’re selling your own products in the international market with brand.

And the best part this is something you could totally try the next business meal trap.

Even rather than products you can start to provide services as well.

Like meat or whatever there’s just no such service.

And then grow your network.

clients and build something on top of  that I think it’s a great idea.

with a lot of potential people don’t have time to even go to a restaurant.

you have to wait the next one is surprising but it’s actually trending.

it’s bike rentals and scooters. great option you get your money and you’re free another business personal.

Trainers and instructors with online.

So you have so many opportunities to train people all over the world.

Small Business Ideas Online

You can sell online pre-recorded courses and it’s a huge trend in current market.

Because people don’t have time to come  into their fitness they just do a quick, workout in the morning at home.

Using a screen so fitness instructors yes you an build your audience.

with like real life training but you can also go online.

And do your own course and make a lot of  money and the last but not the least.

you do no matter,  what kind of business  you choose to start in 2019.

what you really really need is your leadership skills.

Because it doesn’t matter how profitable the niche is if you cannot convince your buyers.

that you’re the best seller if you cannot convince people that you’re a real expert.

Then nothing’s gonna work you have to show credibility you have to create a great product.

And you have to talk in a way that people want to buy from you .

You should have to have a great convincing power and this comes from practical experiences

Americans are the best at influencing  people just you know all of the movies.

that we see if probably from Hollywood All the music that we love is stuff like mostly from America.

So American are really good at influencing people .

And I think the best place to learn influences from an American.

Because education is evolving and how you can learn from the best professionals in the industry..

So great courses plus is a subscription on-demand video learning service with top-notch lectures.

And courses from top professors from USA that’s amazing about today’s.

Now you don’t even have to go to a top  university to learn from top people.

You just go online take a course and you get the best information in a condensed way.

so you can just apply it straightaway to your course or your small business great  courses.

plus gives you unlimited access to a huge library of over 11,000 video lectures about anything that interests you.

So how simple to educate yourself fast now.

Choose  stuff that helps you evolve as an entrepreneur and they have a huge section.

So why you’re waiting now, Use Small Business Ideas Profitable (New Theory) power right now. 


If you’ve no website and you want to earn money. Then here’s a great opportunity is available for you.

Only you need to write your thoughts, personal experience or anything you want to write.

After that here’s a website on which post your article FREE and earn Money. This’s so simple.

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I hope you like this opportunity for making money.


Guys please let me know what do you think is the most valuable skill for an entrepreneur.In my opinion I think its sales and marketing because the rest you’re gonna hire people. But it’s really tough to hire a  marketer who would sell your vision. So you’re the vision there let me know down in comments below.  what do you think is the most important skill. If this article is helpful for you comment right now in the box. 

And share on social media.

Small Business Ideas Profitable Success Guaranteed (New Theory), to make the world beautiful place. 

If you have any doubt ask me, always here for your support. Thanks for sharing.

Pixel 4 Release Date Advance Features (New Product)

Pixel 4 release date is announced by Google for latest smartphone last week.

And it’s good news for mobile lovers because more advanced features are available in this latest smartphone.

So I’m going to explain here EVERYTHING, you need to know about pixel 4 release date latest product by Google.

This’s REALLY Amazing product such that more than just touch and audio commands.

So Keep reading to know the best part of pixel 4 release date next-generation smartphone.

Pixel 4 Release Date Announced For Latest Smartphone

Pixel 4 is Google latest smartphone. So As per report the device will ships from 24th Oct 2019 onward.

If you want to buy new smartphone link is here for you.

And Pixel 4 latest Smartphone will be widely available soon.

Because it’s target of Google to provide Pixel 4 on every major carrier. It was previously only available on Verizon.

Google has decided to double its hardware product to touch every consumer’s lives with Pixel 4.

There’s buzz in the market about Pixel 4. And it’s called “the most-leaked phone ever“.

So let’s dive in Pixel 4 release date important features.

  • Size Standard and XL available
  • A solid Radar chip to enable more secure device
  • Faster facial recognition and gesture controls
  • Pixel 4 one rear camera for two
  • A new auto-transcribing app that uses artificial intelligence to translate audio into text in near real-time.
  • Price starts at $799
  • High refresh rate screen
  • Faster Google Assistant

If you want to know, which is best mobile phone under 10000, then check out this link, best mobile under 10000 

This article will REALLY help you and guide, what is important to look in before buy any mobile phone.

Otherwise you’ll be always in loss, whenever you buy a mobile phone.

Because it does’t matter buying online or offline. So to know best part refer that link right now.

Pixel 4 release date is a buzz news in the market right now.

PIXEL 4 VS IPHONE 11 PRO comparison

These two phone are latest in the market buzz competition.

So you’ll like to know, what’re main differences between these two devices.

Google has challenges to beat in smartphone photography with Pixel 4.

with other company products like Huawei, Samsung.

So this’s REALLY interesting to know, What is new special features included in Pixel 4 camera.

And how Pixel 4 going to beat other smartphone camera pick.

But iPhone 11 Pro it has excellent battery life, as well as absolutely beautiful displays. which will definitely attract you.

Whereas when i talk about prices it’s expensive $300 from iPhone 11.

But which has most of the same features like iPhone 11.

Because if you want to pay more just for best display and the best camera.

Then iPhone 11 Pro is worth the premium over the iPhone 11.

PIXEL 4 AND 4XL Latest smartphone SPECS


  • Pixel 4 specs: 5.7-inch, FHD+ resolution, 444ppi
  • Pixel 4 XL: 6.3-inch, QHD+, 537ppi
  • Both: 19:9 aspect ratio, “Smooth display” 90Hz refresh rate, “Ambient EQ” automatic color adjustment.
  • HDR with UHDA certification

Dimensions and weight Technical specification:

  • Pixel 4: 68.8 x 147.1 x 8.2 mm, 162 grams
  • Pixel 4 XL: 75.1 x 160.4 x 8.2 mm, 193 grams

Battery specification:

  • Pixel 4: 2,800mAh
  • Pixel 4 XL: 3,700mAh
  • Both: 18W fast charging, wireless charging

Cameras technical specification:

  • Main camera: 12.2-megapixel, 1.4 μm pixel width, dual pixel phase detection, OIS, ƒ/1.7 aperture, 77-degree field of view.
  • Tele: 16-megapixel, 1.0 μm pixel width, phase detection, OIS, ƒ/2.4 aperture, 52-degree field of view
  • Video: 1080p @ 30, 60, or 120 fps; 720p @ 240 fps; 4K @ 30 fps; Front Camera: 1080p @ 30 fps

Memory and Storage specs:

  • Memory: 6GB
  • Storage: 64GB or 128GB
  • Processor: Snapdragon 855
  • Pixel Neural Core coprocessor
  • Stereo speakers
  • Dual SIM (nano + eSIM)
  • Active Edge
  • Motion Sense radar chip
  • Face unlock FASTER
  • Gorilla Glass 5 on front and back
  • IP68 dust and water protection
  • Color Available in “just black,” “clearly white,” as well as “orange” (limited edition).

IPhone 11 Pro camera specs:

  • Main: 12-megapixel, dual OIS, six-element lens, ƒ/1.8 aperture
  • Ultra-wide: 12-megapixel, five‑element lens, ƒ/2.4 aperture, 120-degree field of view
  • Tele: 12-megapixel, dual OIS, six-element lens, ƒ/2.0 aperture

IPhone 11 Pro other specs:

  • Price starts at $999 with 64GB of storage.
  • The iPhone 11 Pro is an expensive phone
  • iPhone 11 Pro is little smaller than iPhone 11
  • A13 Bionic processor chip, which brings extra battery life.
  • Using 8.5 billion transistor including Fastest CPU, Core ML 3
  • According to Apple chip mostly used machine learning (ML) performance.
  • Chip capable to handle one trillion operations per second
  • Apple has announced as next generation iPhones
  • Display 5.8-inch
  • iPhone 11 Pro phones actually shoot video from two of the cameras simultaneously.
  • Face ID fast recognition at greater angles.

Best part:

  • Excellent camera
  • Terrific battery life
  • Beautiful display

Bad Stuff:

  • iOS 13 is buggy
  • Expensive
  • No headphone jack available or dongle in the box
  • The garden is beautiful, but the walls grow ever higher, which is not good.

Now it’s your turn to decide, which’s best suited for your requirement under your budget as well.

IPHONE 11 PRO smart device requires you to agree a series of terms and conditions before you can use it.

Actually it’s contracts, And It’s impossible for anyone to read and analyze every single one of these agreements.

So to use an iPhone, you have to push agree button many times. Which i’m listing here for your reference review.

IPHONE 11 PRO contracts agreement Review:

  • The Apple Cash terms and conditions apply
  • The electronic communications agreement to be followed
  • The Green Dot bank privacy policy
  • Direct payments terms and conditions apply
  • Follow Direct payments privacy notice
  • Apple Payments, Inc, license
  • Finally if If you add a credit card to Apple Pay.

Then you need to agree, The terms from your credit card provider, and which do not have an option to be emailed.

So there’re so many agreement to follow, before using Apple’s any smartphone.

Pixel 4 India Market Coming Soon

Well as discussed above, Pixel 4 latest smartphone launched by Google and promise to ships around the world 24th Oct 2019 onward.

So Pixel 4 India market is expecting in Sep first or second week customer will be able to purchase Pixel 4 online.

It’s also target of Google to provide this phone on large volume Scale .

so that maximum phone user are captured around the world in mobile industry.

And specially Pixel 4 India market is on radar of Google.

Because here is more smartphone business revenue due to its population and cheap data rate.

Every year 10% mobile user number are increasing as well.

And Indian Mobile lovers are waiting for this latest smartphone.

So you have to wait little bit more around 15 to 20 days as per Google announcement.

Because employees are working overtime on this phone to launch in the market very soon Globally.

And Google know very well Pixel 4 India phone market is on priority list due to high volume business revenue in India for smartphone sell.

So don’t worry you’ll get Pixel 4 India market very soon. And hope for the best Smartphone model as per customer requirement solution.

As well as the market Pixel 4 Price rate for sell in India. Actually any smartphone price rate depend upon the market competition.

So Google has announced initially Starting Pixel 4 price $999, which’s $100 more than iphone 11 pro by Apple.

Now it’s direct competition between Google Pixel 4 and Apple iphone 11 pro smartphone.

Because these are latest smartphone in the market right now head on.

Google also promises to beat the top camera of iphone 11 pro. So lets see, which is going to best smartphone by user experience.

You can check out MI best product review here. MI mobile best product

If you’re lover of MI mobile phone, because EVERYTHING well explained, Which’ll help you to buy the right phone now.

Pixel 4 Price And pixel 4 xl

Well, finally the pixel for the most leaked phone in history probably is finally revealed.

And here’s the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL. Are you surprised? but i think Of course you’re not surprised.

Because these are probably the most,leaked phones in the history of leaked phone.

But What could possible be surprising here?. I think there might be a couple of things, that you’ll learn while using them.

So let’s dive in right now

Do You know the basics, they’re Android phones that are made by Google.

Actually they come in two sizes, there’s a 5.7 inch screen and 6.3 inch screen.

But There’s no notch on that screen because the bezel up top is extra big.

So that Google can fit a ton of sensors up there including face unlock sensors And a literal radar chip.

But let’s start with just how they look. Because Every single Pixel phones has looked terrible.

However in in leaked photos but better in person. And that’s true again here.

Also the aluminum rails around the Gorilla Glass are kind of prominent but in a good way.

But they’re like the phone equivalent of big chunky eyeglass frames.

And the white one and the orange one, and the orange one is limited edition.

Hence by the way, have matte glass backs, but the black one is all glossy.

And they’re all IP60 water resistant. They’ve got that big square camera bump just like the iPhone but the Pixel 4 only has two cameras.

So every Pixel phone up to now has been known mainly for its great camera.

As well as clean Google software but the Pixel 4 wants to be known for a lot of things.

Because It’s seriously has so many new features and they’ve all leaked so much, that it’s easy to forget.

So what’re the new features here. Let’s start to list them.

  • Motion Sense which is the brand name
  • Radar chip Google isn’t using it to its full potential yet, but it is using for radar bubble over your phone and it can detect your presence.
  • If you it turns on and starts looking for your face automatically.
  • And If you walk away from your phone, it realizes
  • Even if you turns off the always on display, If a call comes in or an alarm goes off.

Now you want to know probably Pixel 4 price, how much it’s gonna cost.

So It’s gonna start at $799 for Pixel 4 price the small one. And $899 for Pixel 4 XL the big one.

This’s approximate price, it may be vary little bit after commercial launch.

But Pixel 4 release date is already announced by Google and shortly available in the global market.

Pixel 4 Review Latest Smartphone with Advance features

Wow, as soon as your hand gets near the phone,it automatically gets quieter.

And then you can just wave to dismiss the call or the alarm. if music is can swipe left or right.

That’s actually pretty much cool features so it could all seem.

But there is one gimmick that i’m sure everybody is going to love it.

you can have a Pokemon wallpaper that you can wave at, and the Pokemon will wave back at you.

Even you can tickle the Pokemon by waggling your fingers at it, just be like, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle! It’s fun.

So In addition to the radar, the top bezel also has those face unlock IR sensors.

It’s checked live during Pixel 4 review. Which is also an Amazing features for fun and enjoy with smartphone.

which were just a little differently on a technical level. But it’s basically the same idea.

You set it up in a similar way and then it just works like it really works and it’s really fast.

But how much this new system is secure, whereas holy hell it is fast.

And Motion Sense detects when you’re reaching for the phone.

Because then it’s unlocked and back to whatever you’re doing before you can even tap the screen.

And It’s so fast that Google had to put a setting in for people.

who actually wanna see their locked screen because otherwise you’d never actually get a chance to see it.

Here i’m actually talking about the screen, It’s OLED in both phones and they should be about the same quality as each other.

If it’s gonna be a good year or a bad Pixel 2 kind of year for screen quality.

Because this screen has a 90 hertz refresh rate which makes has a 90 hertz refresh rate which makes all the movement super smooth.

Now, Google says that it’s a dynamic refresh rate so you can rat cheat it.

And back down to 60 hertz when you don’t need it. you can definitely see it in person.

So you’ll love how it looks.Google says that it supports HDR using the UHDA Certification.

This’s the best part of Pixel 4 review to check technical new features.

which okay, sure The screen can also change its color temperature.

And to match the room just like the iPhone.

Now, the thing about fancy 90 hertz screen is they can take up a lot of battery.

But battery in the small one. It’s only 2800 milliamps.

And that variable refresh rate will help but we’re gonna have to see.

Whereas The bigger one is 3700 milliamps which is better but it’s not massive.

Pixel 4 Specifications for Hardware Used Inside

Well both battery support wireless charging and fast charging. So let’s just round up the specs.

And they’ve got a Snapdragon 855 processor, six gigs of RAM,which is enough and they come with 64 gigs of storage.

which ain’t much and the max you can get is only 128.

There’s also a Titan security chip and one more chip, the new Pixel Neural Core.

So It handles the photography stuff but it also handles voice.

And Google has loaded its entire machine learning model for English. Well onto the phone, no internet needed.

Which mean that the Assistant is super fast at doing stuff like opening apps or even searching.

Even searching inside apps like Twitter or YouTube.

And there’s a new voice recording app that transcribes your voice in real time.

without having to put anything on the internet at all.

Which’s Okay, finally, made you wait long enough. Pixel 4 Specifications for new Hardware smartphone.

Now Let’s talk about the camera. Up until the iPhone 11 Pro, the Pixel 3 was still the best camera on the market.

And the Pixel 4 now is, well, actually apart from this there are a few new features to talk about.

Google is excited to tell you that it can do astrophotography which sure, that seems neat.

But I’m more interested in the improve portrait mode, because it can use data from the second camera.

And now, in addition to adjusting brightness, you can also adjust the shadows to get more control.

over the HDR processing, Plus that Neural Core means that you can see the Pixel 4 preview of what HDR looks.

Just like right in the view finder instead of having to wait for it to process.

Because The main sensor is 12 megapixels, and the telephoto is 16.

But my big question is why did Google go with telephoto instead of ultra wide?.

Google answers is that they’ve got this fancy super zoom tech from last year.

And it gets even better where it can use data from the second telephoto lens.

So they think people get more used out of it, than they would out of an ultra wide Okay.

There’s only one selfie camera this time around, but it does have a 90 degree field of view.

So that is pretty wide. Also, last thing, there’s this neat feature.

where you can take a photo and then jump right to sending it to another app right.

And from the view finder by sliding on the preview bubble.

Google promises there is a lot more to say about the Pixel 4 specification.

Like automatic car crash detection but the big stuff is face.

But unlock, a 90 hertz screen, Motion Sense and hopefully, a better camera.

Pixel 4 Leaks Buzz In The Market

Finally the pixel 4 for the most leaked phone in history probably.

There’s three colors black white and orange I like they’re still doing the colored power buttons.

so the Panda one has an orange power button.white and they all have a matte black.

And a metal rail around the whole phone around. the top the sides the speakers at the bottom.

And the USB type-c port matte black all the way around everything.

So it’s a nice weight of the whole phone and you really like the soft touch matte.

Finish on the backs seems like 2019 has really become the year of matte black.

which could have been mapped like everything is glossy for some reason.

It’s a pretty simple design flat display instead of curved over the edges.

And a solid pair of speakers with the second one being up in the earpiece at the top.

Whereas on the back you of course have your camera square bump the infamous design trend of 2019.

But what’s the big deal here pixel 4 leaks. now has an entire suite of front-facing

Sensors up at the top including infrared and radar which is new and smart phones.

So what they call the fastest facial recognition unlocking in any smartphone.

And they’re so confident in it in fact that they’ve gotten rid of any other biometric authentication.

which means no fingerprint reader anywhere else on this, phone not under the glass not on the back.

Just face unlock so this all falls under motion sense parts of it seem.

So pretty cool other parts of it a little rough so when motion sense is on it uses.

the radar power to sense when you’re coming near the phone to pick it up.

And then it preps the cameras and the sensors to read your face and unlock it immediately.

Because as you’re picking the phone it work perfectly.

App improvements and improvement to Google Assistant that speeds it up.

Even more and lets you use it hands-free more often.

And there’s also now a pretty sweet built-in voice memo app that’s actually impressive.

Pixel 4 Leaks Buzz In The Market, it now transcribes everything you say in real time on the device.

And records it all in text as well. So you can see it marking down all your words as you speak.

Then you can go back into search and use the text to search for each word you say.

So that’s pretty impressive now if I was a big voice memos guy.


Now which features you like most in Pixel 4 latest smartphone. What’s your opinion about Pixel 4 next-generation phone. What’s main difference between Pixel 4 and iphone 11 pro. I want your feedback, If this article is helpful for you Share your comment. So like otherwise dislike. I hope you enjoy knowing about pixel 4 release date for latest smartphone By Google Pixel 4 new smartphone launch. If you’re having any doubt, ask me always here for your support. Thanks for sharing social media.

IOT Application New Technology

IOT Application for real world is today topic for you. So i’m going to explain EVERYTHING in this article, you need to know all about true Iot application.

Because this’s new technology, which’s going to transform the telecom landscape in different sectors.

And iot application commit to bring new pleasure in human life. With newer wireless network for each and every things to connect with it.

Because Internet of things (IoT) has ability to create new superior sensors, which has capability to connect and talk with each other.

This’s REALLY revolutionary in human race of life.

IoT Application examples in Real world

The real world application of IoT is Amazing, Because you can just imagine an example of intelligent device, such as traffic camera.

This traffic camera is so intelligent, which’ll monitor the congestion, accidents, weather conditions and communicate with these data to central gateway.

And this gateway is cable to receive data from all street cameras.

After that relay the current information of each traffic camera of the city through traffic monitoring system.

So you’re able to know easily, which traffic route is free and congestion. Because this’s smart traffic system.

#For example:

If suppose some maintenance work on highway road is going on, then it’ll send city wise traffic information to wide traffic monitoring system about current status and congestion.

This’s actually done by machine learning program, which’s capable to predicts quickly patterns in traffic system FAST.

Because it’ll first analyse the information accurately, then relay on wide traffic monitoring system.

The system will also convey the live instructions to drivers, through intelligent devices and radio channels.

So drivers can change plan accordingly and adjust their schedules.

And this’s only one real world example of IoT application.

[faq title=”FAQ – frequently asked questions” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What is IoT and its application?” number=”1″]Internet of Things (IoT) is a technique to connect EVERYTHING with Internet, Every physical devices will be connected through internet just like human connect with internet. And all devices will be able to communicate and exchange information between them. through wireless sensors control relay automatically. For example ( TV, AC, Home, door, car etc).[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What are three applications of IoT?” number=”2″]The first application for IoT is smart home, where you’re able to connect your all home objects with internet, and it’ll communicate with each other easily, you no need to control them, but your requirement will be completed through these smart devices automatically. Second and third application are Wearables devices like smartwatch, and smart city, where water and power supply auto management.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What are examples of IoT devices?” number=”3″]There’re many Iot smart devices for example, smartwatch, Smart TV, Smart AC, these intelligent devices has ability to connect with each other and  communicate with other devices as well to share the information to its owner automatically.[/faq_item][/faq]

Internet of Things  Iot application are expected to widely use in many industry. Because it’ll provide real time monitoring and control over the industry.

Which’s helping out to become industry smart as well as increase production growth FAST.

Because everyday billions of objects connectivity through smart devices is being deployed in various industries.

So here’s the major list in which IoT application are going to deployed extensively.

  • Smart Home Applications
  • Health care
  • Smart Cities
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Automation
  • Smart Grids
  • Wearables

There’re many application of IoT in different domain sector. But here i’m going to explain few of them, which’s in your list.

#1. Smart Home Applications

When you talk about IoT application, then smart home application is first, which come in your mind.

Because your home has many objects like, TV, AC, refrigerator, door, and many more need to connect together.

And talk with each other automatically. So that you no need to press AC button to low or high temperature.

Because it’ll automatically adjust and control as per requirement.

Again If in your refrigerator some food stock is short, then refrigerator will automatically order for food stock.

This’s the magic of real world examples of Iot applications of Iot in smart home application.

#2. Iot Application in healthcare

IOT application is going to change present healthcare services into advanced one.

Because many dangerous illness cure are not available due to data facts.

So Iot application is now hope to over come this situation into proactive wellness-based systems.

Because Iot has capability to recognize valuable data through analysis, real-time field data, and testing using intelligent devices.

And Internet of Things (IoT) has ability to make smart devices, which create systems rather than just equipment.

Because it’s forecast about iot intelligent devices that, now you no need to visit doctor clinic for checkup and treatment.

Just use IOT smart devices for your treatment yourself all about your healthcare.

#For example:

If you want to checkup your BP, Sugar, blood level, fever and many more, then just you have to touch the intelligent IoT device and it’ll show you all accurate information on device screen. 

So this’s REALLY precious gift of IoT application in healthcare.

#3. IoT Application Smart Cities

If i say, most of you have heard about Smart Cities, hope you’ll be AGREE with me.

So you can think the concept of smart city is to connect EVERYTHING of that city with Internet, and are able to communicate and control automatically.

by using Iot smart devices applications.

Such as to control drinking water, power supply, an emergency, air quality and increasing urban density automatically.

#For example:

Smart city is cable to handle an accident situation automatically, anywhere in the city by calling Ambulance from near by hospital and share the information with police station as well.

Actually 5G Technology is supporting Internet of things (IoT).

Because without 5G technology Iot is lame.

#4. IoT Application Agriculture

You know very well, world population is increasing day by day. But land and food ratio is constant. So this’s REALLY a threat for human world.

Therefore Iot application for agriculture is only hope to prevent this threat.

Because there’re many possible option in field to over come with this situation using technology, and one of them is Smart Greenhouse.

A greenhouse farming technique is advanced to enhances crops by controlling environmental parameters.

However manual handling crops productions is not so effective and also losses energy as well as more labor cost.

So a greenhouse devices production enable easier to monitor and control the climate inside it.

Because Sensors accurately measure different parameters according to the plant requirement and send it back to the cloud moisture.

And then process further data exchange as a control action.

#5. IoT Application Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is fast growing sector for business. Where a large number of quality products are manufacture everyday.

So critical factors for a higher Return on Investment with IoT applications.

Therefore one can use to package and deliver better performance of products for user experience in terms of cost.

Because IoT has ability to provide great solution for the listed domains.

  • Production factory digitization
  • Workshop inventory management
  • Safety and security Control
  • Product Quality Control
  • Packaging development
  • Logistics and Supply Chain management

So it’s era of internet, everyday new devices are connecting with internet.

And it’s estimates that in 2020 almost 24 billion intelligent IoT devices would be installed inside business globally.

Because Internet of things (IoT) has smart hardware and software to the internet to create a smarter world.

So it’s creating multiple opportunity for business around the world FAST.

Because IoT technology is future now.

#6. IoT Application Wearables

Now IoT application are commonly using in Wearables devices. For example you have seen many smartwatches everywhere these days.

Which’s able to communicate with your laptop and exchange the information easily.

So You’re able to listen music on your laptop through smartwatches without doing any activity on your laptop.

Even smartwatches are intelligent to display your body information like, temperature, BP, Heart bit rate and many more easily.

Iot Application Developer

Iot application demand is growing very fast nowadays. Because Customers are looking for their business easy solution.

But building an Iot system requires a team of professionals from all departments like electrical, mechanical, industrial, embedded systems designer.

And one back-end Iot application developer.

Consumers are main central point for any new products design.

If consumers are not happy, then Nothing sells if consumers can’t use it.

So the interfaces between the device and consumers must be user friendly.

Most of the IoT devices will be managed through smartphones.

Therefore the ability to develop apps that communicate with external hardware and sensors are desired.

So skill for Iot application developer required advanced knowledge in software program.

Iot is all about collection, storage and analysis of streams of data from smart devices.

If you don’t understand the value of data. Then you’re not able to make any sense of Iot solution.

Because it Needed skill sets include sensor data analysis, data center management.


Internet of Things (IoT) is next generation technology future. Which has ability to connect all things with Internet. And going to change the present work style and life of human. As well as creating new opportunity for you. If this article is helpful for you, then like comment and share. I hope you enjoyed knowing about IOT Application New Technology true knowledge. In case you’re having any doubt, ask me always here for your support. Thanks for sharing.


Free Conference Call In Numbers Use Only Anywhere (New Technology)

Free conference call in numbers allow you to connect anywhere only with mobile number today. But ever you think which technology is using for this.

How this free conference call is use to connect all around the world with your lovers and for business meeting.

And one new technology surprise gift for you.

This’s today topic for your. So are you ready to know,

EVERYTHING you need to know free conference call in numbers only as well as new technology surprise ?

If your answer is yes, then i’m going to say that you’re going to know something new. which you don’t know right now.

So this topic is very interesting, let me allow to start without waiting and read more.

Free Conference Call In Numbers is new Technology power Today

Do you know ? Smartphone first launch date, Any idea, well as i promise you’ll know something new here. So keep reading ahead and know everything you should.

This’s only starting of the story, just wait for the best surprise you’re going to know in this article soon. What’s new technology gift for you right now.

Because you’re lover of Smartphone today, It’s your best friend as well as best device for your all types of business work. I hope you’ll AGREE with me. If i say.

Finally you can’t live without Smartphone today. Because smartphone has become your heart bit right now. Right or wrong.

So you should know about smartphone some history and latest update today. let me explain smartphone little history here.

Well, actually People didn’t start using the term “smartphone” until 1995. But the first true Smartphone was actually made in 1992.

It was called the Simon Personal Communicator. Which was created and design by IBM. And simply known as IBM Simon is first handheld touchscreen.

So the IBM Simon was the first phone with a touchscreen in 1992. And it’s also called as the first world “Smartphone”.

but the term was not yet coined. Then a few competitors came out in the early 90s.

Also most mobile devices with touchscreens were meld together the functions of a cell phone.

conference call phone numbers yet not available

And unfortunately Simon suffered from a number of issues. For example reportedly having a battery life of just one hour. It was also a bit of a flop.

But can you tell me, why it had flopped ? Because this’s also one part of this article, what i want to convey you.

So the simple answer is technology power. Absolutely there was no any advanced technology support for smartphone.

Because technology is the human imagination power to birth new service product.

Because technology is the human imagination power to create new services or products.

Even without technology human is also lame. Because IBM Simon is real proof for example of flop.

So what’s your opinion about technology using in communication system 30 years back.

If i’m not wrong you were not able to use your smartphone. Because technology was not developed, right.

Now you’ll be AGREE, If i’ll say free conference call in numbers is new technology power for today.

Because you’re using advance technology for communication right now, with the help of new technology features in smartphone for free conference call in numbers only.

Now i hope you’re feeling cool after knowing about technology power fact.

Because you’re using smartphone right now, to make free conference call in numbers only around the world.

Which is a gift of human imagination to create new technology. Keep reading ahead to know latest technology surprise.

[faq title=”FAQ – frequently asked questions” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How do I get a free conference call number?” number=”1″]Create a free account on very easy only with email id and password. Then host a conference call by using the dial-in number,followed by the access code and host PIN. And start to participate in Audio or Video conference call it’s done.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How do I setup a conference call number? ” number=”2″]Step 1: First create a conference call account with using your email id and password, choose free or paid account. Step 2: Select Dial-in Numbers for Your Callers, whom you want to call. Step 3: schedule a Date and Time for your Conference Call with your participants . Step 4: Send the Conference Call Invite through mail link or chat link. Step 5: Dial Into Your Conference at fixed schedule. Step 6: Start your conference call, all is done.[/faq_item][/faq]

Conference Call Number Innovations that Changed History

One day i was asked for my conference call number for meeting, and that day i truly realized.

it’s very simple and easy to join meeting through conference call number around anywhere in the world.

So i use generally conference call number many times in a week like a boss. Now i feel it’s not a big deal.

And this’s the turning point for me to think about how communication has changes.

If you’ll remember Samuel Morse’s first telegraph in 1844 before that train used to deliver letter as a communication infra.

In old days It would take over 22 hours to deliver a message just New York to Chicago.

Fortunately, now you don’t have to worry about waiting for two or more days.

Because you have email and instant IM which allow you to communicate in minutes and allow to get work done FASTER.

There’s no any doubt improvements in communication is better option for your business productivity.

Because the journey of basic to modern communication growth is the invention of conference call number.

It was really a dream for everybody for Video conferencing face to face talk is available right now.

Just conference call number made it possible to national and international team to discuss important business decision.

But years ago the first email was sent over ARPANET in (1971).

Although definitely many changes to conference call technology has helped this conference call to make it communicate.

So i want to highlight in this blog article three important innovations. Which make conference calling number as important today as before.

The Top Three Innovations that have appreciated Conference Call Technology

#1: Central Exchange

Do you know ? when the first conference call was made. Well it was in 1915, So conference calling is around you from long time.

And would you like to know the cost. Actually the cost was for the call in today money value $480 per minute.

So it was very expensive for hosting any conference call for a long time of period.

And the reason for high cost was due to infrastructure design system Because a bunch of cable lines had to be routed end to end for every caller.

So you can just imagine a Massey lines going everywhere. which was spurning out in every direction.

And due to this the infrastructure system was not feasible to maintain.

The idea of Central Exchange was based upon all callers’ lines are directed to one particular location, the “exchange.”

Can you think ? what was idea behind exchange, Well, the reason was simple to first handle each call by operators only.

Then transfer this call by automated circuitry, And again handle the incoming signals and rerouted back this information to callers.

So you can think how much the big handle here.

Hence central exchange focused on complexity of telephone infrastructure and decided to decided to reduce complexity.

Because this system was fail for conference call.

Let’s dive in, how it was overcome

  • By calling into a central exchange, human operator was removed by allowing to handle call by switches automatically.
  • Now only fewer lines were required to successfully connect callers around the country
  • Reducing the infrastructure directly impacted on lower the cost call. But still it’s a hole gap for business.

Because Central Exchanges are used in every phone call, not just conference calls.

#2: Digital Conference Call Dial In Numbers New Idea

I’m going to explain here difference between digital and analog, Actually i want to visualize inside your Telephone how it work.

Because the handset you hold in your hand has both earpiece and mouthpiece/microphone.

So as you start to speak into the mouthpiece, there’s a flexible piece of plastic resonate/resound. And the plastic is attached to a coil that moves too.

Actually the coil moves by a magnet drum, Which again generate an electrical current.

And that current is transmitted through transmitter/Antenna inside your phone.

In the form of RF (Radio frequency signal). By adding some carrier frequency.

And transmitted in the air, now this signal is catches by near mobile tower.

Again transmitted to receiver near mobile tower.

And that receiver tower transmit this signal to receiver mobile through RF Signal. then receiver mobile antenna catches this RF signal.

But Extract from RF signal to current again current to Voice earpiece. Then finally voice sound is produce for your ear to detect.

And you have a conversation. Hey but this’s for the signal call one to one.

What about the conference call ? Actually conference call is Audio bridge. Because it act as a hub for caller lines during conference call.

So with all technology audio bridges were analog in nature. Therefore the actual meaning of Analog, they worked on the voltage of electricity produced in the above process.

So what’s the big challenge facing here.

Well, the biggest limitation for Audio bridge degrade voice quality. So the farther Analog Audio is carrier. And creating an interface with other signal present.

And the original input you created, when you speak gradually decreases during transmit.

When you try to amplify the audio signal. Then also increases noise signal.

Which we don’t want because it degrade Audio quality and clarity.

So in 1970 digital technology blast with the great invention of microprocessors.

Because digital technology takes the electrical signals of analog inputs sample (your Voice).

And breaks them down into binary numbers (Zeros and one low or high level). Then process farther all of that as a single code.

Which’s called binary bits (2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256 bits). Actually it does continuous breaking Audio signal into samples.

Because Small pieces fixing by a particular time interval.And each sample is associated with a binary number.

But it’s important to explain here as the number of bits increases, the accuracy level of signal is increases.

Because it’s very fast process, I’m talking about thousands of samples per second.

So the digital conversion is best for Audio. Because digital technology are better supplied to mute lines by adding background noise.

And the Audio signal is transferred as a code. So it’s easy to restored original voice quality on the receiver side.

The general benefits of digital are very fascinating.

Let’s dive in, what’s benefit of digital signal

  • Voice call clarity Improved
  • Maximum background noise filtered out from signal
  • Call capacity is increased (using same frequency at a time for different users by allotting time slot)
  • Greater convenience with Dialing-In number
  • Reduced cost per caller

So the Digital Conference Call Dial In Numbers made it possible.

Because today you’re able to host call with thousands of participants at the same time. without breaking the call bank.

Internet Boost Audio New Idea Codecs free conference call number and access code

Digital Audio bridges supported to convert analog signal into digital signal, whereas internet boost Audio codecs offered to enhanced the value.

So let me simplify the word “internet boost Audio codecs”

The sample binary data file created by Analog-to-Digital transformation is run through software is “Audio codecs”.

Because a codec is actually used for data compresses and decompresses file size using an advanced algorithm.

So that the Audio codecs compressing the data information into smaller binary bits without losing the original voice quality.

Such that these codecs are design to work with Internet protocols. So how it’s achieve, The best codecs are flexible. 

I mean to say they’re having ability to compress at different rates depending on network speeds.

Hence you finally achieved “internet boost audio codecs”.

So what is the value of this achievement “internet boost audio codecs”.

#Let’s dive in codecs benefits:

  • Faster data Transmission rate : Because the information is now compressed form, so less data is transmitted overhead, Which decreases finally the time taken to send the information. The main benefit is reduced latency time. Which’s more instantaneous transmission.
  • Audio Quality boost: Audio codecs is the main game changer for running calls over the internet. Because these Audio codecs automatically offer higher Audio frequency. So the voice is capture well, and provide an overall improved calling experience.
  • Cost Affordability: So help to call cost goes down, So Internet calling option available right now, and overcome the traditional long distance communication providers. As a result you see the call cost remain low through internet. Even free conference call number and access code is given by service provider.
  • Call Security: Security is one of the challenge point for data transmission. So Encryption mechanisms is used for these codecs to enhance call security. And now this great option free conference call services available for you technology enhancement gift. With call clarity, fidelity, and consistency enjoy this new technology innovation for personal or businesses.

Free Conference Call Phone Number And Access Code

If you want to participate in any business meeting as well as for your personal friends around the world.

Now it’s EASY and Simple to connect instantly using Free Conference Call Phone Number And Access Code from service providers.

How you can do it ? Well, Just by using internet online meeting to host a web conference to screen share and show video using a webcam.

I’m taking one service provider to check this service features, and how to use this.

#For Example:

Just go to and create your account free here.

They’ll provide you an access code with host pin for an online meeting anywhere in the world to connect instantly.

And start conferencing call Audio or Video free. Your account information will look like this.

Step 1: Get a Free Account

Just sign up with an email with password, and instantly receive your account information along with dial-in number and access code.

Step 2: Invite Participants

Offer your Participants your dial-in number and access code along with date and time to start conference call.

Step 3: Start Audio or Video Conferencing

To start conference call, all participants call their in-country dial-in number followed by the host’s access code.

Now you’re on same table face to face, so enjoy this free services as a gift of new technology.

New Dual Screen Mobile Technology Gift

Here’s EVERYTHING you need to know, Microsoft just announced at its big product event, including a two-screen Android phone.

It also announced the Surface Neo, which’s two-screened laptop.

And Surface Duo phone, a two-screened phone which runs Android.

But you have to wait little bit, Because the Surface Neo will be available for the holidays next year 2020.

It’s REALLY the gift of Technology enhancement, whatever we have discussed so far. Because you’ll use the Surface Neo laptop and the Duo smartphone now.

But what’s idea behind this technology improvement ? Why you need a dual screen smartphone and laptop ?

If you are reading this article completely, then you have notice about one thing, I well described idea behind every technology enhancement.

So can you tell me, what’s idea here for this innovation.

Well, It’s simple to increase your output productivity by using dual screen at the same time, like computer work.

It has a 360-degree hinge, two 5.6-inch displays and can completely fold up when you’re not using it.

Actually the surface Neo has two display. And that fold together but but also work independently of one another.

So the best part is that you can run one app in one screen and other app on the second screen.

Alternatively you can use one app across the entire screen.

So when you want to type, there’s a hardware keyboard that pops out, complete with a trackpad.

And you no need to type on a touchscreen display. When you’re not using it, then the keyboard sticks to the back of the tablet with magnets.

How much it’s cool features REALLY no need to type touchscreen.

And the second best part of this device, the whole equipment is 5.6mm thin and uses the thinnest LCD ever created, but is surrounded by Gorilla Glass to help keep it strong.

The Surface Neo will run a new version of Windows designed for these types of devices, called Windows 10X.

And ability to bring up smartly the keyboard when needed and support for writing on the screen with the Surface Pen.

Smartphone Surface Duo will run on Google Android operating system for mobile.


Technology enhancement create opportunity for human, As well as save your money and time. Which is equally important for success any part of life. so use power of technology in your personal or business growth. Without using technology human is just like lame. It’s era of Advanced technology, you have to be parallel with technology.

So use Free Conference Call In Numbers to handle your business on finger tip. Because you’re going to handle NEW Mobile and Laptop in 2020 with double screen. If this post is helpful for you, then like, comment and share in social media. I belief you enjoyed article Free Conference Call In Numbers Use Only Anywhere (New Technology).  If you have any doubt ask me, always here for your support. Thanks for sharing valuable article.

Gps Tracker With Software Solution Free (New Idea)

GPS tracker with software is  solution for personal or business uses.

So in this article, I’m going to explain EVERYTHING you need to know about GPS tracker with software solution.

Which’ll help you to track vehicle, bike, boat, mobile, person, pet and many more.

Just by connecting any GPS tracker or with your phone and start tracking business or personal online today.

So it’s suitable for both business or personal uses.

Because you only need to connect with GPS tracker, Whatever you want to track business or personal.

Hence it’s providing you a great solution to handle your business on finger tip.

So let’s start, what’re better features available in GPS tracker with software, read more.

GPS Tracker Software Open Source

GPS Tracking devices allowing consumers to track their valuables businesses fast around the World.

And many people choice for GPS tracking devices is open source GPS tracking software.

Because it’s a great choice, due to its wider developer community. As well as open source software is providing greater security and better user experience.

So you can trust on it. And it often adds a better features for user experience.

Even with open source GPS tracking systems, You’re able to integrate with many various GPS tracking devices.

And of course it’s user friendly, So that you can start it without needing a dedicated IT person quickly.

So what should you look in for open source GPS tracking software.

Hence let’s dive in, how’ll you come to know, which open source GPS tracking software is best for you.

If you’re looking for gps tracker software open source.

So look on the below mentioned important points.

If you want to track any mobile location without app free, then check this link

Best phone tracker app without permission 

  • Multiple Integration features with various GPS Tracker for vehicle
  • Smooth tracking without bug and login.
  • Speedy management features, moving status with behavior
  • Previous Historical data and report
  • Simple configuration and user friendly
  • Option for adding various sensors and alerts
  • Support windows 24×7, quick resolve
  • Capability to add your own branding

But always use high-quality, reliable open source software.

[faq title=”Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How much does it cost to make a GPS tracker?” number=”1″]It depend upon the features added in tracker, as well as how much object you want to track. But average its cost $99, and this will be hosted on your server. In case if you have no hosting server, then hosting charges per month is extra added in this amount.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What is a GPS server?” number=”2″]GPS Server is a powerful cloud based server, use for GPS tracking system that allows to monitor the location of vehicles, cargo, boats and people. So that users can track real time location of thousands objects at a time, and show their location on map through web browser online.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What is a tracking software?” number=”3″]Tracking software is a program, which is connected with GPS hardware device installed on vehicle. So as the GPS hardware device is moving, and all movement real time data is catured in software program using the Earth map lat long. And tracking software is open source program. here meaning of open source is license free. [/faq_item][/faq]

GPS Tracking System And GPS Tracker Software ?

It’s a complicated monitoring system, and specially design to collect vehicle and mobile phone location data and visualize it on map through software program.

Which collect real time data and manage history, reports, events and notifications. Even you can control remote device.

There’re many companies, which’re providing the services for GPS tracker software. In which some are providing free services and some paid.

So to use services with any companies, you need to create account with them. And fill the details of GPS hardware in the account.

As well as installed your GPS hardware on your tracking vehicle. Now you’re ready to start monitoring your vehicle.

Because your Account will allow to see precise object location live via web browser. Such as instantly view, historical tracks and generate various reports.

So GPS tracking system is easy to use, mobile friendly. And this’s gps tracking software solutions for your business.

Hence as per your requirement you can choose free services or paid services.

I hope you understand, what’s GPS tracking system. 

And how GPS tracker with software work.

Even you can set up your own business as a GPS service provider. it’s a growing business in digital era today.

GPS Tracker Software Free Download

In today’s fast and technology era life, GPS tracking software is need for monitoring your children’s, businesses.

Even you’re able to monitor your spouse, in case if you have a doubt that he/she is cheating with you.

Old days has passed, now no wait for detective agent data and secretly photos collection.

Now people are becoming more and more concerned about their safety first.

And this’s the main reason families are using mobile tracking apps and GPS trackers for their children and other loved ones.

Apart from this Companies are widely tracking and managing their vehicles, delivery trucks, cargo or employees.

So with the help of mobile GPS Tracker, everyone is able to track a phone, people, pet or vehicle on real time everyday.

Because you can get everything on your computer screen right now.

with the help of GPS tracker Software free.

So in this article i’m going to introduce about best GPS tracking software.

Which’ll help you to track the exact location of your child business or spouse all the time.

So here’s best gps tracker software free. There’s no need to buy expensive GPS hardware.

Because use your smartphone and start tracking free. It’s designed for free mobile application turns your smartphone.

So use this gps tracker software for mobile free. You can use gps tracker software for android as well.

If your Samsung phone is lost and you want to track, as well as how to check Samsung phone is original or not, then check out this link, Where’s my phone Samsung.   

Vehicle Tracking System For Personal And Business Use

Vehicle tracking system is gift of technology, Because your vehicle movement is on your finger tip now. So no tension at all, now driver can’t cheat with you.

Therefore manage your transport business easily, using gps tracking software for trucks. As well as gps tracking device for car.

So You need to install GPS hardware in your vehicle, which you want to track. And connect with any best GPS tracker with software service provider company.

They’ll provide you an account to monitor you vehicle on map through software. It’s easy interface with user friendly.

You’re able to monitor on mobile device as well as on your computer screen real current location of your vehicle all the time.

But if you want to use for your business, then always choose best company with paid account.

So before choosing any company, check their service features, customer support and customer feedback. Then you’ll feel peace of mind for your business.

Because powerful tracking system is suitable for both your personal use, and great business purposes.

Checklist for powerful tracking system features.

  • Geo-fencing notification (get on time alert, when users are users are entering or leaving pre-defined zones)
  • Driving performance ( it’ll help to discover users driving nature, like bad action taken, so instruct for proper action)
  • Fuel monitoring ( GPS vehicle tracking software to monitor fuel level, which’ll help you to ready for your trips better)

So it’s easy for your business to handle, with best GPS vehicle tracking system. If you’re looking for vehicle tracking system for your business.

#For example:

you can check this company services.

GPS tracking system for personal and business

The best part it’s providing one moth free trial. So you can use and check their services.

If it’s suitable for your business requirement then continue otherwise go for the other option.


GPS tracking system is need for business and personal security today. So easy to connect Gps Tracker With Software Solution. And use the latest technology to boom your business around the world online tracking and monitoring. According to Global Market Insights all small businesses are using online tracking system now. So use GPS tracker software for your own requirement available for free and paid. If this article is helpful for you, then like, comment and share. I hope you enjoyed Gps Tracker With Software Solution. now any doubt ask me, i’m here for your support. thanks for sharing.

3 Top Phone Service Providers For Small Business (Cheapest Review)

Today you’re going to see 3 top phone service providers for small business.

And happy customer feedback about these companies is “cheap and best”.

Because they are providing best service support to their clients.

And their rate is cheapest compare to other phone service providers for small business.

Now this research review is totally based upon the customer feedback and satisfaction.

So if you’re new and looking for phone service providers for small business.

You can take service from any one top listed phone service provider out of these 3.

So Let’s get started. What’s important in this article, you need to know.

Step #1:What’s special benefit phone service providers for small business ?

Step #2:Which’s best business phone service number ?

Step #3:Best small business phone system

Step #4:Cheap Business Phone Line rental Number

Step #5:Multi Line Phone Systems Small Business

Step #6:Best office phone systems for small business

[faq title=”Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How much does a business phone line cost?” number=”1″]Simple telephone service is called POTS lines, and the average cost is $40 per line per month. Also for digital services, a PRI (23 lines) is about $450 per month. But for DSL it’s approx ($85) per month. Now many growing phone service provider rate is very less even below $10.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What companies offer landlines?” number=”2″]There’re many telecommunication companies, Which’re larget landlines provider, for example AT&T,Verizon,Qwest.But apart from this, there’re some small phone service provider, like CallHippo, Avoxi, Buylocalnumber.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Is VoIP good for small business?
” number=”3″]For better sound quality, now cloud technology is also using VOIP HD call for small businesses.The main advantage of VOIP technology is low cost. Which attract customer a better choice for small business.[/faq_item][/faq]

Step #1:What’s special benefit phone service providers for small business ?

Technology is human imagination power. And now technology’s your business engine.

So here’s some phone service providers for small businesses benefit features.

Which’s need for business owner today.

Due to customer service and support as first priority.

Because they’re looking for grow their business smooth and fast with customer satisfaction.

And this service’s offering by phone service providers for small businesses.

Let’s dive right in.

Phone service providers for small business features with phone service number

  • (Voice-over-internet-protocol) in other word know as VOIP. So what is VOIP ? It’s simple a telephone connection over the Internet.

The voice signal data is sent digitally, with using the Internet Protocol (IP). Rather than analog telephone lines.

So this grant people to talk to one another long-distance around the world. Without paying long distance or international phone (ISD)charges.

Which’s working as small business phone lines. So this’s called virtual business phone service.

And this’s the best method using cheapest voip business phone service today.

  • (Voicemail) It’s a technique to store voice messages electronically. Which’s use for later retrieval by intended recipients.

So callers release short messages that are stored on digital media or on analog recording tape.

  • (Call forwarding) is a reliable way for business phone service. Because it’s providing facility an individuals to receive an international calls.

Without the caller being charged with high international rates. So in today’s fast growing global market place.

Call forwarding is the best option to reach out international potential customer. And this’s best choice for small business phone number.

So that you can establish a virtual presence in targeted countries. and setup a virtual office phone systems for small businesses.

Step #2:Which’s best Phone Service Providers For Small Business ?

Nowadays REALLY easy to communicate all around the world, with the help of business phone service app. Which’s virtual business phone number.

So this service’s providing a platform for customer and client. An easy and convenient way to discuss with each other live.

Do you know ? you can do FREE  Call online to mobile , Check out here is link  Free call

#For example:

live meeting, live project progress review as well as data exchange.

So this’s the best virtual phone system for small business discussion. Because wherever in the world you want to start your business, now you’re free to do.

Hence you can find easily business phone service providers in my area. So It’s not matter where’re you located in the world.

Let’s dive in.

  • (Conference call) connect many people through a conference bridge.

Which’s actually a server that work like a telephone and able to answer multiple calls at the same time.

So this’s generally use for meeting because it’s cheap business phone line. And best for connecting multi line phone systems small business.

Because this create a virtual phone number for each participants.

  • (Toll-Free-Number) is a free number. It’s a telephone number,that can be dialed from landlines with no any charge to the person placing the call.

So this’s business landline phone service providers by zip code. And it’s better know as 1800 number. or toll free no.

Which’s actually a virtual phone number that saves your money. When you dial it. Because toll free number is being charged to the called party.

So in other word also known as virtual phone system free. This’s provided by company to their customers.

Step #3:Best phone service provider for small business phone system

It’s REALLY a challenge to find perfect office phone systems for small business. Because a lot of options are available in the market.

And each has its own asset features and tools. So deciding which one is the best fit for, office phone systems for small business isn’t simple.

Therefore to help in your small business phone lines search. I researched and analysed about 50 phone service providers all around the world.

And after a deep and hard analysis with considering customer feedback. Here’s top 3 business phone service provider.

But before going to that top list, You need to know EVERYTHING about small business phone system providers. So lets first understand this points.

What should you look out in a business phone system provider ? There’re many factors to consider while choosing a small business phone system provider.

So the most important point’s that you need to ensure the system has all of the functionality and features your business needs.

#For example:

Can the system support the number of employees who need the service ? what’s annual up time percentage ? What’s monthly cost ?

what type of customer support does the company offer ?

But before i provide you list. I want to clear you this’s my hard research if you find any other company better than these phone service provider.

let me know through the comment. I’ll research everything and try to include in the list.

Because my main motive is to provide you the best Phone Service Providers For Small Business. And honestly i’m providing here with customer feedback.

Even you can check these Phone services providers quality and support yourself before use.

So according to my hard research these companies are best, due to its cheap business phone line and cheap business phone number provider for your small business. 

As well as good customer feedback. Which i’ll show you right now.

So before choosing any one just check on your own level. It’s best fit for your business requirement.

Do you know ? you can do FREE conference call anywhere around the world, check out here Free conference call services.  

Then you go with any one, which has the best features and customer support with quality for your small business.

Step #4:Cheap Business Phone Line rental Number

Whether you are just starting your small business. So you need to know. how to choose a phone service providers for small business ?

Because if you choose a cheap and best phone service providers for small business.Then you’re saving a fixed budget every month.

As well as reducing your business expenses. And this’s success rule for small businesses. Because saving budget will help you to grow your business smoothly.

So you can just leverage the Internet to save time, effort and money with your communications infrastructure.

Because growing companies are providing cheap rate services like conference calls, access voicemail via text or email, and use toll-free numbers.

Even cheap business phone number are using VOIP cloud based technology. So check out my guide to choosing a business phone system.

Because i’m listing here top 3 cheapest business phone line. And they’re providing cheap business phone number.

Also you’ll see why they’re best. So keep reading.

Step #5:Multi Line Phone Systems Small Business

Technology is growing fast right or not. So just remember traditional multi line phone systems small business.

How it’s operated using a physical switchboard. Which directs callers to the right phone line.

However the new technologies that support multi line phone systems today’re different.

Because it offer flexibility. If you want to give your customer a professional experience.

Whenever they’ll contact you, then a multi-line phone system will help you.

#For example:

If you want each employee to have their own phone extension or a direct dial number.

Then use multi line phone systems small business for good customer experience.

Because many businesses today are switching to VoIP, an internet based solution.

#What is benefit of VOIP for small businesses ?

So what’s Benefits of a Multi Line Phone System for small Business. Well the main benefit with best multi line phone system’s cost for small business.

Because Multi Line Phone Systems calls are usually much lower than a standard phone line.

And this’s due to many of the multi line phone systems now operate through the internet. Which’s hosted in the cloud.

Now how do Multi Line Phone Systems Work ?

Well, as its name indicate, a multi-line phone takes the line coming into your business, and splits it into multiple lines.

Such that allowing two or more phones to be linked at the same connection.

And the best features the ability to take messages when nobody is available. Even multi-line phone systems can be connected together to create a network.

So this is connected through each other via an internet connection.

Now how you’ll choose the best multi line phone system for small business.

It’s important when you’re managing a business you need a phone system.

So getting the right telephone number with area code, And is very important as how much it’s all going to cost you.

As well as what’re the features available such as voicemail, call divert and caller display.

So check whether it’s has a two line or four line capacity because it’ll bring a number of benefits to your business.

Hence keep reading ahead to know top cheapest phone service providers.

Step #6:Best office phone systems for small business

Here’s top list number wise best phone service providers for small businesses.

1. CallHippo this’s on first position best company for phone service providers for small business.

Because this company’s providing best voip service, for business across the globe more than 190 countries.

For local and toll free number internet phone service for small business cheapest ip phone.

Its service’s Powerful and easy to use VoIP based Virtual Phone System.

Which help your business productivity & Sales conversion to the next level around the world.

The best part’s that It has free trial as well as virtual phone assistant.

CallHippo is using cloud web technology and having more new exciting features for small business owner.

Do you want to know ? What’s client feedback about CallHippo business phone service app.

See the client rating below.

Check out this’s link for CallHippo

2. Avoxi this’s another good company for Phone Service Providers For Small Business. 

They’re providing virtual local phone numbers online, or toll free business number.

And local DID number call routing service.

Call forwarding to any location, Outbound calling features available.

As well as business VoIP Solutions, Virtual call center hosted on cloud. And having cloud hosted PBX.

Now the best part’s that no setup fees or cancellation costs. As well as activate virtual local numbers instantly for business phone number.

So try VoIP number plan for 30 days risk-free. And Enjoy 15 days of free call recording or select an extended plan for small business phone system.

See what’s client speaking about Avoxi phone service provider.

Here’s the link Avoxi

3. Buylocalnumbers this is cheapest voip business phone service for toll free number.Which is best for your small business.

Because instant activation of local DID Numbers and toll free Numbers in more than 60 countries.

And the best part is that it has refund policy as well.

They offer phone service like FREE PBX Phone System (voicemail, voice menu, fax, call recording, queue, time routing, conference calls, caller routing, playback, blacklist etc.

Also Number portability and Bulk SMS option available . Even you can port your old PSTN number to them and carry it with you everywhere in the world.

And they provide mobile numbers that are able to receive SMS. You can use them, for example, to create Whatsapp account without using your real number.

You can see the rate for toll free number below.

Check here Buy Local Number


If you recall copper phone lines are now past. Agreed or not, VOIP phone system is best option for small business owner. But fortunately, you have plenty of VoIP phone service providers. So it’s REALLY challenge to choose a right phone service provider for your small business. Because many providers service rate is high and customer feedback is not good. 

But some new growing phone service provider are really doing good for customer business growth and satisfaction. Therefore after doing hard research about 50 companies for small businesses. I’ve provided 3 Top Phone Service Providers For Small Business. I hope you’ll enjoy this article.

If this post is helpful for you, then like, comment and share on social media. And after finishing this post let me know through comment.

Which phone service provider you’re going to choose first. If you’re having any doubt, ask me always here for your support. Thanks for sharing.

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission Hot Real Truth (New idea)

Today’s article is REALLY Special for you.  Because I’m going to disclose best phone tracker app without permission real truth. 

I hope, you’ll agree with me. If i say.

A lot of mobile app are available on internet for current location track.

Even many videos on YouTube are teaching to track real time location with mobile app.

And their Views’re in Million.

Well, But what do you think about best phone tracker app without permission ?

Because I’m going to explain here EVERYTHING, you need to know about best phone tracker app without permission for free.

So are you ready to know actual fact about location trace ? As well as Why this piece of content is special for you ?

If yes, then keep reading you’ll enjoy to know new truth.

So Let’s start with.

what you’re going to learn here:

Tip #1: What’s real story about best phone tracker app without permission ?

TIP #2: Track Mobile location without best phone tracker app without permission ?

TIP #3: How to track a cell phone location without them knowing for free ?

Tip #4: Cell phone spy without access to target phone free

Tip #5: How to find IP address of any Smartphone without touching but connected with Internet ?

[faq title=”Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Can you spy on a phone without access to it?” number=”1″]Yes but you can’t find the real location, but only near by 800m you can reach.And other more activity you can monitor without him knowing.Like City location, Mobile model,browser using,service provider company

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Can I track a cell phone with just a number?” number=”2″]YES you can track with number only and free. Without installation of any APP and software, but you can not find exact real location, due to security concern, but near by location you can reach. So EVERYTHING is explained in this article.If you want to know keep reading.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing?” number=”3″]Ofcourse you can spy on any mobile. By using mobile tracker free login. This is the best tracking app so far.Which is very much popular app on the internet. Just you have to download it from their official website free.How to installation and monitor phone everything is explained step-by-step with image.You can refer this link in this post. Mobile tracker free login

Tip #1: What’s real story about best phone tracker app without permission ?

It’s not my real intention to hurt anyone. But to provide you correct information.

Which you should know. And this’s main reason to write this article.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you to install any mobile application for location trace.

Because it’s not possible to trace anyone current or real location by any mobile app.

YES it’s right.

If anybody is telling you, this’s best phone tracker app without permission. or top tracking method.

Which can trace any mobile current location. Then he is sharing you false information.

So never belief. You can check yourself it can’t provide current location at any cost. Because there’s a best story behind this.

I’ll explain in detail keep reading.

But you can ask question. Why you’re not able to track current location ?

The reason is security concern. So any general public can’t track real location of any other person.

Otherwise the country security will be in danger.

Now the question may be coming in your mind. Who can trace any mobile location ?

There’s two real case in which real location tracing is possible.

So first only police has direct access to put any mobile number on surveillance .

And can track any mobile location if needed.

Second if your any relative, Who’s on high post in the same operator company. He can help out to find live location of mobile.

Therefore except these two case, no any other option available to track cell phone location online.

Now you may ask, How they track with app and show on YouTube Video ?

Well, what they track with mobile app ?

Don’t worry I’ll show you without any app installation.

So What extent you’re able to track any mobile location, I’ll display here keep reading.

you’ll better understand.

Because many of you want to track mobile location. And for this you’re required to install app in the target device.

But now forget app installation. Because i’m going to explain you, how to track any mobile location without app.

And the best part’s that, you’re able to track any mobile location with number only. Also track cell phone without them knowing.

As well as without touching the phone.

TIP #2: Track Mobile location without best phone tracker app without permission ?

With the fast development of technology for tracking phones. And the various options that have come up.

But without a best phone tracker app without permission, to trace location is a little AMAZING.

Well very first, I would like to inform you. To spy anyone mobile phone without his permission,information and wrong intention is totally illegal.

Because it’s matter of security concern.

But with some valid reason, if you’re tracking anyone phone location. So there’s no problem at all.

#For example:

Track children location to know, he is available in school or college. As well as track marketing and field employees.

Whether they’re meeting with customer on time or not.

A wife and husband can track their spouse’s smartphone without using the phone tracker app.

If they feel the spouse is cheating them.

So you’re able to track any mobile location, without installation of best phone tracker app without permission.

It’s not really simple to trace anyone location. But this is the only correct method, through which you can reach near to anyone live location.

So how you’ll trace any mobile location without any app installation. Just wait i’m here to explain you in this article.

And it’s really very easy method, Don’t worry, There’s no any rocket science.

But before explaining that tip, One thing is important to know first. So that you can better understand.

And as i told you in the starting. i’m repeating that sentence again. It’s not possible to trace anyone current location.

Whereas to the some extent, you can reach near by location.

Now to know how it works, keep reading ahead.

TIP #3: How to track a cell phone location without them knowing for free ?

Nowadays lots of free phone tracking apps are available online. For download from their official site.

So people are really facing a challenge to determine. Which app is the best for them ?

Therefore if you want to know, which is real app for location trace, without permission and only with number.

Then you need to know some basic secret point. Which no one will tell you ?

Do you want to know that secret ? If YES, Well keep reading, of course you’ll enjoy this article.

Because you’ll not get this information even 2 Million blog on internet. As well as in any Book.

So lets dive in:

  • Which parameter is responsible to track Mobile location ?

To better understand this concept, I’m considering a real example of physical world.

Just imagine:

How to find a home address in the world without address. What is your opinion about this ?

How much difficult ? And of course you’ll be agree with me, If i say : almost impossible.

But If once you find the address, then it’s very easy to find any home in the world. And you’re able to reach that location easily.

Even you can know everything about that home.

#For example:

Who is living in the home ? How many people are living in the home ? and many more information.

So the same thing happen on internet world. And all the devices (Mobile,Laptop,computer etc)

which’re connected with internet is called Node. Therefore every Node has an IP address.

If you’ll compare with real Physical world. Then you can say.

(Home = Mobile, laptop, computer) and (Address = IP).

As well as (Home + Ip Address = Node). Are you feeling, What is secret here ?

Wow the best story is that Physical world is mapped with Internet world.

Now you’re able to say. Physical world is equal to virtual Internet world.

But you can ask me a question here.

Physical world address is almost fix. I mean to say (Home or house is not movable).

But mobile and laptop are movable, Then how it is possible Physical world = Internet world.

This is really very interesting question.

Tip #4: Cell phone spy without access to target phone free

Just see what is happening here ? Physical real world address is fixed, I hope you’re agree with me without any doubt.

But in case of Internet world address is IP. Which is moving with mobile phone. This is the reason it’s called dynamic IP.

Also remember as many time you connect with Internet.

Hence it’s changed and allotted different IP address to you. By your internet service provider. Whichever IP is free.

So the best story’s that without IP address, you can’t connect with internet.

Because first you need a IP (Address) to connect with internet. So who provide this IP to you.

Well this’s provided by your internet service provider, Like Airtel, JIO, AT&T and more other telecom operator company.

But before assign you IP. They collect your all information data.

For example, who’re you ? where’re you ? as well as available balance in your account, After that they assign you IP to connect with internet.

And you’ve already submitted this data at the time of SIM taken.

Now you may be thinking, Telecom operator companies create this IP. Then your’re wrong.

Every Telecom company purchase this IP from Internet assigned number authority (iana ).

So this authority manages all ip addresses in the world.

And iana has divided ip addresses according to global region wise.

#For example:

for Asia continent (APNIC), So Airtel, JIO, Vodafone in India has got IP address from (APNIC) in bunch, like one crore IP addresses.

After that these telecom companies distribute these ip addresses in its local region. Then you get IP address to connect with internet.

If you want to check your IP address. Then first connect with internet your mobile or laptop and then just search in google “what is my ip”.

You’ll see your IP address provided by service provider.

So after knowing IP address of any device or mobile. You’re able to trace any mobile live location.

Therefor no need to install best phone tracker app without permission. Now you only required mobile number to track location.

Because location tracking is game of IP address.

So How you’ll find target device IP address ? Keep reading ahead.

If you want to know more about IP address. Then you should refer this link. What is IP?

Now i belief. Your concept is clear, how location tracking is done with mobile number only.

Tip #5: How to find IP address of any Smartphone without touching but connected with Internet ?

This is REALLY top tracking method. As well as correct method cell phone spy without access to target phone.

And the best part’s that track phone without them knowing. Therefore find any phone location With free without any app installation.

So be ready. Because you’re going to learn here. How to track a cell phone location without installing software in target device.

And you can also say. A cell phone spy without access to target phone.

If you’re reading. then i’ll say.

Today you’re at right place to know, how to track a cell phone location.

It’s easy for you, how to track someones phone by their number.

Therefore using this right method, you’re able to track cell phone location online.

So are you ready to know, how to track a cell phone location for free, only with the number of the cell phone.

Well, I hope your answer is YES.

Lets dive in:

  • Go to IP logger website.

And here you need to sign up with your email id. Otherwise it’ll not show you correct information.

Sign up is required due to avoid abuse and missuses of this website. And this is absolutely right.

So first let me explain, what is IP logger ? And how you’ll use this ?

IP Logger URL shortener will help you, to find any mobile phone IP address. Or track ip address of any other devices.

Which you want to find . So it’s use to find Ip address of any mobile. As well as trace any mobile or device location connected with internet.

Now how to find IP address with IP logger website. just refer the below snap and follow the steps.

  1. open the website IP logger
  2. Scroll down near the mid page. You’ll find “Location Tracker” icon. Just like below image.

3. Click on the “Get IPLogger code” button as shown indicated in the image.

After that a new window will open, just like below image shown.

Now copy the URL as indicated in the image. And here’s a trick. Write aggressive or hypocrite text message.

#For example:

Latest breaking news, Win $100 right now or World best sexy image.

And send this url to whom you want to track. Through Whatsapp, Facebook or any social media.

Your main motive is to get the link open by receiver at any cost. So compel the receiver to open the link.

If receiver’ll not open the link. then you’re not able to trace location.

Now you open the link url in a new tab as indicated in the above image. And wait for receiver to open the link.

If receiver does open image. Then you’ll get all the information about target mobile. As shown below.

Information received from target mobile.

  • Country
  • IP Address
  • Browser type
  • Mobile model
  • Location ( near by 800m)
  • GPS Map view
  • Service provider company name

So Apart from this, There is a best popular app for mobile monitoring activity  remotely. Just installed in target device.  

You’ll get all activity done through mobile. But it can not track current location. But many good features are available. If you want to know, then refer this link Mobile tracker free login


Real time location tracking’s not possible for general public. And there’s no any app for current location tracking. If anybody’s telling, he’s WRONG. You’re able to track location up to some extent not current location. And this is possible without any app installation. (Physical world = Internet world). Ip address is required to connect with Internet.

I hope your enjoy, Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission Hot Real Truth. How to track a cell phone location without installing software. If this content is helpful for you. then like share and let me know through comment. There’s any doubt ask me, always here for your support.

Mobile App Development Course For Beginners (New Idea)

App development course is EASY.

Even if you’re a beginner. But you should have a right guideline, for app development course.

So if you’re are REALLY looking for mobile app development course as a carrier.

Then i’m going to disclose EVERYTHING about app development course here.

Which you need to know :

Because today i’m going to show you the exact app development course.

Which’ll help you to become a best app creator right now.

Let’s dive right in.

What you are going to learn in this article ?

1.Why app development course is great choice for you ?

2.What is app development course meaning ?

3.3 mobile app development course for beginners FREE start today

4.Best Android App Development Courses for Beginners

5.What is programming for Mobile Applications Android free ?

How can I learn mobile app development?

Here’s the list of 5 best platform for you (Free):
you can learn mobile app development easily. But follow the list mentioned step-by-step.
1. Training for Android Developers by Google
2. Mobile app Experiences by edX
3. App Development course for Beginners by Mybringback

How much does app development cost?

App development cost is dependent upon the app features.
small app with medium features could cost between $10,000 to 20,000.
There is option for you can use it for any types of business.

How long does it take to learn app development?

6 to 12 month maximum.
If you really want to learn mobile app development.
Then Continuous learning and practice for 6 to 12 month is enough for you to become a developer.
It also depend upon many things.
Like if you are starting from scratch, then it’ll obviously take some more time.
If you are good in programming understanding. It’ll take less time.

Tip #1: Why App development course is great choice for you ?

I hope you’ll be agree with me.

If i say :

Many videos are available on YouTube about app development course.

And saying as you can make your own app free and earn thousands of dollar every month.

What do you think about this types of videos ?

This’s really true. Answer is Big no.

But do you want to know ? why it’s not true ?

well, Because it’s providing a reference to develop an app through other website.

And this is the main problem.

Because in this scenario. you are not able to make a high quality app.

Which you desire to make.

Because competition is high, you can just see in the play store. All high quality app are available.

#For Example :

A high quality app’re having features like, user login option and sharing button.

As well as data protection, security and many more features.

But do you know ?

If you’re creating your app from free website, then your data is in hand of website developer.

So developer can remove your app any time.

Whenever he want to delete.

And hence your app is not safe and secure in this case.

So what is best option for you ?

Well if you want a professional app, and desire to really earn money through app.

Then you should refer this ultimate guide link right now.

How to do mobile app development ?

And when you’ve finished reading, make sure to comment to let me know. what is your opinion ?

Is this article helpful for you ? Are you going to choose, mobile app development course as a carrier.

Tip #2: What is app development course meaning ?

you’re using many types of mobile application today. And this’s developed by some developer.

which is basically mobile software for mobile device.

And it’s design and created by developer.

So before development of any mobile application.

A developer choose an operating system (Platform).

Then you need to learn programming language

#For Example :

Google’s Android ( HTML, Java, C++ and XAML ).

Apple’s ioS ( Objective C and swift ).

So this is the app development course, you need to learn for mobile application development.

Then you are able to develop an Android app through Android studio.

As well as on ioS app development.

There are some online training for app development courses.

Which are provided by some companies.

Like if you want to make free App in just 5 minute, then refer the link below.

3 top mobile app development companies reviews

It’s paid company. you can also check and refer the company, Like Udemy Android app.

But don’t worry. I’m going to provide here Google developers training FREE.

So Keep reading ahead.

Tip #3: 3 mobile app development course for beginners FREE start today

I hope

If you are READING this post. Then you definitely want to learn, best android development course.

But you are not getting the right direction.

Such as

How to start learning android app development course for beginners free ?

What are the free platform to learn Android app development course ?

Are you agree with me ?

It sound Cool.

So don’t worry. Now you are at right place.

Because I’m going to provide you FREE solution step-by-step here.

So be ready for learning quick.

But one question may be coming in your mind.

Why should you learn Android app development course ?

And of course this is very important question.

Because you must know the benefit before learning anything in life.

So that it’ll encourage you in learning process.

Well you know mobile user are increasing day by day.

And user requirement is also expanding.

Therefore mobile app development industry is booming. So you can choose Android app development as carrier.

Because mobile application developer salary is high today.

As well as mobile application developer job description is in demand.

So this is right time for you to get advantage from app development course.

Even If you’re beginner. You’re able to learn, how to build Android apps start from scratch, app development course for beginners.

There’re several android app development courses available.

Which can accomplish your dream fast.

Here i’m listing, some great android app development courses for beginners.

It’ll allow you to learn, how to develop new idea and Android applications.

Tip #4: Best Android App Development Courses for Beginners

I’m really HAPPY to provide this information.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn app development course near me.

So follow these steps.

1.Training for Android Developers by Google:

It’s AMAZING android app development courses for beginners.

Because this official video training module is designed by Google.

Which is best support for developers, to learn Android app development course free from scratch.

So always start from very basic application. Just to building apps with content sharing.

#For Example :

multimedia, Location and cloud connectivity.

Therefore once you finished with the fundamentals, you’ll be able to build apps like, work, TV, Mobile and many more.

So for advance app development course online.

You need some basic programming Skill.

This is what you do:

  • Learn basic programming Knowledge (Java, C and C++ ).
  • Install Java JDK
  • Install Android studio SDK

Now go to learn mobile app development course for beginners free.

Here’s course available free: Start Android Development

2.Building Mobile app Experiences by edX:

This’s also providing mobile app development course.

Which is making mobile devices, more attractive design and user interface.

So Coding for mobile application new design, that change truly the people’s lives.

which is essential focus on unique mobile experience.

And provide an advantage. Because you get a chance to share, and discuss your project with Android developers.

All around the world.

You are able to know Hcl design process. And develop a unique android application for daily life.

This is what you do:

  • Experience with Java or Objective C programming.
  • Duration: 12 Weeks.
  • Cost : Free

Approach the Course Here: Building Mobile Experiences.

Tip #5: What is programming for Mobile Applications Android free ?

It’s that Android app development course, Which include the fundamentals software applications.

That’s use for real mobile device.

The main focus areas of the course are application programming.

As well as user real experience attention and software architecture.

After finishing of this course. You are able to develop your own Android application.

And you’ll learn master related development capability.

The objective of this course is to provide basic knowledge of designing.

And implementing Android apps for smartphones and tablets.

This is what you do:

  • Basic skill and understanding of Java.
  • Access and use Google Android Studio.
  • Duration 4 week
  • Cost Free

Here’s Course available free: Programming Android Mobile Application.

Learn app development online for beginners

Online learning platform are available for mobile development.

Where you can accomplish many different short courses.

Which is for mobile development software. In which some courses are free and paid.

These courses are available from International universities.

#For example :

University of Maryland, University of London International Programmers, University of California.

from all around the world. So there’s best option for beginners to learn online program.

You have choice read review before decide. Which is right course for you.

So refer this link and check best course. Mobile development course

What is mobile application development cost ?

You may be searching for mobile application development cost.

How much does mobile application cost ?

Which is for food ordering, booking a flight, cab booking and chatting with your friend.

It’s really difficult to put a number, how much your app might cost.

Because there’re many parameters on which calculation are done.

But average costs, to help you get an idea.

A basic application, without back-end database, and API functionality.

As well as social media integration will cost between $2000 to $10000. In the US.

It can be around $8k.

Whereas the same application cost in India may be half.

The cost vary according to platform as well as country.

A complex application need experienced developers to develop.

Due to APIs, social media integration, back-end support.

Such application cost is around $40k to $80k.

Android App Development course for Beginners Absolute free:

Mybringback grant android app development course for beginners. With great quality of content practices.

It’s having a lot of useful concepts.

Because especially focus on working with the fundamentals approach.

This android development course is for couple of days.

And provide a basic knowledge of creating and implementing Android applications. Such as use for smartphones and tablets.

This is what you do:

  • Basic knowledge of programming with Java or any other object-oriented programming language.
  • Access for Android Studio.
  • Cost Free

Here’s available course free: Android programming by Mybringback


Android app development course learning is EASY. There is Basic and initial step towards building, an efficient and successful application. And all are Free best courses. So using this courses, you are able to develop your own Android app easily. The best part is, If you are willing to learn quick today. There are many course available online for Android app development. After reading this article.

Comment which tip your are going to use for android app development first. If this post is helpful for you, like comment and share. Otherwise dislike. I hope you enjoy learning Mobile App Development Course For Beginners (New Idea). You are having any doubt ask me, always here for your support.

3 top Mobile App Development Companies Review

You’re always having confusion to find best mobile app development companies.

So i’m going to crack down EVERYTHING, you need to know about mobile app development companies for your project.

Here is the tips bonus that is for you in this article.

1.what are different types of mobile app development companies ?

2.How to choose a mobile app development companies ?

3.How to decide location for mobile app development services around the world ?

4.Check Mobile App development Software tutorial

5.3 top app development companies list

6.Free mobile app development company

7.How to create mobile application without coding FREE ?

Which is the best mobile app development company?

The top 3 list of best mobile app development companies.
Why these are best ? keep reading ahead its review in this post.
Few other mobile app development companies.
* 360 Degree Technosoft, Openxcell, Fueled, Blue Label Labs .

Which company is free mobile app development without coding ?

appypie company is providing best platform, for FREE professional mobile app development without any coding knowledge.

You can make your app here in simple way right now. Many Branded companies are using this app platform.
Check for your project.

Where can I find app developers?

You can find here ioS and Android developers for your project. So it’s your own desire to hire developer from any platform given below.

You just check this portal and choose as per your requirement.

1. Freelance
2. Fiverr
3. Upwork
4. Hired

Tip #1: what are different types of mobile app development companies ?

There are basically two types of mobile app development companies. This is actually based upon your app requirement.

Just think there is only two possibilities for app. Either you need a small app, which is called Boutique app.

Or it may be for complex app for large volume of users. and it’s called enterprise app.

This is what you need to do.

  • you must decide what type of app you want to build.
  • Boutique app ( it’s for small shop or personal website and portfolio)
  • enterprise app ( this’s for eCommerce website or for a company)

Therefore on the basis of your requirement, mobile app is further divided into two major categories.

  • Hybrid apps
  • Native apps

Now what is Hybrid apps ? well a hybrid app can target multiple operating systems, such as both iOS and Android.

Here is a catch, it offers less functionality and design, but independent of operating system.

For example :

Hybrid apps run on apple iPhone as well as Android phone both.

Next what do you think about Native apps ?

It’s different such as, A native app can only operate on the operating system it is specifically designed for.

But it can be more complex.

Hence the important point you need to check is that,

Certain mobile app development companies are specialize in either Android or iOS apps development.

So understanding exactly, what talent you’ll need is critical to finding the right team for your project.

Now i hope your concept is clear, what are different mobile app development companies in the market.

And one thing i want to say, if you want to know more about Android or ioS app development.

Then you should refer this link Mobile app development and share your feedback.

TIP #2: How to choose a mobile app development companies ?

I hope you know about mobile camera pixel. If you don’t know, let me explain right now. what is meaning of pixel ?

A pixel is the smallest unit of any digital image or graphic.

which can be displayed and represented on a digital display device.

Such that these smallest pixel are combined to form a complete image,video,text.

So due to pixel anything is made possible to visible on computer or mobile screen.

Therefore pixel is also called as picture element. Because as Mega pixel is increases, then photo clarity is enhanced on mobile screen.

So perfect pixel professional is required for better mobile app development.

If you want to know more about pixel role and importance in mobile device. then refer the link Best mobile under 10000

So Before assigning any project to mobile app development companies.

This is what you need to check ?

  • you must investigate mobile application development company website in details. So that you can get information previous clients and their record.
  • customer feedback and review. It’ll clear you how many successfully project is completed by this company, and happy customer.
  • customer support and help line services. This indicate how much company is caring and dedicated for their client work.
  • Perfect pixel team professional for mobile app development. it’s given you idea, how better and fast your project will complete.
  • Discuss the point with selected company, if they are doing their own work, it’s good for you. Because you can expect, your job to be done with same quality.

Tip #3: How to decide location for mobile app development services around the world ?

I think you’re agree with me. when i say:

It’s REALLY hard to choose right company for your app development from a long list.

which is in front of you. for mobile app development services.

Because there are many mobile app development companies in the world.

But don’t afraid my tip will help you. which location is better for your project.

Hence you have three options, So whenever it comes to decide location for your app development team.

Here’s the story: you need to know.

  • Onshore
  • Nearshore
  • Offshore

Therefore onshore app development companies are located same as your country.

For example if you are located in the United States, it’ll be also in United States.

But an Onshore team will cost the most of three options.

However onshore team is having the advantage of same working time zone.

As well as culture, language, and more. So an onshore partner may be the best option for you.

Because communication is often easier and helping relieve your stress as well as no confusion.

Now Nearshore is that, which is close to your home country. So often nearly a same time zone.

But offering cheaper rate.

Therefore in the United States, nearshore app development is mostly found in Latin America.

And Offshore specify to countries, which is away from your home country.

So the most well known offshore app development locations for India, include United states.

As well as European countries like UK.

It may be you afraid, to associate with a nearshore or offshore app development company.

But the best offshore or nearshore companies, is having software and processes for smooth communication.

and teamwork for their clients.

Hence it does’t matter, how far distance they are located away from you.

So just you do the proper research about company to make sure this is true.

Tip #4: Check Mobile App development Software tutorial

Well, no matter at all, how good the company looks on paper.

You can’t know they are right for your project.

So for this check their mobile app development software.

As well as mobile app development tutorial and engage in discussion with the team.

If you are interested in a particular app development company.

Then always ask them any prior projects similar to yours.

And which Mobile App development Software is used.

As well as for Mobile App development tutorial. And how they handled the projects.

So this is what you need to check:

  • Discover market research
  • Find out, if an app is the best suitable for you to meet your business target.
  • Generate prototypes of the app
  • Fix Schedule for project’s work

After that an app development company will offer, you a more accurate price estimate for the project.

Therefore you have also choice to check other app development company rate. if you desire.

Hence discovery stage is main hurdle.

Then check if you are satisfied with the app development company’s work,price and communication.

Then it’s much in safer position to go for app development with them.

App development is really complex process. So it’s best to spend some amount of time.

before shopping the right app development company.

But you are not able to check every company and do the research.

Therefore i am providing here top three company list. which you can check and refer your project.

Tip #5: 3 top app development companies

Why they are best for mobile app development ? well these companies are fully IT sector companies.

And 100% passionate about challenging mobile app development project.

With well experienced professional team.

As well as recognized for making apps for businesses that lead to great innovation.

They are also specialize in custom and cross-platform mobile app development.

Apart from creating Android and iOS apps.

And provide best client support. If your are planing for mobile app development companies.

Then check and offer your project to these companies.

  1. consagous
  2. envative
  3. seasiainfotech

These companies are providing regular, Mobile app development training to their developer.

Because they are developing best quality mobile app in the market.

And provide their employee best mobile app development salary out of the market.

And winning many customer satisfaction around the world.

Tip #6: Free mobile app development companies

This is time of smartphone, Everything is available on finger tip.

Do you know the fact of mobile app ?

Here is real fact :

Due to using application by people, mobile app development companies are earning million of dollar every month.

So you can’t create your own application Free, and start thousands of dollar earning every month.

Just by uploading your app on play stores.

So many of you have desire for app development.

But you think can i make my own app FREE ?

Is there any website platform ?

Where you are able to make your mobile application FREE.

then answer is absolutely YES.

Because in this tip, i am going to explain, how you can make your own app free ?

And the best part is that, you can make all types of application here FREE.

#For example :

  • Food order App
  • Shopping
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Business
  • Fitness
  • Finance
  • Real estate
  • website

And many other option is available for your choice.

you can do it, Without any coding knowledge.

Just in very simple way right now.

you know there are many app builder website.

But this website is number one for app making.

Due to its more uses and value of money.

For example many top companies like Nike, Sodexo, Accenture, Loreal, Southwest, Deloitte.

And many more are using its app.

If you want to develop your own mobile application FREE.

Then go ahead to learn, how you are going to create your app free of cost.

Tip #7: How to create mobile application without coding FREE ?

  • Just go to website appypie
  • Click on get started

#Follow this steps :

Here a window will appear in front of you.

So first you need to fill your app name.

After that you have to select, your categories name from below given list with icon.

You can also change here preview according to you requirement, like iPhone, Android and windows.

And then click on next button.

you will see a new small window, here enter your Facebook username page simply or can skip.

Then click next button. Then choose your app design.

How it’ll look on real mobile device. So select your layout here.

And click on next button.

Now here you have to do some little work according to your business.

Here you can add different pages for your professional app requirement.

By default some page option is already included.

#For example :

About us, now you are able to edit that page, just click on that page and do editing and customize it.

There are also some more options available, like login page.

which you can add and enable this feature.

As well as you can delete any feature and pages.

How you will add some extra features in your app ?

Just click on plus icon button and add new features, you want to add.

#For example :

Dictionary, store, eCommerce, social media, live chat, map and many more.

It’s as simple just click and add.

Even you are able to live preview, how your app is looking ?

There are also more setting, where you can upload your own logo and custom design.

Now if your app is finally ready.

Then click on save and continue button.

Here you need to signup and logging using you email id.

After that you have to choose your plan.

You are able to select free or premium plan. So click on free plan.

Now your app building process is started.

Therefor wait for 10 minute during this your app is ready.

Hence your application is finally ready for download.

Then for downloading just use QR code or with link code.

Because you know, if you are an unknown source, and downloading application.

Then you have to enable unknown source code in your Android phone.

Now here Dashboard is available.

you are able to see all features included in your app, even you can change it anytime in future.

If you desire to make any changes. Now you go and check your application in your mobile.

well it’s very cool for mobile app development free.

Now upload this app on Google play store and start earning money .

Conclusion :

  • Check all this tip, before assign your project to any company.
  • Using this tip you are sure to find right development company, for your project without fail @low price rate.
  • Try to offer your project onshore company.
  • If your app user volume is large, then go for Hybrid app.
  • Make your Professional App FREE
  • Comment which tip are you going to try first ?

I hope you enjoy learning, 3 top Mobile App Development Companies Review. If this post is helpful for you then like, share and comment. otherwise dislike. Ask me if any doubt, i am always here for your support. thanks for sharing.

How to do Mobile App Development in 2019

In this post i’m going to break down EVERYTHING, you need to know about mobile app development.

  1. What is mobile app development ?
  2. Why Mobile app development is best carrier choice ?
  3. Why do you want to become a mobile app developer ?
  4. What is mobile app development platform ?
  5. How to create a mobile app ?
  6. How to use mobile app software SDK ?
  7. How to use Google Android studio ?
  8. Which programming language is use for mobile app development ?
  9. How to launch mobile app ?
  10. How to make your mobile app popular ?
  11. How to earn money with mobile app ?
  12. How much money you need to invest for mobile app launch ?

Now are you ready to learn about Mobile App development ? if yes,

then you are going to learn the best part of mobile app right now keep reading.

How can I create mobile applications?

It is Easy to create mobile application, first you need a good idea for mobile application, which is useful for people, then select one platform On which you want to develop, from any of these ioS, Android & Windows. after that develop your application, and launch on app store. If you want how to do this, then keep reading this post.

How much does it cost to build an app?

It depend upon the platform on which you want to develop your app for example apple ioS $99 per year , Android studio $25 one time payment and Windows $19 one time payment. if you want to know when and how to pay, then continue reading this post complete.

Which programming language is best for app development?

This is also dependent on platform, Such that if you want to develop your app on ios then you need to use Objective C & Swift programming language. And for Android studio Java & XAML is required. Now for Windows HTML, CSS & XML programming. But Java is best, if you want to know, why Java programming language is best, then keep reading ahead.

Step 1:

What is Mobile App Development ?

Smartphones and tablets are the most important device for human today. Mobile has made its place in every pocket, due to its features and functionality.

Because peoples are using mobile for businesses as well as entertainment. So most of the time people are spending on mobile. And this is the main reason,

Why mobile is near and dear for everybody right now ?

Because as per mobile popularity and demand is increasing in the market. its functionality is enhancing day by day. With the help of mobile application development.

Hence mobile new application feature is attracting more peoples towards mobile device. And this is the best solution, for online your businesses around the world on finger tip.

So Mobile app development is becoming more and more popular among the people. Because it is providing your business online platform in minimum cost budget.

Mobile app development main root is from traditional software development. But it is only for mobile technology device.

Step 2:

Mobile Application development is best carrier choice

I hope you are agree with me. Virtually everyone today has a smart phone in their pocket. Do you know ? How do people spend time on their mobile ?

wonderful result, 90% of time on mobile is spent in Apps only. So there’s a amazing opportunity, for you in mobile application development field.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go back to school to do this. Because there’s a online tools and software, and which is also free.

through which you are able to do, mobile application development easily. But there’s a catch, for mobile app development.

So you must know this important point, before doing mobile app development. Therefore if you want to develop a good mobile app,

Then first you need a good idea and creativity, for mobile app development. And apart from learning programming language, you should have awareness about current market trending.

For Example :

Which types of app is running in the market, as well as which mobile app people are downloading more.

Suppose if Song and Whatsapp is already available in the market. then why you will develop this type of app. So it is necessary that, your app idea must be unique.

and problem solver. Such that your app solve people problems. Then definitely your app will run and earn in the market.

You can check this app idea, and how much earning right now.

Mobile tracker Free this is best app free.

Step 3:

why do you want to become a mobile app developer ?

Well you are probably aware of, how popular mobile apps are today. And how easily people are earning from mobile app development.

But just see, how many apps are available right now.

For example You can refer this free app for location trace Cell phone location.

Google Play > number of apps 3,000,000

Apple App Store > 2,500,000 Apps

Windows store > 1,000,000 application

Amazon App Store > 800,000

BlackBerry World > 500,000

Now don’t be afraid by the number of apps available across different platforms. But sure you’ll have some competition.

And most of these are likely not be in your industry. So you not need to worry about competing against those.

But it’s important that, you have a clear goal and good idea before, you become a mobile app developer.

Here are few common chances, why do you want to become a mobile app developer.

  • You want to establish your own startup company.
  • You’re trying to be a freelancer for mobile app development to earn money.
  • If You are a business owner, but does’t have funds to outsource your business mobile app development.

For example :

you have a big idea, and want to be next snap-chat or Instagram. If you think like that, then i really admire your high ambition.

This is not an easy route, but possible if your dream is your passion. And definitely you’re successful, It’s potentially most profitable business right now.

So you need to learn how to do everything from scratch. Therefore learn here everything step-by-step. And the best part is majority of mobile application is free.

Step 4:

Which is best mobile app development platform ?

Now you have decided your app idea. So on which platform, you’ll develop your app. Because there are mainly three mobile app development platform.

which is called cross platform mobile app development.

  1. ioS (Apple) > If you want to earn more money from your app, then you should choose ioS app. Because in Android more apps are uploaded regularly,

And hence more piracy in Android. But ioS is more strict regulations. ioS check many things strictly before uploading any app in ioS store.

Because ioS user check many things before downloading any app. So there is more profit margin.

Now you can’t develop ios app on your PC. You need a mac book or imacro, which is product of apple.

2 . Android > If you want to make your app more popular, and provide user to free. Then select Android platform. Also if you want to earn money through advertisement.

Therefore provide user free download app, and monetize ads on your app to earn money. Hence become popular among user.

And this is also a good idea, because in starting if you provide paid app, then more user will not download. So in startup if your app is free,

then after popular you can make it paid app.

3 . Windows > If any good idea app is already published, on ioS & Android, then you can develop it for windows phone.

Because many user are migrating from ioS & Android to windows, user strength of windows is also increasing day by day.

Step 5:

How to create mobile app ?

Now you have selected platform, then next step is, how to design and development of mobile app. So if you want to create mobile app on ioS platform.

Then you can use XCode (IDE) interface builder to use ready-made templates. So that you can follow a consistency for ioS platform for mobile app development.

Now if you want to create mobile app on Android platform. Then you can visit Android site . where you will get online guideline,

where you will get online guideline,

tutorials, fonts, color, styles, control and libraries functions. So you will get here all information on Android platform about mobile app development.

Now for windows platform, you visit Windows site for mobile app development. Here you will get information like,

Elements, navigation, pattern, layouts, templates and control.

Step 6:

How to use mobile app software ?

Well now you have decided platform and design, then how you will start to develop your own mobile app. So for this very first,

you have to register yourself, as a developer on that platform, which you have already selected for mobile app development.

Because you are able to use that platform SDK (software development kit).

# Example :

ioS platform, you have to got to apple official website, Apple and register yourself as a developer in account section.

As soon as you register after that you are able to download ioS Xcode SDK. Now if i talk about programming language, then you can use objective C or Swift

language to develop your mobile app. On Apple developer website, you can find many tools, tutorials,technique and library functions.

And with the help of ioS simulator, you are able to testing your mobile app. Then next, if your mobile app is fully developed,

after that to lunch your own developed app, you have to pay $99 to apple each year.

Step 7:

Google android app development software

Now if you want to develop your app on Android platform. then you have to register on Google official website, Google

and then download Android studio from official website Android studio

If you are not comfortable with Android studio, then you can use eclipse IDE. This is also popular and many developer use eclipse IDE.

Now for your app testing, you can use Android Emulator. In Android studio, you will get all interface like, interface designing, code editor and debugging.

After that if you want to lunch Google app, then you have to pay $25 to Google one time payment.

Now for windows platform, you desire to develop your own app.

then you need to register on official website of windows Microsoft . And this registration is free.

So by using windows SDK and Microsoft universal windows platform (UWP), you can easily develop your own mobile app.

Now for programming language, you can use C++, HTML, CSS and XAML. and Visual studio is already integrated in windows SDK by default.

Hence to lunch your app on windows platform, then you are required to pay $19, one time payment to Microsoft for individual. and $99 one time payment for organization.

Step 8:

which programming language are use for mobile app ?

It’s time for you to know, which programming language is required to develop, mobile application for different platform.

Now if your object oriented programming system (OOPs) concept is clear, then you can easily develop your own mobile app.

As i discussed above first you need to select platform, On which you want to develop your mobile app.

#Example :

  1. ioS platform (Objective C & Swift) programming language is uses.

2. Android platform (Java & XML) software programming language is use for mobile app development.

3. Windows platform (HTML, CSS & XAML) software is run for mobile app development.

Whenever your app is finally developed, then it’s important to do real device mobile app testing for your app.

you can also test on emulator, but always do testing on real device, Because you are able to see the clear performance of app on real device.

So it’s essential to check app performance, on real device before launching.

Step 9:

How to launch mobile app ?

Cool you have done app testing on real device, and it’s perfectly working fine, now this is time for app launching.

So for this, first you need to submit your app for approval, to app store whatever platform you have chosen.

Now you can get your app approval fast or it can take some time. It depend upon terms and condition for publishing, like no malicious code, clean syntax is used.

As well as debugging free, So if you care on this part, then you’ll definitely get fast approval.

As soon as you get approval, then your app is launched. Well what’s next, keep reading.

Step 10:

How to make your mobile app popular ?

Well done your app is launched on app store. Now your work is not over here, think what can you do, to make it successful.

Do you know everyday many app developer upload their app on store. So it’s very important that your app should be discoverable.

Such that whenever your user search your app, then find this easily in store.

and this’s only possible, if you mention in your app its proper keyword, title and description.

Even you can tie-up with any advertisement network to promote your app ads. Also don’t avoid user comments and suggestions.

Reply every user comments & suggestions.

And target the particular audience. As well as promote on social media like, Facebook, twitter, Instagram & Printrest.

So that you can get fast popularity. Keep reading for next great point.

Step 11

How to earn with Free or Paid App ?

It’s also very important, how you’ll provide this app to user free or paid. This is totally dependent upon you, but a good idea is necessary.

Which will help your app famous among the user and more revenue profit. So for this if your app is having unique idea,

then you can provide user to download only one time payment. Or if you feel your app will slowly grow, then in this case you can provide free app download

to user, and place ads inside the app, and can earn money with advertisement.

Other option is Freemium, if your app is addictive, in this case user will get free app, but after certain level and other features user will pay money.

So you can use this types of concept and decide yourself, which option is better for your application as well as revenue profit.

Therefore this is the all Information, if you are planning for mobile app development.

I hope you enjoy learning Mobile App Development (Best Guide Step-by-Step). If you feel this post is helpful for you, then like, comment and share on social media. Otherwise dislike, you are having any doubt, ask me always here for your support. thanks for sharing this post.

Track a Cell Phone Location For Free Mind-Blowing

Track a cell phone location for free, any mobile is possible for general people. But how it’s possible, See to be honestly any mobile location tracking is not simple and easy, for general public due to security reason.

I will explain in details here, don’t worry. But still there is only one right method, through which you are able to find, the location for any mobile number.

And this is only for you knowledge, So don’t try to misuse this.

Here i am going to provide you step-by-step guide, such that how to find someones location using their cell phone number.

And you will know here, What is the fact how to track a cell phone location without them knowing

As well as people having many misconception about phone location tracking. So do you want to know ? What’s the real story behind it ? keep reading.

How to track a cell phone location for free live ?

Well very first i like to fairly clear your doubt, to track the any location is impossible for general public.

So only the police and Government agencies of that particular country can trace the any location. Rest anyone can’t trace any location.

But still i am sharing you, some method and step through which, you are able to reach near the live location. Hence except this method, there is no any alternate option, through which you can reach near to anyone live location.

Now why can’t general public trace anyone live location ? Well think yourself, Why does this matter ?

Suppose If a person is able to trace easily any other man location. Then security of that country is in danger. So location tracking is illegal.

Therefore ordinary people can only track location to some extent. So up to what extent, you are capable to trace. Just i am about to explain here.

Just keep reading, how to track a Cell Phone Location For Free.

How to find someones location using their cell phone number ?

To trace anyone location to the some extent with mobile number is easy, with the help of two great App.

So first you need to install these two App in your mobile phone. Then you are able to reach out, near the live location of anyone.

But there’s a catch. How you will reach ? near the live location by using these App. And this application is available in Google Play store.

So for this catch, continue reading. So why you are waiting go and download today. and use this feature to trace location simple and quick.

Best Application for location trace

  1. IP logger

First go to play store and search for Ip logger. Then you will find there, “Ip logger URL shortner”. Then install this application in your mobile. Refer the snap below.

2 IP Location

Now again search for other App in play store. Then you find ip location app, install this app in your mobile see the snap below.

After both the application is successfully installed in your mobile, then first open Ip logger app. And accept disclaimer.

You are using first time, so you need to create account before use this app. To make your account simply fill your email id and password only. See the image below.

No need to create account in Ip location app. It is open simply, here you only need to check Ip based information.

This is the best process to track a Cell Phone Location For Free.

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing ?

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing is easy But some catch’s here. So i am describing step-by-step, follow this simple step and you are able to trace live location.

# Follow this Steps :

  • First open chrome browser or UC browser any.
  • Through browser Search any funny or attractive picture (Attention choose best picture, eye catching so that anyone can click easily)
  • Select any best photo.
  • Tap few second on selected image, then page info will shown. Now click on page info, and copy link URL.
  • Open Ip logger, and go to image URL option open it. Paste image selected url, After that click on create, it will create short url.
  • Copy logger url
  • Share logger url to whom you want to trace location, through Whatsapp, Facebook, message, the important part is that he has to click on that url. So for that use power word. like very funny picture, breaking news, write some temptation message. So that it is click quickly.
  • If your shared image is click, then it will show in your Ip logger records. Then click on records, after that ip and location of clicker will appear on screen. again click on ip to Copy ip address of clicker.
  • Open Ip location application, and click on lens icon, then ip location window is open, now paste ip here. and then click on OK button.
  • Now you are able to see live location of that person, which has clicked on your shared image. Hence all information is available here you can see. look like below image.

This is the best part of this app, track a Cell Phone Location For Free with ip address.

How to trace mobile number current location online

How to trace mobile number current location online ? is totally based upon the ip address in this case. But if person is not online, then you are not able to trace him.

or if the person is again on, off his mobile and then connect with internet. So in this case his ip address is also change. Hence again you are not able to trace the accurate location.

Here even you are able to see GPS lat and long of that man in the above picture.

So to find location of that person, there are two ways through which you can reach out to that location.

1 click on Google map icon, it will show you location.

2 If you want to see, how far distance is that person from your location. then click on icon near google map. Which will show current distance.

Even you can see satellite view. how to reach there by road ? just zoom the satellite view, then you are able to see the clear location of that person.

So he is not knowing, and you are tracing him. Hence “track a cell phone location without them knowing” is done.

But unless the shared image is not clicked, you will not get the ip address of that person and are not able to trace.

Therefore i hope you understand it well step-by-step guide, and now you are intelligent to trace any location right now.

Through this process, you are even able to find out distance between you and target device for, tracking a Cell Phone Location For Free.

# Now this is time for great explanation about ip. Think what you have done here ?

what is Ip address ? Who provide this Ip address ? How important is ip address ?

with the help of Ip address, you are intelligent to trace any location. So As i promise you to explain in details.

What’s story behind it, keep reading to know misconception.

What is my ip mind-blowing ?

Well how police trace your real time location, from mobile number and Ip address.

If you are using internet, watching video on YouTube or accessing any website then don’t forget, you are under location tracking.

Because a Ip is allotted to you for internet access.

And do you know ? with this ip address can be reach to your home location. Even your real time location is find out.

So first you must understand “what is my ip meaning ?

Well Ip address is just like your car or bike.

But there is a difference your car or bike is always in your control. whereas Ip address is not in your control.

It is control by your telecom service provider operator company. But basic function is almost same. Let me compare the both function.

Just think when you want to purchase a car. What is requirement to buy a car ?

1 you have to pay money.

2 you are to provide your identification and address proof documents. Because if you do anything wrong in future, by car then can reach out to you easily.

Then car dealer provide you a car with a number. such that your id and address is capture in your car number.

And now you are free to move by car anywhere using fuel.

Now in similar way. When you want to use internet, then your service provider check your account balance for data use, and you have already taken the SIM before, with providing your id proof document.

So they have already your address and id proof.

After that they allot you a Ip number to access internet.

Here fuel is your network coverage area. just like car if no fuel, then you are not able to move.

So same as if you are not in coverage network area. you can’t access internet or any website.

If you want to know more about internet click link, What is Internet

# The best story is not end here. Because it is just start keep reading.

what is my local ip address simple meaning ?

When you want to connect with Internet, then your internet service provider (ISP), assign you a ip number, which is also called your local Ip address.

Now through this ip address you are able to connect any website worldwide.

But do you know ? when you access any website, then those website know all details about you.

Like what is you ip address, who are you ? from where you are accessing, as well as which device you are accessing website.

Hence as many website you access, all website get your complete information with date and time. In technical term IP is called (Internet protocol).

So all the communication on internet is based upon the Ip address in the network.

Therefore no one knows, what is your computer name or mobile number.

On network communication does’t care about name and number. But only consider ip address for communication.

So on internet as many devices are connected. Examples watch, Tv, laptop, mobile and many more all are assigned ip address.

This ip is important because it’s actually using to Track a Cell Phone Location For Free.

Who provide my IP address ?

Your ip address is provided by your’s service provider.

But they are not IP address maker, Because service provider get this Ip address from an authority.

And this is Internet assigned number authority (iana ).

which allot the all IP addresses worldwide. So this authority manages all ip addresses in the world.

And knows which ip address is allotted to whom. Hence iana has divided ip address according to global region wise.

# Example :

for Asia continent (APNIC), So Airtel, JIO, Vodafone in India has got IP address from (APNIC) in bunch, like one crore IP addresses.

Then these telecom companies distribute these ip addresses in its local region. that is why, you are good to Track a Cell Phone Location For Free.

Now if you want to check your ip address, Because you are using internet, So before connect to internet your service provider assign you a ip address.

Then just search in google “what is my ip”

you will see a ip number on your screen, and that is your ip assigned by your service provider (ISP).

Therefore at that time, you are using this ip and can be track, if you are doing something wrong.

Remember this ip is dynamic, it is not fixed ip, whenever you will on, off or disconnect, you will get different ip address, Which is check by your service provider, and assign to you whatever is available or free in that particular area.

How my ip address location is manage ?

All Service providers pay money for each ip address.

Suppose Airtel has only 100 IP address, But his customer is 200.

then how it’s manage, well they know that at a time 200 customer, will not be available on internet.

So whenever you off your internet connection, Or not using, then your Ip address is allotted to other person.

But they maintain log file at what time, which ip is allotted to whom for how much duration.

Therefore all this information is capture in log file, which is handle by operator companies.

# But think what will happen, if 200 customer is available on internet at same time.

Boom Airtel server will down, and display message like secure connection is failed.

Or they can off internet for some time, So that some people will go back. and as many ip is available again people will connect.

How Police and Government agencies trace with IP address tracker ?

Well anyone can’t find real time location for any other person with ip address.

Because Ip address is also dynamic, it is moving. One ip is allotted to many person even within a hour. If you want to know more about IP, then click on link what is IP Address.

So it is clear that with the help of IP address, You can’t find real time accurate location.

Now Police and government agencies has direct connection with ISP.

And if they want to trace any mobile number, then put that number on surveillance.

If mobile is on then it is connected to near base station tower (BTS) in real time.

And hence it is easily trace with mobile number, from which tower BTS this mobile number is currently connected. So in this way real time location is trace.

You are under Government and agency Tracking

If you are using mobile or Internet then be careful always.

Because in case you are doing something wrong, then using your ip address, You can be trace out and possible to reach your home location.

So don’t do anything wrong be safe and secure from government and agency.

If you are not doing anything wrong, then you will not be under trace.

So whatever you are doing online, just do it in the correct way to be safe and secure yourself.

I hope you enjoy learning Track a Cell Phone Location For Free Mind-Blowing. If you feel this post is helpful for you, then like, comment and share in social media, otherwise dislike. Your are having any doubt in app and ip logger, then ask me i am always here for your support. Thanks for sharing.