What is 5G Technology Concept ? | And Why 5G Network is Required ?

what is 5G Technology concept is topic for today.

So i’m going to explain EVERYTHING you need to know about 5G Technology.

Because you know this’s the next generation of mobile technology.

Where you’re going to experience something new in this technology.

Because it’s not just the technology for your mobile only. It’s going to change your life daily experiences.

So 5G technology is more than normal mobile uses, which you’re using currently.

So are you ready to know what’s new in this technology keep reading.

What is 5G Technology ?   

If i talk at basic level, then 5G is “new generation of mobile technology”. 

It’s concentrated of course in delivering data and voice with high speed.

But it does so in a slightly different way, that actually not allow us to provide a better speed.

So you’ll have much FASTER data speed you have currently with 4G.  

The best part of 5G aspect is “Reducing Latency”, don’t worry you’ll understand what’s latency keep reading. 

So,  “Latency is the amount of time a set of data takes to go from point A to point B.”

As 5G technology promises for much higher data speed, much larger capacity, and much lower latency.

So you can just think, how FAST does the network react to things.

The reason is that it promises many things are around it, at least to bring a new application in the market. 

Which you’re not using right now. This’s powerful promises by 5G Technology.

So lets see, what’s 5G going to bring us .

Now i hope you got about what is 5G technology concept. Am i right or wrong. 

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How Fast is 5G ?

If you want to know the maximum speed, which is observing in field during testing right now, is around 1.5 gigabits per second.  

But if you look into theoretical  limits, where industry is working towards, They’re expecting to get up to 10 gigabits per second. 

So you can imagine just for now 5G is instantaneous.

How will 5G impact our lives beyond the cell phones ?

Well, just think about how many devices have in your home right now.

#For Example:

AC, Refrigerator, door sensor, TV, Washing machine, smart thermostats, speakers and many more. 

So they all  use Wi-Fi currently , what 5G technology is promising is forget Wi-Fi, just use 5G.

 Everything is connected, and it’s all wireless, obviously the network still installs power.

But the base stations of the home might be a thing of the past.

Because Outside of the home, “the scale is much broader.

So you can just imagine a future, it may be five years from now where, every Tesla has 5G and every Mercedes has 5G. 

And the best story is that,  they talk to each other, It REALLY matter YES or NO.

Because there’s no any sensor rely right now in the car. 

And 5G has ability to relay on the communication.

Because the communication is very fast and can send large amounts of data.

So one of the biggest differences that 5G technology is going to bring to the new future.

Because it’s not going to focus only on cell phones.  As i told you in the above paragraph .

But it’s going to be connecting all things as well together.

So 5G is the first mobile-access technology that was born to enable IoT (Internet of Things) from the beginning.

Because the IoT is the interconnection of everyday devices through the internet.

And the best part, which allows them to communicate with each other independently. 

So IoT technology has also caused a lot of excitement for, how it can be implemented in the creation of so-called Smart Cities.

Where data shared between all the devices throughout the city. It’ll great improvement in efficiency everything from transport to power.

So in coming future, 5G  capability being available in all kinds of devices it’s prediction right now. But in progress.

Now i hope you’ll AGREE, If i say, 5G is much beyond simply phones or the traditional devices.   

So specially you’ll see the new changes in healthcare industry as well as in education system. 

This technology is going to be widely use. 

Because you can push training calls to anywhere in the world, and the student or employees that are being trained by using VR and AR devices. 

And they’ll feel the same experience,  they were inside the classroom. 

So 5G technology is bringing a lot of new knowledge for you, also need to train people FAST to use this great 5G features. 

Is 5G be more expensive ?

Well, it can not be predicted right now, all these things are regulated by the market.

But hope it’ll not much more 4G packages you’re using right now by service providers 

So it may be first time you’ll have  to pay premium for two or three years, and after that it’ll be cheaper.  

Now it’s expecting to launch commercially in the market end of the year 2020.

It’s just prediction, it’s still going to continue to evolve and expand “throughout 2021, 2022 and so on. 

But why it’s taking long time for implementation on ground. 

There’s a reason that Apple’s newest phone, the iPhone 11, which came out last month, doesn’t have 5G capabilities.

Even customers are not ready to takeaway. 

Because 5G technology is new. Which will work on 5G Network architecture.

But you will have to use 5G mobile, which is still not ready.

Why 5G Network is Required ?


5G network reduce latency and make fast connectivity. Now understand What is latency ? 

Well it is also called response time. let me explain. When you type any website address like www.physicseasytips.com on any browser.

Then it reaches at hosting server. And then Server response back to browser. This is called latency and response time.

Hence in 4G network its value is 0.045 second. But in 5G network it will be 0.001 second.

So you can think how fast 5G network will connect.In other words no delay. Then what is advantage of this. Why you want 5G Technology ?

Well Think about the autonomous car, Which is using internet connection.

If any delay happens, then car will take turn causes accident. Take another example alarm.

Suppose thief inter in the bank but alarm is delayed .Till then thief will run away.

So in world of internet latency is very important. I hope you got, What is 5G Technology Concept  importance ?

What is 5G Network frequency ?

Well before going to discuss 5G frequency. First i would like to explain about infrastructure.

Because 5G network infrastructure is very complex. You will ask why ? Then my answer is due to its frequency.

Do you know ? What infrastructure uses in 4G network. Well all telecom company uses its existing 3G tower infrastructure with some up gradation version.

But this is not the same with 5G Network. So all telecom company will require to setup new infrastructure for 5G Network.

Hence it will take time to use 5G network. See in 3G and 4G Technology spectrum frequency is use 3KHz to 6GHz.

But 5G Network spectrum frequency will operate 30GHz to 300GHz. Which is available. 

So all telecom company are demanding this spectrum to use for 5G Technology from Government.

What is advantage of 5G Network ?

What is happening in 5G Technology ? Just increasing spectrum frequency.

So remember important point, if you increase frequency, there is one advantage and one disadvantage. And it is very natural.

Advantages : More data will transfer fast together because bandwidth is wide. Antenna size will be very very small.

Because antenna size depend upon wavelength.And which is Antenna size = (wavelength)/4 .

So in 5G Technology wavelength is in Millimeter.Hence 5G Technology is called Millimeter Wave. 

Therefore 5G mobile will have many antenna. Which will provide you best signal strength.

And 5G Network will not required tall tower. Because its signal range is short.

So you can deploy on small pole and can provide network inside tall building, malls, basement.

And you can easily reuse the frequency to adjacent cells.

What is  disadvantage of 5G Network ?

Disadvantages : Signals does not travel long distance Because wavelength is very very small.

Even if rain drop can destroy the signals. So it will only travel upto 300m range.

Hence you have to deploy, many base station after every 300m distance.

So that it can communicate easily with each other. And due to this reason many new technology is coming.

Why this is new Technology ?

As i have discussed 5G Technology disadvantages. So to handle such problems new technology is required.

Which are given below. These all are evolving and part of 5G Technology.

  1. Millimeter waves : Using high frequency spectrum 30GHz to 300GHz.
  2. Small Cell : Luckily i am handling this project. This is also use for the short range signal within 100m. location Hotel, Hospital, Malls, Basement.

Massive MIMO : Multiple input and multiple output. To send and receive maximum data.

  1. Beamforming : This technology is also called twinbeam. Directed signals in a particular area.
  2. Full Duplex : Two channel uses and both way communication together.


Technology is human imagination, which create opportunities for people. And shape the better future to overcome with new challenges. So 5G technology is gift for you. I hope you enjoyed learning about what is 5G technology new innovations.  If you want to learn more posts about Telecom. Then you can refer my previous post given below link. So that you can better understand “What is 5G Technology Concept”. Different from 4G and 3G. If this article is helpful for you, then comment share and like otherwise dislike. Thanks for sharing this post on social media.  

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