Free Internet Speed Test For Your Phone And Desktop Online

Today i’m going to show you,  how you can do free internet speed test for your phone and desktop online 

Because most of the time you face internet speed challenges with your service provider.

But you don’t know EXACTLY, how much you’re getting internet speed right now.

And your internet service provider (SIM operator company) make you fool always about internet speed.

Because you’ve no any proof of internet speed test data.

So using this free internet speed test technique, you can check anytime your internet speed of mobile device.

And fight with your service provider for better your internet speed immediately.

So let’s dive in right now.

Free Internet Speed Test Online Mobile Device Today

In fact before going into internet speed test first you need to know what is internet speed test ?

So walk along with me and come to know what’s actual meaning of internet speed.

And then you’ll go for internet speed test. It’s okay,

Now let me explain the true meaning of internet speed right now.

So Internet speed refers to that speed, Which data or content travels from the world wide web to your home computer, tablets or smartphone.

But the speed of this data is measured in Megabits per second (Mbps).

And One Megabitis equal to 1024 kilobits.

Now you may be thinking how 1Mbps is equal 1024 kilobits ?

So your question can be, Why is it 1024 KB in a MB?,

Why is 1kb equal to 1024 bytes? Is a KB 1000 or 1024?

Well, it’s simple 1 Megabyte is equal to 1000 kilobytes in (decimal) SI system.

Difference Megabit And Kilobit

Because human used decimal number system 0 to 9 counting number.

But in binary system 1 Megabyte is equal to 1024 kilobytes (binary) system.

Because computer used binary number system 0 or 1 for digital communication.

If you want to know how decimal to binary number is converted.

Then check out this link how to convert decimal to binary system

So when you’ll calculate the value of 1000 in binary system base value as 2, then 1000 becomes 1024.

And One Megabitis becomes 1024 kilobits. I hope your doubt is clear now, YES or NO.

A megabit is a unit of measurement for data size. Which’s used for data transfer.

Also It takes eight megabits to make a megabyte.

And Megabits (Mb) and megabytes (MB) sound identical. But don’t confused they’re not same.

Because Megabits are expressed as Mb or Mbit when talking about digital storage.

Or Mbps (megabits per second) in the context of data transfer rates. All of these are expressed with a lowercase ‘b.’

There Are 8 Bits in Each Byte.

So a bit is a binary digit or small unit of computerized data.

Because a bit is really, really smaller than the size of a single character in an email.

#For example:

Just think a bit as the same size as a text character. Then a megabit is approximately 1 million typed characters.

I hope you got the meaning of 1 Mbps. which’s approximately 1 million typed characters transfer per second.

Free Internet Speed Test For Mobile Device

There’re many ways to test your internet speed,.

But today i’m going to show you the best method to check your internet speed FREE and FAST.

It’s very simple. And This’s best method to check internet speed of your mobile phone.

Because you can check anytime without any app download.

Whenever you’re unable to download and access any website data, then it’s right time to check your internet speed.

If you want to buy new smartphone link is here for you.


Now you know there’re two parameter in internet speed. Which’re

  • Download speed (Transfer data from web page to your device mobile,laptop,tablet)
  • Upload speed (Data transfer from your device to web page)

So do you want to know ?

how much is your internet speed provided by your service provider right now.

Well, Google recently introduces an easy way to check your internet speed anywhere anytime.

Therefore just follow this easy step. I’m explaining here.

Step 1: Go to Google search engine and type for internet speed test or even you can do voice search.

Internet speed test for mobile

Step 2: At very top of search result, you’ll see the box “Internet speed test“.

But unfortunately the speed test is not available in all reason right now.

So it’s possible you may not see this box.

In the box you’ll get more information about internet speed test.

Because when you start speed test you’re connected to the measurement LAB,.

Which’s partnership new America open TAI, Google open source research, And other supporting partners as well.

Step 3: To begin test select run speed test. So bring that applet and check your download speed first.

And then followed by upload speed. This test is very fast it takes usually 30 second only.

When it’s completed you’ll see your download and upload speed.

It also shows server latency and quickly measure the server response.

As well as the server location.

And below that how your internet connection can handle various tasks including steaming HD video.

Also You’ve option to run again test if you want to.

If you want to know how you can use free Google hosting.

Then check this link Google cloud platform free hosting service

Free Internet Speed Test Frontier Online Devices

This’s another best free popular method to check your internet connection speed by “Ookla”.

So It’s ultimate way to test the speed and performance of your internet connection.

Because every day over ten million of unique users test their internet speed from different locations of the world.

So it’s very trusted and legitimate site for internet speed test.

Therefore you can use Ookla to check your internet connection speed today.

It shows transparency and better network actual performance result to help the users.

So you’re able to monitor your internet connection speed anywhere anytime right now.

And the best part about Ookla, it’s FREE and FAST to check internet speed better way.

Because Ookla has the most comprehensive analytics on worldwide internet performance and accessibility right now.

So trusted customers like ISPs, carriers, businesses, universities and government agencies.

Because of its quality and simplicity.

And Ookla is the original service provider of free online speed test.

As a global leader in internet speed testing.

So with a single click button you’re able to take advantage of Ookla’s free speed test.

And the great part about Ookla’s Speed test is that it offers users the opportunity.

Such as to choose a test server anywhere in the world.

Free internet speed test frontier

Therefore i’ll suggest you to use Ookla. And check your internet connection speed today.


  • Almost Unbiased
  • Global Market Leader speed test
  • Server Option
  • Free Speed Test


  • Ads available

Test My Internet Speed Online Free Today

Whenever you take a new internet connection. Then the first thing you must do is perform an internet speed test.

But generally people have no idea for internet speed test. How they can check internet speed free

or how to perform internet speed test free before taking any new internet connection.

So i’m providing here the best free internet speed test solutions for your phone and desktop.

Because internet speed tests are free online services right now.

Or alternatively you’ve apps that allow you to test the real-time speed of your internet.

But i never suggest to use an app because it may be paid app.

Whenever you’ve free and without app option available, then why go for app.

Actually most of the time you don’t care about your internet speed test unless internet is slow.

But it’s important to test your internet anytime whenever you sign up for a new plan or switch for new internet service provider.

So performing a speed test will indicate your download and upload speed.

And already discussed speed test is generally measured in megabytes per second.

With download speed usually performing much faster than upload speed.

The main reason for this is that most internet services are well optimized for downloading information.

And you often use downloading services such as video watching as well as file downloading.

If your internet goes slow and you’re just about to switch to a new plan.

Then must test your new connection with one of the best speed tests.

Because internet speed test give you an exact signal of the real-time speed of your connection.

Therefore it’ll show you how much bandwidth is available for you right now.

Best Free Internet Speed Test Solution

Well, there’s no need to worry about how to test internet speed free for phone and desktop online .

Because testing is now easy. So just open one free internet speed test and run it.

It’ll quickly tell you the real speed of your internet connection.

So on the basis of this information you can then determine whether you’re getting what you paid for.

Therefore first check your speed and then compare it with your internet service provider advertised for you.

So keep reading to know what’s best free internet speed test today.

And this’s right time to tell you Google Fiber Speed Test is the best speed test from Google. 

So best free internet speed test

You’re able to check here your internet speed free, just click on the above link and check your internet speed.

Do you want to know ? Why Google fiber speed test is best ? Okays

Because one of the original providers of fiber optics around the world.

You know fiber optics are well known for offering some of the fastest speeds due to high bandwidth.

But most of the people rely on wireless connections only to power their internet connections. See the image below.

So you should know Google Fiber Speed Test can be used to test any internet speed.

This’s completely user friendly and clean free from cluttered ads.

And it’s REALLY good gift from Google to users as they expect from Google.

It’s so simple users are directed to click on play button only to execute speed test.

As soon as you’ll click on the play button test begin.

And result quickly appear in the speedometer in the middle of the screen.

Free internet speed test Google

And Google also provide a link to learn more about internet speed test in general.

#For example:

What affects internet speeds ?

How to improve internet speed ? Improve your Wi-Fi Speeds.

And speed test online free


  • Simple User Friendly Interface
  • No Ads at all
  • Completely free for all


  • Not An Independent Service Provider

Online Free Internet Speed Test Verizon

Verizon Wireless provide a simple speed test to check your connection pace.

Because Verizon Wireless is the largest internet service provider in the United States.

So almost with having 147 million trusted customers.

With so many different customers along with different internet plans.

But this support only United States internet speed test. see the image.

And the best part about Verizon Wireless is that offers a free speed test.

While it’s simple and better for free internet speed test in USA customers service.

Verizon Wireless maintain their public-facing challenges as top internet speed provider.

So users consider Verizon a best internet speed test site.

Just check net speed test online free

Because Verizon’s free speed test is simple to use as well as offers other valuable tips information for users.


  • User Friendly interface
  • Other link resources valuable information
  • Free speed Test


  • Biased origin
  • Large ad space only for Verizon
  • Support US only

So you can check here what’s your internet speed connection through Verizon Wireless.


Here’s video for you step-by-step guide

how you can check your internet speed free  today.

There’re three simple and free method to test your internet connection speed right now.

So watch this video and use how to check your internet speed for phone and desktop today.


Testing your internet speed regularly is the best defense against internet service providers. Because this way you’re sure that what exactly speed you’re getting right now. And what you’re paying for the same. So if this article is helpful for you like, comments and share on social media. I hope you enjoyed knowing about free internet speed test solutions for your phone and desktop. If you’ve any doubt ask me always here for your support.  But how you can support me, share this article on social media. Thanks for being with me.

Find My phone Android Without App Free In Emergency (New Technique)

Find my phone android without app free is REALLY very Easy. So how you’ll track your phone FAST and FREE.

Today I’m going to Explain step-by-step process to find my phone android without app free in this article.

Because If your phone is lose, and you’ve not installed any app, but want to track you phone without any app.

Then you’re able to track your phone immediately using this tips and trick. So Do you want to know, how to find my phone android ?

Without installing any app. YES you’can track your lost phone anywhere and anytime. It’s so simple.

So let’s dive in right now.

#Tip 1: Find My phone Android Without App In Emergency case.

Your best bet android device is Google’s Android device manager. Which is pre-installed on all android 2.2 and newer devices.

So even your device is OLD, no matter it’ll search through GPS location. Because it has ability to track your device location.

But it required permission first, so allow the permission, After that it’ll show your device on Google map location.

Then you’re able to do the following activity on your mobile remotely though your laptop or other devices.

  • Play Sound (Device will ring for 5 minute, even it’s in silent mode)
  • Secure Device ( Lock your device and sign out from Google account, You can locate the device still it’s locked)
  • Erase Device ( You’re able to delete all data from device, but once your device is erased, you can not locate it)

Check out where’ my phone android through Google Android device manager.

It’s simple and free to trace your android phone quickly.

[faq title=”FAQ – frequently asked questions” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How can I find my lost Android phone for free?
” number=”1″]It’s simple installed Google Find My Device Free, This’s very powerful application to track your device current location on map fast. And even you can send message, ring along with your contact number attached, and also able to operate remotely to lock and secure your device as well.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How can I find my lost Android phone without an app?
” number=”2″]Find your lost android phone without an app is simple. By using Google’s Android Device Manager,which’s pre-installed on all Android phone as well as newer devices today. Even you can also take help from Google location history if it’s enabled in your phone.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Can you track a phone without service?
” number=”3″]See without a SIM your cell phone will not normally connected with near by base station tower. So it’ll not transmit or receive data. but if you make an emergency call, then it’ll identify itself connected with the near cell tower And send its IMEI number. So in this case using radio signal it can be know physical location of your phone.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How can I track a phone by its number?
” number=”4″]Well to get real time location of any phone. IMEI & GPS call trackers is used to track the physical location of a phone. Some apps and GPS tracker are available to track it well. If the phone it not connected to internet, then you can see its last location, where it is switch off.[/faq_item][/faq]

#Tip 2: Find My Phone For Android by Google Find My Device Free

This App is Amazing provided by Google free, It’s very powerful app to find your android phone location quickly.

So the features available in this app is quite better comparison to other paid app.

Because help you to easily locate your lost phone immediately. You’re able to ring it remotely,

Such as where’s your phone right now in case of missing inside home. It’ll ring for almost 5 minute to trace your android phone through laptop or any other devices.

Even you’re capable to see the map view on Google, where’s current location of the android device as well.

If mobile is switched off and current location is not available, then it’ll show you last know location, where it was switched off.

Because it catches every movement data and keep it for history file to show, whenever it’s required.

So this app does exactly the same, what it says and without any issues. And this’s best part of this app to find my phone for android app.

Because many time i have left my phone somewhere else, and it help me to find quickly without any issue.

Even allow to fast login in device and secure the phone data as well as recover data without issue.

So you MUST have to installed this app in your phone for emergency case help. Hence I highly recommend to all use this app utility is REALLY priceless.

This app allow you to send message and contact number with name attached.

So using this features you’ll contact where you have left your phone and can get back in your hand.

Because the app will told you, where’s your phone right now, and this is magic feature of this app to get it back quickly.

Even you can check the feedback rating of this app is one of the best app.

So you can check out link here for free download, find my phone android google

And see below image how to download and use this app free.

So make your your phone device secure with Google Find My Device. And enjoy this features free of cost as well.

And Apart from this, if you want to track any mobile location without app and knowing them secretly FREE.

Then you can check out this link Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

#Tip 3: The Best Prey Anti-Theft App To Find My Phone Android free (New)

Prey is providing a solution for business all sizes. It has also launches its new product for mobile Prey Anti-Theft App.

Which’s for mobile security, anti-theft, and management solution with geographical location, device & data locking, data recovery.

So prey app is using by many people with trust right now. The main purpose of this app to help out, if your phone goes missing.

Whereas it’s also lightweight app.

And it’s having basic features like finding your phone current location,locking your device real time and setting off an alarm in case of emergency.

So this app has also ability to take picture around it surrounding. And you’ll able to see, where’s your device right now.

And also gather network information to see, where you device has been. So it seems good working for most of the people.

Which’s really matter of excellence. Because it’s not all that is different from the Google’s Find My Phone.

So many function as well backup and history data is also stored in separate file for emergency.

And it’s also free, you can check out here for free download, find my phone android anti-theft app

See the below image, how to download and install.

#What’s new features:

  • The logic of permission to access device resources requests for example camera, phone, storage, and location has been updated.
  • To trace Location permission is enable for all the time” for Android 10 version.
  • Location accuracy has enhanced within short range during application is running in the background.
  • Pre-recognize your device name before connecting.

#Bonus: What’s mobile Manufacturer solutions for location track ?

Now it’s technology era, and mobile has become one of the best friend and important device for work activity as well most of the people.

But Manufacturer were not caring about their product security in case of missing for the customer favor or something happen in an emergency to track the location.

So it was Really a drawback in mobile product for customer point of view. Because all mobile users are using internet right now.

And it’s very EASY to find the location today.

Now Manufacturer has considered this drawback and doing improvement in their new products.

#For Example:

HTC, Apple, and Samsung are using find my phone features built into their OEM skins right now.

So to use this features generally you have to sign up for an account through the company website portal.

And you can then use that account to find my phone current location using the login credential.

Which’s a good action taken by Manufacturer for their customer favor and satisfaction.

But Don’t worry these service are generally free. And the phone will allow you to set these account up, When you first turn on phone.

However you can do it latter, whenever you need. Actually most of the people don’t like to customization immediately with a new handling phone.

But this’s one of the good features that is nice to have in your phone right now.

There’s not an exact list, what phones have this features.

But for example you can check Find my phone Samsung

So i recommend you to digging around your Settings tab to look into your phone. Because sign up option for account is generally available setting tab.

But in worst case, you can always rely on Google’s Find My Device app.

#Tip 4: Best Option Google Location History

If you have enabled Google Location History in your phone, then you’re able to see, where you’ve traveled in your timeline.

Only you can see your timeline. Because Location history helps you gets useful information. Such as where you’re going with your logged in device.

Even it’s easy to change and delete locations, days or your entire location history. And you’re free to turn it on or off at any time.

You can see the how far you traveled from place to place. For example walking, Biking,Driving or public transport.

So it’ll show you the distance measured in meter or feet.

How you can set in your phone Google location history follow the step given below.

  • Open Google map on your computer.
  • Sign in with same google account, you use in your mobile device.
  • On the top left corner click on menu (three lines).
  • Click timeline.
  • To change date, at the top select date, month and year.

Now to see places that you’ve visited recently, click Menu (Three lines) > your place > Visited

So you’re able to see all the different places your phone has been. And this can be a great information, if the device is off or didn’t have a data connection.

Whenever you try to locate it with Android Device Manager.

Whenever location history is off, in this case new location history is no longer saved to location history.

But Previous activity is not deleted from your Location History, you’re able to delete it manually, as per you want to do setting in your location history. 



Your phone is best friend and important device for your work activity. So always secure it for future any kind of emergency to track it fast. Otherwise you sadly have to get a new phone. So you should protect it by downloading and setting up location track. So use any of the above setting and app all are free. If this article is helpful for you, then like, comment and share on social media, otherwise dislike. And you’re having any doubt, ask i’m here for your support. I hope you enjoyed Find My phone Android Without App Free In Emergency (New Technique). Thanks for sharing.

Free Conference Call In Numbers Use Only Anywhere (New Technology)

Free conference call in numbers allow you to connect anywhere only with mobile number today. But ever you think which technology is using for this.

How this free conference call is use to connect all around the world with your lovers and for business meeting.

And one new technology surprise gift for you.

This’s today topic for your. So are you ready to know,

EVERYTHING you need to know free conference call in numbers only as well as new technology surprise ?

If your answer is yes, then i’m going to say that you’re going to know something new. which you don’t know right now.

So this topic is very interesting, let me allow to start without waiting and read more.

Free Conference Call In Numbers is new Technology power Today

Do you know ? Smartphone first launch date, Any idea, well as i promise you’ll know something new here. So keep reading ahead and know everything you should.

This’s only starting of the story, just wait for the best surprise you’re going to know in this article soon. What’s new technology gift for you right now.

Because you’re lover of Smartphone today, It’s your best friend as well as best device for your all types of business work. I hope you’ll AGREE with me. If i say.

Finally you can’t live without Smartphone today. Because smartphone has become your heart bit right now. Right or wrong.

So you should know about smartphone some history and latest update today. let me explain smartphone little history here.

Well, actually People didn’t start using the term “smartphone” until 1995. But the first true Smartphone was actually made in 1992.

It was called the Simon Personal Communicator. Which was created and design by IBM. And simply known as IBM Simon is first handheld touchscreen.

So the IBM Simon was the first phone with a touchscreen in 1992. And it’s also called as the first world “Smartphone”.

but the term was not yet coined. Then a few competitors came out in the early 90s.

Also most mobile devices with touchscreens were meld together the functions of a cell phone.

conference call phone numbers yet not available

And unfortunately Simon suffered from a number of issues. For example reportedly having a battery life of just one hour. It was also a bit of a flop.

But can you tell me, why it had flopped ? Because this’s also one part of this article, what i want to convey you.

So the simple answer is technology power. Absolutely there was no any advanced technology support for smartphone.

Because technology is the human imagination power to birth new service product.

Because technology is the human imagination power to create new services or products.

Even without technology human is also lame. Because IBM Simon is real proof for example of flop.

So what’s your opinion about technology using in communication system 30 years back.

If i’m not wrong you were not able to use your smartphone. Because technology was not developed, right.

Now you’ll be AGREE, If i’ll say free conference call in numbers is new technology power for today.

Because you’re using advance technology for communication right now, with the help of new technology features in smartphone for free conference call in numbers only.

Now i hope you’re feeling cool after knowing about technology power fact.

Because you’re using smartphone right now, to make free conference call in numbers only around the world.

Which is a gift of human imagination to create new technology. Keep reading ahead to know latest technology surprise.

[faq title=”FAQ – frequently asked questions” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How do I get a free conference call number?” number=”1″]Create a free account on very easy only with email id and password. Then host a conference call by using the dial-in number,followed by the access code and host PIN. And start to participate in Audio or Video conference call it’s done.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How do I setup a conference call number? ” number=”2″]Step 1: First create a conference call account with using your email id and password, choose free or paid account. Step 2: Select Dial-in Numbers for Your Callers, whom you want to call. Step 3: schedule a Date and Time for your Conference Call with your participants . Step 4: Send the Conference Call Invite through mail link or chat link. Step 5: Dial Into Your Conference at fixed schedule. Step 6: Start your conference call, all is done.[/faq_item][/faq]

Conference Call Number Innovations that Changed History

One day i was asked for my conference call number for meeting, and that day i truly realized.

it’s very simple and easy to join meeting through conference call number around anywhere in the world.

So i use generally conference call number many times in a week like a boss. Now i feel it’s not a big deal.

And this’s the turning point for me to think about how communication has changes.

If you’ll remember Samuel Morse’s first telegraph in 1844 before that train used to deliver letter as a communication infra.

In old days It would take over 22 hours to deliver a message just New York to Chicago.

Fortunately, now you don’t have to worry about waiting for two or more days.

Because you have email and instant IM which allow you to communicate in minutes and allow to get work done FASTER.

There’s no any doubt improvements in communication is better option for your business productivity.

Because the journey of basic to modern communication growth is the invention of conference call number.

It was really a dream for everybody for Video conferencing face to face talk is available right now.

Just conference call number made it possible to national and international team to discuss important business decision.

But years ago the first email was sent over ARPANET in (1971).

Although definitely many changes to conference call technology has helped this conference call to make it communicate.

So i want to highlight in this blog article three important innovations. Which make conference calling number as important today as before.

The Top Three Innovations that have appreciated Conference Call Technology

#1: Central Exchange

Do you know ? when the first conference call was made. Well it was in 1915, So conference calling is around you from long time.

And would you like to know the cost. Actually the cost was for the call in today money value $480 per minute.

So it was very expensive for hosting any conference call for a long time of period.

And the reason for high cost was due to infrastructure design system Because a bunch of cable lines had to be routed end to end for every caller.

So you can just imagine a Massey lines going everywhere. which was spurning out in every direction.

And due to this the infrastructure system was not feasible to maintain.

The idea of Central Exchange was based upon all callers’ lines are directed to one particular location, the “exchange.”

Can you think ? what was idea behind exchange, Well, the reason was simple to first handle each call by operators only.

Then transfer this call by automated circuitry, And again handle the incoming signals and rerouted back this information to callers.

So you can think how much the big handle here.

Hence central exchange focused on complexity of telephone infrastructure and decided to decided to reduce complexity.

Because this system was fail for conference call.

Let’s dive in, how it was overcome

  • By calling into a central exchange, human operator was removed by allowing to handle call by switches automatically.
  • Now only fewer lines were required to successfully connect callers around the country
  • Reducing the infrastructure directly impacted on lower the cost call. But still it’s a hole gap for business.

Because Central Exchanges are used in every phone call, not just conference calls.

#2: Digital Conference Call Dial In Numbers New Idea

I’m going to explain here difference between digital and analog, Actually i want to visualize inside your Telephone how it work.

Because the handset you hold in your hand has both earpiece and mouthpiece/microphone.

So as you start to speak into the mouthpiece, there’s a flexible piece of plastic resonate/resound. And the plastic is attached to a coil that moves too.

Actually the coil moves by a magnet drum, Which again generate an electrical current.

And that current is transmitted through transmitter/Antenna inside your phone.

In the form of RF (Radio frequency signal). By adding some carrier frequency.

And transmitted in the air, now this signal is catches by near mobile tower.

Again transmitted to receiver near mobile tower.

And that receiver tower transmit this signal to receiver mobile through RF Signal. then receiver mobile antenna catches this RF signal.

But Extract from RF signal to current again current to Voice earpiece. Then finally voice sound is produce for your ear to detect.

And you have a conversation. Hey but this’s for the signal call one to one.

What about the conference call ? Actually conference call is Audio bridge. Because it act as a hub for caller lines during conference call.

So with all technology audio bridges were analog in nature. Therefore the actual meaning of Analog, they worked on the voltage of electricity produced in the above process.

So what’s the big challenge facing here.

Well, the biggest limitation for Audio bridge degrade voice quality. So the farther Analog Audio is carrier. And creating an interface with other signal present.

And the original input you created, when you speak gradually decreases during transmit.

When you try to amplify the audio signal. Then also increases noise signal.

Which we don’t want because it degrade Audio quality and clarity.

So in 1970 digital technology blast with the great invention of microprocessors.

Because digital technology takes the electrical signals of analog inputs sample (your Voice).

And breaks them down into binary numbers (Zeros and one low or high level). Then process farther all of that as a single code.

Which’s called binary bits (2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256 bits). Actually it does continuous breaking Audio signal into samples.

Because Small pieces fixing by a particular time interval.And each sample is associated with a binary number.

But it’s important to explain here as the number of bits increases, the accuracy level of signal is increases.

Because it’s very fast process, I’m talking about thousands of samples per second.

So the digital conversion is best for Audio. Because digital technology are better supplied to mute lines by adding background noise.

And the Audio signal is transferred as a code. So it’s easy to restored original voice quality on the receiver side.

The general benefits of digital are very fascinating.

Let’s dive in, what’s benefit of digital signal

  • Voice call clarity Improved
  • Maximum background noise filtered out from signal
  • Call capacity is increased (using same frequency at a time for different users by allotting time slot)
  • Greater convenience with Dialing-In number
  • Reduced cost per caller

So the Digital Conference Call Dial In Numbers made it possible.

Because today you’re able to host call with thousands of participants at the same time. without breaking the call bank.

Internet Boost Audio New Idea Codecs free conference call number and access code

Digital Audio bridges supported to convert analog signal into digital signal, whereas internet boost Audio codecs offered to enhanced the value.

So let me simplify the word “internet boost Audio codecs”

The sample binary data file created by Analog-to-Digital transformation is run through software is “Audio codecs”.

Because a codec is actually used for data compresses and decompresses file size using an advanced algorithm.

So that the Audio codecs compressing the data information into smaller binary bits without losing the original voice quality.

Such that these codecs are design to work with Internet protocols. So how it’s achieve, The best codecs are flexible. 

I mean to say they’re having ability to compress at different rates depending on network speeds.

Hence you finally achieved “internet boost audio codecs”.

So what is the value of this achievement “internet boost audio codecs”.

#Let’s dive in codecs benefits:

  • Faster data Transmission rate : Because the information is now compressed form, so less data is transmitted overhead, Which decreases finally the time taken to send the information. The main benefit is reduced latency time. Which’s more instantaneous transmission.
  • Audio Quality boost: Audio codecs is the main game changer for running calls over the internet. Because these Audio codecs automatically offer higher Audio frequency. So the voice is capture well, and provide an overall improved calling experience.
  • Cost Affordability: So help to call cost goes down, So Internet calling option available right now, and overcome the traditional long distance communication providers. As a result you see the call cost remain low through internet. Even free conference call number and access code is given by service provider.
  • Call Security: Security is one of the challenge point for data transmission. So Encryption mechanisms is used for these codecs to enhance call security. And now this great option free conference call services available for you technology enhancement gift. With call clarity, fidelity, and consistency enjoy this new technology innovation for personal or businesses.

Free Conference Call Phone Number And Access Code

If you want to participate in any business meeting as well as for your personal friends around the world.

Now it’s EASY and Simple to connect instantly using Free Conference Call Phone Number And Access Code from service providers.

How you can do it ? Well, Just by using internet online meeting to host a web conference to screen share and show video using a webcam.

I’m taking one service provider to check this service features, and how to use this.

#For Example:

Just go to and create your account free here.

They’ll provide you an access code with host pin for an online meeting anywhere in the world to connect instantly.

And start conferencing call Audio or Video free. Your account information will look like this.

Step 1: Get a Free Account

Just sign up with an email with password, and instantly receive your account information along with dial-in number and access code.

Step 2: Invite Participants

Offer your Participants your dial-in number and access code along with date and time to start conference call.

Step 3: Start Audio or Video Conferencing

To start conference call, all participants call their in-country dial-in number followed by the host’s access code.

Now you’re on same table face to face, so enjoy this free services as a gift of new technology.

New Dual Screen Mobile Technology Gift

Here’s EVERYTHING you need to know, Microsoft just announced at its big product event, including a two-screen Android phone.

It also announced the Surface Neo, which’s two-screened laptop.

And Surface Duo phone, a two-screened phone which runs Android.

But you have to wait little bit, Because the Surface Neo will be available for the holidays next year 2020.

It’s REALLY the gift of Technology enhancement, whatever we have discussed so far. Because you’ll use the Surface Neo laptop and the Duo smartphone now.

But what’s idea behind this technology improvement ? Why you need a dual screen smartphone and laptop ?

If you are reading this article completely, then you have notice about one thing, I well described idea behind every technology enhancement.

So can you tell me, what’s idea here for this innovation.

Well, It’s simple to increase your output productivity by using dual screen at the same time, like computer work.

It has a 360-degree hinge, two 5.6-inch displays and can completely fold up when you’re not using it.

Actually the surface Neo has two display. And that fold together but but also work independently of one another.

So the best part is that you can run one app in one screen and other app on the second screen.

Alternatively you can use one app across the entire screen.

So when you want to type, there’s a hardware keyboard that pops out, complete with a trackpad.

And you no need to type on a touchscreen display. When you’re not using it, then the keyboard sticks to the back of the tablet with magnets.

How much it’s cool features REALLY no need to type touchscreen.

And the second best part of this device, the whole equipment is 5.6mm thin and uses the thinnest LCD ever created, but is surrounded by Gorilla Glass to help keep it strong.

The Surface Neo will run a new version of Windows designed for these types of devices, called Windows 10X.

And ability to bring up smartly the keyboard when needed and support for writing on the screen with the Surface Pen.

Smartphone Surface Duo will run on Google Android operating system for mobile.


Technology enhancement create opportunity for human, As well as save your money and time. Which is equally important for success any part of life. so use power of technology in your personal or business growth. Without using technology human is just like lame. It’s era of Advanced technology, you have to be parallel with technology.

So use Free Conference Call In Numbers to handle your business on finger tip. Because you’re going to handle NEW Mobile and Laptop in 2020 with double screen. If this post is helpful for you, then like, comment and share in social media. I belief you enjoyed article Free Conference Call In Numbers Use Only Anywhere (New Technology).  If you have any doubt ask me, always here for your support. Thanks for sharing valuable article.

Gps Tracker With Software Solution Free (New Idea)

GPS tracker with software is  solution for personal or business uses.

So in this article, I’m going to explain EVERYTHING you need to know about GPS tracker with software solution.

Which’ll help you to track vehicle, bike, boat, mobile, person, pet and many more.

Just by connecting any GPS tracker or with your phone and start tracking business or personal online today.

So it’s suitable for both business or personal uses.

Because you only need to connect with GPS tracker, Whatever you want to track business or personal.

Hence it’s providing you a great solution to handle your business on finger tip.

So let’s start, what’re better features available in GPS tracker with software, read more.

GPS Tracker Software Open Source

GPS Tracking devices allowing consumers to track their valuables businesses fast around the World.

And many people choice for GPS tracking devices is open source GPS tracking software.

Because it’s a great choice, due to its wider developer community. As well as open source software is providing greater security and better user experience.

So you can trust on it. And it often adds a better features for user experience.

Even with open source GPS tracking systems, You’re able to integrate with many various GPS tracking devices.

And of course it’s user friendly, So that you can start it without needing a dedicated IT person quickly.

So what should you look in for open source GPS tracking software.

Hence let’s dive in, how’ll you come to know, which open source GPS tracking software is best for you.

If you’re looking for gps tracker software open source.

So look on the below mentioned important points.

If you want to track any mobile location without app free, then check this link

Best phone tracker app without permission 

  • Multiple Integration features with various GPS Tracker for vehicle
  • Smooth tracking without bug and login.
  • Speedy management features, moving status with behavior
  • Previous Historical data and report
  • Simple configuration and user friendly
  • Option for adding various sensors and alerts
  • Support windows 24×7, quick resolve
  • Capability to add your own branding

But always use high-quality, reliable open source software.

[faq title=”Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How much does it cost to make a GPS tracker?” number=”1″]It depend upon the features added in tracker, as well as how much object you want to track. But average its cost $99, and this will be hosted on your server. In case if you have no hosting server, then hosting charges per month is extra added in this amount.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What is a GPS server?” number=”2″]GPS Server is a powerful cloud based server, use for GPS tracking system that allows to monitor the location of vehicles, cargo, boats and people. So that users can track real time location of thousands objects at a time, and show their location on map through web browser online.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What is a tracking software?” number=”3″]Tracking software is a program, which is connected with GPS hardware device installed on vehicle. So as the GPS hardware device is moving, and all movement real time data is catured in software program using the Earth map lat long. And tracking software is open source program. here meaning of open source is license free. [/faq_item][/faq]

GPS Tracking System And GPS Tracker Software ?

It’s a complicated monitoring system, and specially design to collect vehicle and mobile phone location data and visualize it on map through software program.

Which collect real time data and manage history, reports, events and notifications. Even you can control remote device.

There’re many companies, which’re providing the services for GPS tracker software. In which some are providing free services and some paid.

So to use services with any companies, you need to create account with them. And fill the details of GPS hardware in the account.

As well as installed your GPS hardware on your tracking vehicle. Now you’re ready to start monitoring your vehicle.

Because your Account will allow to see precise object location live via web browser. Such as instantly view, historical tracks and generate various reports.

So GPS tracking system is easy to use, mobile friendly. And this’s gps tracking software solutions for your business.

Hence as per your requirement you can choose free services or paid services.

I hope you understand, what’s GPS tracking system. 

And how GPS tracker with software work.

Even you can set up your own business as a GPS service provider. it’s a growing business in digital era today.

GPS Tracker Software Free Download

In today’s fast and technology era life, GPS tracking software is need for monitoring your children’s, businesses.

Even you’re able to monitor your spouse, in case if you have a doubt that he/she is cheating with you.

Old days has passed, now no wait for detective agent data and secretly photos collection.

Now people are becoming more and more concerned about their safety first.

And this’s the main reason families are using mobile tracking apps and GPS trackers for their children and other loved ones.

Apart from this Companies are widely tracking and managing their vehicles, delivery trucks, cargo or employees.

So with the help of mobile GPS Tracker, everyone is able to track a phone, people, pet or vehicle on real time everyday.

Because you can get everything on your computer screen right now.

with the help of GPS tracker Software free.

So in this article i’m going to introduce about best GPS tracking software.

Which’ll help you to track the exact location of your child business or spouse all the time.

So here’s best gps tracker software free. There’s no need to buy expensive GPS hardware.

Because use your smartphone and start tracking free. It’s designed for free mobile application turns your smartphone.

So use this gps tracker software for mobile free. You can use gps tracker software for android as well.

If your Samsung phone is lost and you want to track, as well as how to check Samsung phone is original or not, then check out this link, Where’s my phone Samsung.   

Vehicle Tracking System For Personal And Business Use

Vehicle tracking system is gift of technology, Because your vehicle movement is on your finger tip now. So no tension at all, now driver can’t cheat with you.

Therefore manage your transport business easily, using gps tracking software for trucks. As well as gps tracking device for car.

So You need to install GPS hardware in your vehicle, which you want to track. And connect with any best GPS tracker with software service provider company.

They’ll provide you an account to monitor you vehicle on map through software. It’s easy interface with user friendly.

You’re able to monitor on mobile device as well as on your computer screen real current location of your vehicle all the time.

But if you want to use for your business, then always choose best company with paid account.

So before choosing any company, check their service features, customer support and customer feedback. Then you’ll feel peace of mind for your business.

Because powerful tracking system is suitable for both your personal use, and great business purposes.

Checklist for powerful tracking system features.

  • Geo-fencing notification (get on time alert, when users are users are entering or leaving pre-defined zones)
  • Driving performance ( it’ll help to discover users driving nature, like bad action taken, so instruct for proper action)
  • Fuel monitoring ( GPS vehicle tracking software to monitor fuel level, which’ll help you to ready for your trips better)

So it’s easy for your business to handle, with best GPS vehicle tracking system. If you’re looking for vehicle tracking system for your business.

#For example:

you can check this company services.

GPS tracking system for personal and business

The best part it’s providing one moth free trial. So you can use and check their services.

If it’s suitable for your business requirement then continue otherwise go for the other option.


GPS tracking system is need for business and personal security today. So easy to connect Gps Tracker With Software Solution. And use the latest technology to boom your business around the world online tracking and monitoring. According to Global Market Insights all small businesses are using online tracking system now. So use GPS tracker software for your own requirement available for free and paid. If this article is helpful for you, then like, comment and share. I hope you enjoyed Gps Tracker With Software Solution. now any doubt ask me, i’m here for your support. thanks for sharing.

3 Top Phone Service Providers For Small Business (Cheapest Review)

Today you’re going to see 3 top phone service providers for small business.

And happy customer feedback about these companies is “cheap and best”.

Because they are providing best service support to their clients.

And their rate is cheapest compare to other phone service providers for small business.

Now this research review is totally based upon the customer feedback and satisfaction.

So if you’re new and looking for phone service providers for small business.

You can take service from any one top listed phone service provider out of these 3.

So Let’s get started. What’s important in this article, you need to know.

Step #1:What’s special benefit phone service providers for small business ?

Step #2:Which’s best business phone service number ?

Step #3:Best small business phone system

Step #4:Cheap Business Phone Line rental Number

Step #5:Multi Line Phone Systems Small Business

Step #6:Best office phone systems for small business

[faq title=”Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How much does a business phone line cost?” number=”1″]Simple telephone service is called POTS lines, and the average cost is $40 per line per month. Also for digital services, a PRI (23 lines) is about $450 per month. But for DSL it’s approx ($85) per month. Now many growing phone service provider rate is very less even below $10.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What companies offer landlines?” number=”2″]There’re many telecommunication companies, Which’re larget landlines provider, for example AT&T,Verizon,Qwest.But apart from this, there’re some small phone service provider, like CallHippo, Avoxi, Buylocalnumber.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Is VoIP good for small business?
” number=”3″]For better sound quality, now cloud technology is also using VOIP HD call for small businesses.The main advantage of VOIP technology is low cost. Which attract customer a better choice for small business.[/faq_item][/faq]

Step #1:What’s special benefit phone service providers for small business ?

Technology is human imagination power. And now technology’s your business engine.

So here’s some phone service providers for small businesses benefit features.

Which’s need for business owner today.

Due to customer service and support as first priority.

Because they’re looking for grow their business smooth and fast with customer satisfaction.

And this service’s offering by phone service providers for small businesses.

Let’s dive right in.

Phone service providers for small business features with phone service number

  • (Voice-over-internet-protocol) in other word know as VOIP. So what is VOIP ? It’s simple a telephone connection over the Internet.

The voice signal data is sent digitally, with using the Internet Protocol (IP). Rather than analog telephone lines.

So this grant people to talk to one another long-distance around the world. Without paying long distance or international phone (ISD)charges.

Which’s working as small business phone lines. So this’s called virtual business phone service.

And this’s the best method using cheapest voip business phone service today.

  • (Voicemail) It’s a technique to store voice messages electronically. Which’s use for later retrieval by intended recipients.

So callers release short messages that are stored on digital media or on analog recording tape.

  • (Call forwarding) is a reliable way for business phone service. Because it’s providing facility an individuals to receive an international calls.

Without the caller being charged with high international rates. So in today’s fast growing global market place.

Call forwarding is the best option to reach out international potential customer. And this’s best choice for small business phone number.

So that you can establish a virtual presence in targeted countries. and setup a virtual office phone systems for small businesses.

Step #2:Which’s best Phone Service Providers For Small Business ?

Nowadays REALLY easy to communicate all around the world, with the help of business phone service app. Which’s virtual business phone number.

So this service’s providing a platform for customer and client. An easy and convenient way to discuss with each other live.

Do you know ? you can do FREE  Call online to mobile , Check out here is link  Free call

#For example:

live meeting, live project progress review as well as data exchange.

So this’s the best virtual phone system for small business discussion. Because wherever in the world you want to start your business, now you’re free to do.

Hence you can find easily business phone service providers in my area. So It’s not matter where’re you located in the world.

Let’s dive in.

  • (Conference call) connect many people through a conference bridge.

Which’s actually a server that work like a telephone and able to answer multiple calls at the same time.

So this’s generally use for meeting because it’s cheap business phone line. And best for connecting multi line phone systems small business.

Because this create a virtual phone number for each participants.

  • (Toll-Free-Number) is a free number. It’s a telephone number,that can be dialed from landlines with no any charge to the person placing the call.

So this’s business landline phone service providers by zip code. And it’s better know as 1800 number. or toll free no.

Which’s actually a virtual phone number that saves your money. When you dial it. Because toll free number is being charged to the called party.

So in other word also known as virtual phone system free. This’s provided by company to their customers.

Step #3:Best phone service provider for small business phone system

It’s REALLY a challenge to find perfect office phone systems for small business. Because a lot of options are available in the market.

And each has its own asset features and tools. So deciding which one is the best fit for, office phone systems for small business isn’t simple.

Therefore to help in your small business phone lines search. I researched and analysed about 50 phone service providers all around the world.

And after a deep and hard analysis with considering customer feedback. Here’s top 3 business phone service provider.

But before going to that top list, You need to know EVERYTHING about small business phone system providers. So lets first understand this points.

What should you look out in a business phone system provider ? There’re many factors to consider while choosing a small business phone system provider.

So the most important point’s that you need to ensure the system has all of the functionality and features your business needs.

#For example:

Can the system support the number of employees who need the service ? what’s annual up time percentage ? What’s monthly cost ?

what type of customer support does the company offer ?

But before i provide you list. I want to clear you this’s my hard research if you find any other company better than these phone service provider.

let me know through the comment. I’ll research everything and try to include in the list.

Because my main motive is to provide you the best Phone Service Providers For Small Business. And honestly i’m providing here with customer feedback.

Even you can check these Phone services providers quality and support yourself before use.

So according to my hard research these companies are best, due to its cheap business phone line and cheap business phone number provider for your small business. 

As well as good customer feedback. Which i’ll show you right now.

So before choosing any one just check on your own level. It’s best fit for your business requirement.

Do you know ? you can do FREE conference call anywhere around the world, check out here Free conference call services.  

Then you go with any one, which has the best features and customer support with quality for your small business.

Step #4:Cheap Business Phone Line rental Number

Whether you are just starting your small business. So you need to know. how to choose a phone service providers for small business ?

Because if you choose a cheap and best phone service providers for small business.Then you’re saving a fixed budget every month.

As well as reducing your business expenses. And this’s success rule for small businesses. Because saving budget will help you to grow your business smoothly.

So you can just leverage the Internet to save time, effort and money with your communications infrastructure.

Because growing companies are providing cheap rate services like conference calls, access voicemail via text or email, and use toll-free numbers.

Even cheap business phone number are using VOIP cloud based technology. So check out my guide to choosing a business phone system.

Because i’m listing here top 3 cheapest business phone line. And they’re providing cheap business phone number.

Also you’ll see why they’re best. So keep reading.

Step #5:Multi Line Phone Systems Small Business

Technology is growing fast right or not. So just remember traditional multi line phone systems small business.

How it’s operated using a physical switchboard. Which directs callers to the right phone line.

However the new technologies that support multi line phone systems today’re different.

Because it offer flexibility. If you want to give your customer a professional experience.

Whenever they’ll contact you, then a multi-line phone system will help you.

#For example:

If you want each employee to have their own phone extension or a direct dial number.

Then use multi line phone systems small business for good customer experience.

Because many businesses today are switching to VoIP, an internet based solution.

#What is benefit of VOIP for small businesses ?

So what’s Benefits of a Multi Line Phone System for small Business. Well the main benefit with best multi line phone system’s cost for small business.

Because Multi Line Phone Systems calls are usually much lower than a standard phone line.

And this’s due to many of the multi line phone systems now operate through the internet. Which’s hosted in the cloud.

Now how do Multi Line Phone Systems Work ?

Well, as its name indicate, a multi-line phone takes the line coming into your business, and splits it into multiple lines.

Such that allowing two or more phones to be linked at the same connection.

And the best features the ability to take messages when nobody is available. Even multi-line phone systems can be connected together to create a network.

So this is connected through each other via an internet connection.

Now how you’ll choose the best multi line phone system for small business.

It’s important when you’re managing a business you need a phone system.

So getting the right telephone number with area code, And is very important as how much it’s all going to cost you.

As well as what’re the features available such as voicemail, call divert and caller display.

So check whether it’s has a two line or four line capacity because it’ll bring a number of benefits to your business.

Hence keep reading ahead to know top cheapest phone service providers.

Step #6:Best office phone systems for small business

Here’s top list number wise best phone service providers for small businesses.

1. CallHippo this’s on first position best company for phone service providers for small business.

Because this company’s providing best voip service, for business across the globe more than 190 countries.

For local and toll free number internet phone service for small business cheapest ip phone.

Its service’s Powerful and easy to use VoIP based Virtual Phone System.

Which help your business productivity & Sales conversion to the next level around the world.

The best part’s that It has free trial as well as virtual phone assistant.

CallHippo is using cloud web technology and having more new exciting features for small business owner.

Do you want to know ? What’s client feedback about CallHippo business phone service app.

See the client rating below.

Check out this’s link for CallHippo

2. Avoxi this’s another good company for Phone Service Providers For Small Business. 

They’re providing virtual local phone numbers online, or toll free business number.

And local DID number call routing service.

Call forwarding to any location, Outbound calling features available.

As well as business VoIP Solutions, Virtual call center hosted on cloud. And having cloud hosted PBX.

Now the best part’s that no setup fees or cancellation costs. As well as activate virtual local numbers instantly for business phone number.

So try VoIP number plan for 30 days risk-free. And Enjoy 15 days of free call recording or select an extended plan for small business phone system.

See what’s client speaking about Avoxi phone service provider.

Here’s the link Avoxi

3. Buylocalnumbers this is cheapest voip business phone service for toll free number.Which is best for your small business.

Because instant activation of local DID Numbers and toll free Numbers in more than 60 countries.

And the best part is that it has refund policy as well.

They offer phone service like FREE PBX Phone System (voicemail, voice menu, fax, call recording, queue, time routing, conference calls, caller routing, playback, blacklist etc.

Also Number portability and Bulk SMS option available . Even you can port your old PSTN number to them and carry it with you everywhere in the world.

And they provide mobile numbers that are able to receive SMS. You can use them, for example, to create Whatsapp account without using your real number.

You can see the rate for toll free number below.

Check here Buy Local Number


If you recall copper phone lines are now past. Agreed or not, VOIP phone system is best option for small business owner. But fortunately, you have plenty of VoIP phone service providers. So it’s REALLY challenge to choose a right phone service provider for your small business. Because many providers service rate is high and customer feedback is not good. 

But some new growing phone service provider are really doing good for customer business growth and satisfaction. Therefore after doing hard research about 50 companies for small businesses. I’ve provided 3 Top Phone Service Providers For Small Business. I hope you’ll enjoy this article.

If this post is helpful for you, then like, comment and share on social media. And after finishing this post let me know through comment.

Which phone service provider you’re going to choose first. If you’re having any doubt, ask me always here for your support. Thanks for sharing.

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission Hot Real Truth (New idea)

Today’s article is REALLY Special for you.  Because I’m going to disclose best phone tracker app without permission real truth. 

I hope, you’ll agree with me. If i say.

A lot of mobile app are available on internet for current location track.

Even many videos on YouTube are teaching to track real time location with mobile app.

And their Views’re in Million.

Well, But what do you think about best phone tracker app without permission ?

Because I’m going to explain here EVERYTHING, you need to know about best phone tracker app without permission for free.

So are you ready to know actual fact about location trace ? As well as Why this piece of content is special for you ?

If yes, then keep reading you’ll enjoy to know new truth.

So Let’s start with.

what you’re going to learn here:

Tip #1: What’s real story about best phone tracker app without permission ?

TIP #2: Track Mobile location without best phone tracker app without permission ?

TIP #3: How to track a cell phone location without them knowing for free ?

Tip #4: Cell phone spy without access to target phone free

Tip #5: How to find IP address of any Smartphone without touching but connected with Internet ?

[faq title=”Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Can you spy on a phone without access to it?” number=”1″]Yes but you can’t find the real location, but only near by 800m you can reach.And other more activity you can monitor without him knowing.Like City location, Mobile model,browser using,service provider company

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Can I track a cell phone with just a number?” number=”2″]YES you can track with number only and free. Without installation of any APP and software, but you can not find exact real location, due to security concern, but near by location you can reach. So EVERYTHING is explained in this article.If you want to know keep reading.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing?” number=”3″]Ofcourse you can spy on any mobile. By using mobile tracker free login. This is the best tracking app so far.Which is very much popular app on the internet. Just you have to download it from their official website free.How to installation and monitor phone everything is explained step-by-step with image.You can refer this link in this post. Mobile tracker free login

Tip #1: What’s real story about best phone tracker app without permission ?

It’s not my real intention to hurt anyone. But to provide you correct information.

Which you should know. And this’s main reason to write this article.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you to install any mobile application for location trace.

Because it’s not possible to trace anyone current or real location by any mobile app.

YES it’s right.

If anybody is telling you, this’s best phone tracker app without permission. or top tracking method.

Which can trace any mobile current location. Then he is sharing you false information.

So never belief. You can check yourself it can’t provide current location at any cost. Because there’s a best story behind this.

I’ll explain in detail keep reading.

But you can ask question. Why you’re not able to track current location ?

The reason is security concern. So any general public can’t track real location of any other person.

Otherwise the country security will be in danger.

Now the question may be coming in your mind. Who can trace any mobile location ?

There’s two real case in which real location tracing is possible.

So first only police has direct access to put any mobile number on surveillance .

And can track any mobile location if needed.

Second if your any relative, Who’s on high post in the same operator company. He can help out to find live location of mobile.

Therefore except these two case, no any other option available to track cell phone location online.

Now you may ask, How they track with app and show on YouTube Video ?

Well, what they track with mobile app ?

Don’t worry I’ll show you without any app installation.

So What extent you’re able to track any mobile location, I’ll display here keep reading.

you’ll better understand.

Because many of you want to track mobile location. And for this you’re required to install app in the target device.

But now forget app installation. Because i’m going to explain you, how to track any mobile location without app.

And the best part’s that, you’re able to track any mobile location with number only. Also track cell phone without them knowing.

As well as without touching the phone.

TIP #2: Track Mobile location without best phone tracker app without permission ?

With the fast development of technology for tracking phones. And the various options that have come up.

But without a best phone tracker app without permission, to trace location is a little AMAZING.

Well very first, I would like to inform you. To spy anyone mobile phone without his permission,information and wrong intention is totally illegal.

Because it’s matter of security concern.

But with some valid reason, if you’re tracking anyone phone location. So there’s no problem at all.

#For example:

Track children location to know, he is available in school or college. As well as track marketing and field employees.

Whether they’re meeting with customer on time or not.

A wife and husband can track their spouse’s smartphone without using the phone tracker app.

If they feel the spouse is cheating them.

So you’re able to track any mobile location, without installation of best phone tracker app without permission.

It’s not really simple to trace anyone location. But this is the only correct method, through which you can reach near to anyone live location.

So how you’ll trace any mobile location without any app installation. Just wait i’m here to explain you in this article.

And it’s really very easy method, Don’t worry, There’s no any rocket science.

But before explaining that tip, One thing is important to know first. So that you can better understand.

And as i told you in the starting. i’m repeating that sentence again. It’s not possible to trace anyone current location.

Whereas to the some extent, you can reach near by location.

Now to know how it works, keep reading ahead.

TIP #3: How to track a cell phone location without them knowing for free ?

Nowadays lots of free phone tracking apps are available online. For download from their official site.

So people are really facing a challenge to determine. Which app is the best for them ?

Therefore if you want to know, which is real app for location trace, without permission and only with number.

Then you need to know some basic secret point. Which no one will tell you ?

Do you want to know that secret ? If YES, Well keep reading, of course you’ll enjoy this article.

Because you’ll not get this information even 2 Million blog on internet. As well as in any Book.

So lets dive in:

  • Which parameter is responsible to track Mobile location ?

To better understand this concept, I’m considering a real example of physical world.

Just imagine:

How to find a home address in the world without address. What is your opinion about this ?

How much difficult ? And of course you’ll be agree with me, If i say : almost impossible.

But If once you find the address, then it’s very easy to find any home in the world. And you’re able to reach that location easily.

Even you can know everything about that home.

#For example:

Who is living in the home ? How many people are living in the home ? and many more information.

So the same thing happen on internet world. And all the devices (Mobile,Laptop,computer etc)

which’re connected with internet is called Node. Therefore every Node has an IP address.

If you’ll compare with real Physical world. Then you can say.

(Home = Mobile, laptop, computer) and (Address = IP).

As well as (Home + Ip Address = Node). Are you feeling, What is secret here ?

Wow the best story is that Physical world is mapped with Internet world.

Now you’re able to say. Physical world is equal to virtual Internet world.

But you can ask me a question here.

Physical world address is almost fix. I mean to say (Home or house is not movable).

But mobile and laptop are movable, Then how it is possible Physical world = Internet world.

This is really very interesting question.

Tip #4: Cell phone spy without access to target phone free

Just see what is happening here ? Physical real world address is fixed, I hope you’re agree with me without any doubt.

But in case of Internet world address is IP. Which is moving with mobile phone. This is the reason it’s called dynamic IP.

Also remember as many time you connect with Internet.

Hence it’s changed and allotted different IP address to you. By your internet service provider. Whichever IP is free.

So the best story’s that without IP address, you can’t connect with internet.

Because first you need a IP (Address) to connect with internet. So who provide this IP to you.

Well this’s provided by your internet service provider, Like Airtel, JIO, AT&T and more other telecom operator company.

But before assign you IP. They collect your all information data.

For example, who’re you ? where’re you ? as well as available balance in your account, After that they assign you IP to connect with internet.

And you’ve already submitted this data at the time of SIM taken.

Now you may be thinking, Telecom operator companies create this IP. Then your’re wrong.

Every Telecom company purchase this IP from Internet assigned number authority (iana ).

So this authority manages all ip addresses in the world.

And iana has divided ip addresses according to global region wise.

#For example:

for Asia continent (APNIC), So Airtel, JIO, Vodafone in India has got IP address from (APNIC) in bunch, like one crore IP addresses.

After that these telecom companies distribute these ip addresses in its local region. Then you get IP address to connect with internet.

If you want to check your IP address. Then first connect with internet your mobile or laptop and then just search in google “what is my ip”.

You’ll see your IP address provided by service provider.

So after knowing IP address of any device or mobile. You’re able to trace any mobile live location.

Therefor no need to install best phone tracker app without permission. Now you only required mobile number to track location.

Because location tracking is game of IP address.

So How you’ll find target device IP address ? Keep reading ahead.

If you want to know more about IP address. Then you should refer this link. What is IP?

Now i belief. Your concept is clear, how location tracking is done with mobile number only.

Tip #5: How to find IP address of any Smartphone without touching but connected with Internet ?

This is REALLY top tracking method. As well as correct method cell phone spy without access to target phone.

And the best part’s that track phone without them knowing. Therefore find any phone location With free without any app installation.

So be ready. Because you’re going to learn here. How to track a cell phone location without installing software in target device.

And you can also say. A cell phone spy without access to target phone.

If you’re reading. then i’ll say.

Today you’re at right place to know, how to track a cell phone location.

It’s easy for you, how to track someones phone by their number.

Therefore using this right method, you’re able to track cell phone location online.

So are you ready to know, how to track a cell phone location for free, only with the number of the cell phone.

Well, I hope your answer is YES.

Lets dive in:

  • Go to IP logger website.

And here you need to sign up with your email id. Otherwise it’ll not show you correct information.

Sign up is required due to avoid abuse and missuses of this website. And this is absolutely right.

So first let me explain, what is IP logger ? And how you’ll use this ?

IP Logger URL shortener will help you, to find any mobile phone IP address. Or track ip address of any other devices.

Which you want to find . So it’s use to find Ip address of any mobile. As well as trace any mobile or device location connected with internet.

Now how to find IP address with IP logger website. just refer the below snap and follow the steps.

  1. open the website IP logger
  2. Scroll down near the mid page. You’ll find “Location Tracker” icon. Just like below image.

3. Click on the “Get IPLogger code” button as shown indicated in the image.

After that a new window will open, just like below image shown.

Now copy the URL as indicated in the image. And here’s a trick. Write aggressive or hypocrite text message.

#For example:

Latest breaking news, Win $100 right now or World best sexy image.

And send this url to whom you want to track. Through Whatsapp, Facebook or any social media.

Your main motive is to get the link open by receiver at any cost. So compel the receiver to open the link.

If receiver’ll not open the link. then you’re not able to trace location.

Now you open the link url in a new tab as indicated in the above image. And wait for receiver to open the link.

If receiver does open image. Then you’ll get all the information about target mobile. As shown below.

Information received from target mobile.

  • Country
  • IP Address
  • Browser type
  • Mobile model
  • Location ( near by 800m)
  • GPS Map view
  • Service provider company name

So Apart from this, There is a best popular app for mobile monitoring activity  remotely. Just installed in target device.  

You’ll get all activity done through mobile. But it can not track current location. But many good features are available. If you want to know, then refer this link Mobile tracker free login


Real time location tracking’s not possible for general public. And there’s no any app for current location tracking. If anybody’s telling, he’s WRONG. You’re able to track location up to some extent not current location. And this is possible without any app installation. (Physical world = Internet world). Ip address is required to connect with Internet.

I hope your enjoy, Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission Hot Real Truth. How to track a cell phone location without installing software. If this content is helpful for you. then like share and let me know through comment. There’s any doubt ask me, always here for your support.

Mobile App Development Course For Beginners (New Idea)

App development course is EASY.

Even if you’re a beginner. But you should have a right guideline, for app development course.

So if you’re are REALLY looking for mobile app development course as a carrier.

Then i’m going to disclose EVERYTHING about app development course here.

Which you need to know :

Because today i’m going to show you the exact app development course.

Which’ll help you to become a best app creator right now.

Let’s dive right in.

What you are going to learn in this article ?

1.Why app development course is great choice for you ?

2.What is app development course meaning ?

3.3 mobile app development course for beginners FREE start today

4.Best Android App Development Courses for Beginners

5.What is programming for Mobile Applications Android free ?

How can I learn mobile app development?

Here’s the list of 5 best platform for you (Free):
you can learn mobile app development easily. But follow the list mentioned step-by-step.
1. Training for Android Developers by Google
2. Mobile app Experiences by edX
3. App Development course for Beginners by Mybringback

How much does app development cost?

App development cost is dependent upon the app features.
small app with medium features could cost between $10,000 to 20,000.
There is option for you can use it for any types of business.

How long does it take to learn app development?

6 to 12 month maximum.
If you really want to learn mobile app development.
Then Continuous learning and practice for 6 to 12 month is enough for you to become a developer.
It also depend upon many things.
Like if you are starting from scratch, then it’ll obviously take some more time.
If you are good in programming understanding. It’ll take less time.

Tip #1: Why App development course is great choice for you ?

I hope you’ll be agree with me.

If i say :

Many videos are available on YouTube about app development course.

And saying as you can make your own app free and earn thousands of dollar every month.

What do you think about this types of videos ?

This’s really true. Answer is Big no.

But do you want to know ? why it’s not true ?

well, Because it’s providing a reference to develop an app through other website.

And this is the main problem.

Because in this scenario. you are not able to make a high quality app.

Which you desire to make.

Because competition is high, you can just see in the play store. All high quality app are available.

#For Example :

A high quality app’re having features like, user login option and sharing button.

As well as data protection, security and many more features.

But do you know ?

If you’re creating your app from free website, then your data is in hand of website developer.

So developer can remove your app any time.

Whenever he want to delete.

And hence your app is not safe and secure in this case.

So what is best option for you ?

Well if you want a professional app, and desire to really earn money through app.

Then you should refer this ultimate guide link right now.

How to do mobile app development ?

And when you’ve finished reading, make sure to comment to let me know. what is your opinion ?

Is this article helpful for you ? Are you going to choose, mobile app development course as a carrier.

Tip #2: What is app development course meaning ?

you’re using many types of mobile application today. And this’s developed by some developer.

which is basically mobile software for mobile device.

And it’s design and created by developer.

So before development of any mobile application.

A developer choose an operating system (Platform).

Then you need to learn programming language

#For Example :

Google’s Android ( HTML, Java, C++ and XAML ).

Apple’s ioS ( Objective C and swift ).

So this is the app development course, you need to learn for mobile application development.

Then you are able to develop an Android app through Android studio.

As well as on ioS app development.

There are some online training for app development courses.

Which are provided by some companies.

Like if you want to make free App in just 5 minute, then refer the link below.

3 top mobile app development companies reviews

It’s paid company. you can also check and refer the company, Like Udemy Android app.

But don’t worry. I’m going to provide here Google developers training FREE.

So Keep reading ahead.

Tip #3: 3 mobile app development course for beginners FREE start today

I hope

If you are READING this post. Then you definitely want to learn, best android development course.

But you are not getting the right direction.

Such as

How to start learning android app development course for beginners free ?

What are the free platform to learn Android app development course ?

Are you agree with me ?

It sound Cool.

So don’t worry. Now you are at right place.

Because I’m going to provide you FREE solution step-by-step here.

So be ready for learning quick.

But one question may be coming in your mind.

Why should you learn Android app development course ?

And of course this is very important question.

Because you must know the benefit before learning anything in life.

So that it’ll encourage you in learning process.

Well you know mobile user are increasing day by day.

And user requirement is also expanding.

Therefore mobile app development industry is booming. So you can choose Android app development as carrier.

Because mobile application developer salary is high today.

As well as mobile application developer job description is in demand.

So this is right time for you to get advantage from app development course.

Even If you’re beginner. You’re able to learn, how to build Android apps start from scratch, app development course for beginners.

There’re several android app development courses available.

Which can accomplish your dream fast.

Here i’m listing, some great android app development courses for beginners.

It’ll allow you to learn, how to develop new idea and Android applications.

Tip #4: Best Android App Development Courses for Beginners

I’m really HAPPY to provide this information.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn app development course near me.

So follow these steps.

1.Training for Android Developers by Google:

It’s AMAZING android app development courses for beginners.

Because this official video training module is designed by Google.

Which is best support for developers, to learn Android app development course free from scratch.

So always start from very basic application. Just to building apps with content sharing.

#For Example :

multimedia, Location and cloud connectivity.

Therefore once you finished with the fundamentals, you’ll be able to build apps like, work, TV, Mobile and many more.

So for advance app development course online.

You need some basic programming Skill.

This is what you do:

  • Learn basic programming Knowledge (Java, C and C++ ).
  • Install Java JDK
  • Install Android studio SDK

Now go to learn mobile app development course for beginners free.

Here’s course available free: Start Android Development

2.Building Mobile app Experiences by edX:

This’s also providing mobile app development course.

Which is making mobile devices, more attractive design and user interface.

So Coding for mobile application new design, that change truly the people’s lives.

which is essential focus on unique mobile experience.

And provide an advantage. Because you get a chance to share, and discuss your project with Android developers.

All around the world.

You are able to know Hcl design process. And develop a unique android application for daily life.

This is what you do:

  • Experience with Java or Objective C programming.
  • Duration: 12 Weeks.
  • Cost : Free

Approach the Course Here: Building Mobile Experiences.

Tip #5: What is programming for Mobile Applications Android free ?

It’s that Android app development course, Which include the fundamentals software applications.

That’s use for real mobile device.

The main focus areas of the course are application programming.

As well as user real experience attention and software architecture.

After finishing of this course. You are able to develop your own Android application.

And you’ll learn master related development capability.

The objective of this course is to provide basic knowledge of designing.

And implementing Android apps for smartphones and tablets.

This is what you do:

  • Basic skill and understanding of Java.
  • Access and use Google Android Studio.
  • Duration 4 week
  • Cost Free

Here’s Course available free: Programming Android Mobile Application.

Learn app development online for beginners

Online learning platform are available for mobile development.

Where you can accomplish many different short courses.

Which is for mobile development software. In which some courses are free and paid.

These courses are available from International universities.

#For example :

University of Maryland, University of London International Programmers, University of California.

from all around the world. So there’s best option for beginners to learn online program.

You have choice read review before decide. Which is right course for you.

So refer this link and check best course. Mobile development course

What is mobile application development cost ?

You may be searching for mobile application development cost.

How much does mobile application cost ?

Which is for food ordering, booking a flight, cab booking and chatting with your friend.

It’s really difficult to put a number, how much your app might cost.

Because there’re many parameters on which calculation are done.

But average costs, to help you get an idea.

A basic application, without back-end database, and API functionality.

As well as social media integration will cost between $2000 to $10000. In the US.

It can be around $8k.

Whereas the same application cost in India may be half.

The cost vary according to platform as well as country.

A complex application need experienced developers to develop.

Due to APIs, social media integration, back-end support.

Such application cost is around $40k to $80k.

Android App Development course for Beginners Absolute free:

Mybringback grant android app development course for beginners. With great quality of content practices.

It’s having a lot of useful concepts.

Because especially focus on working with the fundamentals approach.

This android development course is for couple of days.

And provide a basic knowledge of creating and implementing Android applications. Such as use for smartphones and tablets.

This is what you do:

  • Basic knowledge of programming with Java or any other object-oriented programming language.
  • Access for Android Studio.
  • Cost Free

Here’s available course free: Android programming by Mybringback


Android app development course learning is EASY. There is Basic and initial step towards building, an efficient and successful application. And all are Free best courses. So using this courses, you are able to develop your own Android app easily. The best part is, If you are willing to learn quick today. There are many course available online for Android app development. After reading this article.

Comment which tip your are going to use for android app development first. If this post is helpful for you, like comment and share. Otherwise dislike. I hope you enjoy learning Mobile App Development Course For Beginners (New Idea). You are having any doubt ask me, always here for your support.

3 top Mobile App Development Companies Review

You’re always having confusion to find best mobile app development companies.

So i’m going to crack down EVERYTHING, you need to know about mobile app development companies for your project.

Here is the tips bonus that is for you in this article.

1.what are different types of mobile app development companies ?

2.How to choose a mobile app development companies ?

3.How to decide location for mobile app development services around the world ?

4.Check Mobile App development Software tutorial

5.3 top app development companies list

6.Free mobile app development company

7.How to create mobile application without coding FREE ?

Which is the best mobile app development company?

The top 3 list of best mobile app development companies.
Why these are best ? keep reading ahead its review in this post.
Few other mobile app development companies.
* 360 Degree Technosoft, Openxcell, Fueled, Blue Label Labs .

Which company is free mobile app development without coding ?

appypie company is providing best platform, for FREE professional mobile app development without any coding knowledge.

You can make your app here in simple way right now. Many Branded companies are using this app platform.
Check for your project.

Where can I find app developers?

You can find here ioS and Android developers for your project. So it’s your own desire to hire developer from any platform given below.

You just check this portal and choose as per your requirement.

1. Freelance
2. Fiverr
3. Upwork
4. Hired

Tip #1: what are different types of mobile app development companies ?

There are basically two types of mobile app development companies. This is actually based upon your app requirement.

Just think there is only two possibilities for app. Either you need a small app, which is called Boutique app.

Or it may be for complex app for large volume of users. and it’s called enterprise app.

This is what you need to do.

  • you must decide what type of app you want to build.
  • Boutique app ( it’s for small shop or personal website and portfolio)
  • enterprise app ( this’s for eCommerce website or for a company)

Therefore on the basis of your requirement, mobile app is further divided into two major categories.

  • Hybrid apps
  • Native apps

Now what is Hybrid apps ? well a hybrid app can target multiple operating systems, such as both iOS and Android.

Here is a catch, it offers less functionality and design, but independent of operating system.

For example :

Hybrid apps run on apple iPhone as well as Android phone both.

Next what do you think about Native apps ?

It’s different such as, A native app can only operate on the operating system it is specifically designed for.

But it can be more complex.

Hence the important point you need to check is that,

Certain mobile app development companies are specialize in either Android or iOS apps development.

So understanding exactly, what talent you’ll need is critical to finding the right team for your project.

Now i hope your concept is clear, what are different mobile app development companies in the market.

And one thing i want to say, if you want to know more about Android or ioS app development.

Then you should refer this link Mobile app development and share your feedback.

TIP #2: How to choose a mobile app development companies ?

I hope you know about mobile camera pixel. If you don’t know, let me explain right now. what is meaning of pixel ?

A pixel is the smallest unit of any digital image or graphic.

which can be displayed and represented on a digital display device.

Such that these smallest pixel are combined to form a complete image,video,text.

So due to pixel anything is made possible to visible on computer or mobile screen.

Therefore pixel is also called as picture element. Because as Mega pixel is increases, then photo clarity is enhanced on mobile screen.

So perfect pixel professional is required for better mobile app development.

If you want to know more about pixel role and importance in mobile device. then refer the link Best mobile under 10000

So Before assigning any project to mobile app development companies.

This is what you need to check ?

  • you must investigate mobile application development company website in details. So that you can get information previous clients and their record.
  • customer feedback and review. It’ll clear you how many successfully project is completed by this company, and happy customer.
  • customer support and help line services. This indicate how much company is caring and dedicated for their client work.
  • Perfect pixel team professional for mobile app development. it’s given you idea, how better and fast your project will complete.
  • Discuss the point with selected company, if they are doing their own work, it’s good for you. Because you can expect, your job to be done with same quality.

Tip #3: How to decide location for mobile app development services around the world ?

I think you’re agree with me. when i say:

It’s REALLY hard to choose right company for your app development from a long list.

which is in front of you. for mobile app development services.

Because there are many mobile app development companies in the world.

But don’t afraid my tip will help you. which location is better for your project.

Hence you have three options, So whenever it comes to decide location for your app development team.

Here’s the story: you need to know.

  • Onshore
  • Nearshore
  • Offshore

Therefore onshore app development companies are located same as your country.

For example if you are located in the United States, it’ll be also in United States.

But an Onshore team will cost the most of three options.

However onshore team is having the advantage of same working time zone.

As well as culture, language, and more. So an onshore partner may be the best option for you.

Because communication is often easier and helping relieve your stress as well as no confusion.

Now Nearshore is that, which is close to your home country. So often nearly a same time zone.

But offering cheaper rate.

Therefore in the United States, nearshore app development is mostly found in Latin America.

And Offshore specify to countries, which is away from your home country.

So the most well known offshore app development locations for India, include United states.

As well as European countries like UK.

It may be you afraid, to associate with a nearshore or offshore app development company.

But the best offshore or nearshore companies, is having software and processes for smooth communication.

and teamwork for their clients.

Hence it does’t matter, how far distance they are located away from you.

So just you do the proper research about company to make sure this is true.

Tip #4: Check Mobile App development Software tutorial

Well, no matter at all, how good the company looks on paper.

You can’t know they are right for your project.

So for this check their mobile app development software.

As well as mobile app development tutorial and engage in discussion with the team.

If you are interested in a particular app development company.

Then always ask them any prior projects similar to yours.

And which Mobile App development Software is used.

As well as for Mobile App development tutorial. And how they handled the projects.

So this is what you need to check:

  • Discover market research
  • Find out, if an app is the best suitable for you to meet your business target.
  • Generate prototypes of the app
  • Fix Schedule for project’s work

After that an app development company will offer, you a more accurate price estimate for the project.

Therefore you have also choice to check other app development company rate. if you desire.

Hence discovery stage is main hurdle.

Then check if you are satisfied with the app development company’s work,price and communication.

Then it’s much in safer position to go for app development with them.

App development is really complex process. So it’s best to spend some amount of time.

before shopping the right app development company.

But you are not able to check every company and do the research.

Therefore i am providing here top three company list. which you can check and refer your project.

Tip #5: 3 top app development companies

Why they are best for mobile app development ? well these companies are fully IT sector companies.

And 100% passionate about challenging mobile app development project.

With well experienced professional team.

As well as recognized for making apps for businesses that lead to great innovation.

They are also specialize in custom and cross-platform mobile app development.

Apart from creating Android and iOS apps.

And provide best client support. If your are planing for mobile app development companies.

Then check and offer your project to these companies.

  1. consagous
  2. envative
  3. seasiainfotech

These companies are providing regular, Mobile app development training to their developer.

Because they are developing best quality mobile app in the market.

And provide their employee best mobile app development salary out of the market.

And winning many customer satisfaction around the world.

Tip #6: Free mobile app development companies

This is time of smartphone, Everything is available on finger tip.

Do you know the fact of mobile app ?

Here is real fact :

Due to using application by people, mobile app development companies are earning million of dollar every month.

So you can’t create your own application Free, and start thousands of dollar earning every month.

Just by uploading your app on play stores.

So many of you have desire for app development.

But you think can i make my own app FREE ?

Is there any website platform ?

Where you are able to make your mobile application FREE.

then answer is absolutely YES.

Because in this tip, i am going to explain, how you can make your own app free ?

And the best part is that, you can make all types of application here FREE.

#For example :

  • Food order App
  • Shopping
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Business
  • Fitness
  • Finance
  • Real estate
  • website

And many other option is available for your choice.

you can do it, Without any coding knowledge.

Just in very simple way right now.

you know there are many app builder website.

But this website is number one for app making.

Due to its more uses and value of money.

For example many top companies like Nike, Sodexo, Accenture, Loreal, Southwest, Deloitte.

And many more are using its app.

If you want to develop your own mobile application FREE.

Then go ahead to learn, how you are going to create your app free of cost.

Tip #7: How to create mobile application without coding FREE ?

  • Just go to website appypie
  • Click on get started

#Follow this steps :

Here a window will appear in front of you.

So first you need to fill your app name.

After that you have to select, your categories name from below given list with icon.

You can also change here preview according to you requirement, like iPhone, Android and windows.

And then click on next button.

you will see a new small window, here enter your Facebook username page simply or can skip.

Then click next button. Then choose your app design.

How it’ll look on real mobile device. So select your layout here.

And click on next button.

Now here you have to do some little work according to your business.

Here you can add different pages for your professional app requirement.

By default some page option is already included.

#For example :

About us, now you are able to edit that page, just click on that page and do editing and customize it.

There are also some more options available, like login page.

which you can add and enable this feature.

As well as you can delete any feature and pages.

How you will add some extra features in your app ?

Just click on plus icon button and add new features, you want to add.

#For example :

Dictionary, store, eCommerce, social media, live chat, map and many more.

It’s as simple just click and add.

Even you are able to live preview, how your app is looking ?

There are also more setting, where you can upload your own logo and custom design.

Now if your app is finally ready.

Then click on save and continue button.

Here you need to signup and logging using you email id.

After that you have to choose your plan.

You are able to select free or premium plan. So click on free plan.

Now your app building process is started.

Therefor wait for 10 minute during this your app is ready.

Hence your application is finally ready for download.

Then for downloading just use QR code or with link code.

Because you know, if you are an unknown source, and downloading application.

Then you have to enable unknown source code in your Android phone.

Now here Dashboard is available.

you are able to see all features included in your app, even you can change it anytime in future.

If you desire to make any changes. Now you go and check your application in your mobile.

well it’s very cool for mobile app development free.

Now upload this app on Google play store and start earning money .

Conclusion :

  • Check all this tip, before assign your project to any company.
  • Using this tip you are sure to find right development company, for your project without fail @low price rate.
  • Try to offer your project onshore company.
  • If your app user volume is large, then go for Hybrid app.
  • Make your Professional App FREE
  • Comment which tip are you going to try first ?

I hope you enjoy learning, 3 top Mobile App Development Companies Review. If this post is helpful for you then like, share and comment. otherwise dislike. Ask me if any doubt, i am always here for your support. thanks for sharing.

How to do Mobile App Development in 2019

In this post i’m going to break down EVERYTHING, you need to know about mobile app development.

  1. What is mobile app development ?
  2. Why Mobile app development is best carrier choice ?
  3. Why do you want to become a mobile app developer ?
  4. What is mobile app development platform ?
  5. How to create a mobile app ?
  6. How to use mobile app software SDK ?
  7. How to use Google Android studio ?
  8. Which programming language is use for mobile app development ?
  9. How to launch mobile app ?
  10. How to make your mobile app popular ?
  11. How to earn money with mobile app ?
  12. How much money you need to invest for mobile app launch ?

Now are you ready to learn about Mobile App development ? if yes,

then you are going to learn the best part of mobile app right now keep reading.

How can I create mobile applications?

It is Easy to create mobile application, first you need a good idea for mobile application, which is useful for people, then select one platform On which you want to develop, from any of these ioS, Android & Windows. after that develop your application, and launch on app store. If you want how to do this, then keep reading this post.

How much does it cost to build an app?

It depend upon the platform on which you want to develop your app for example apple ioS $99 per year , Android studio $25 one time payment and Windows $19 one time payment. if you want to know when and how to pay, then continue reading this post complete.

Which programming language is best for app development?

This is also dependent on platform, Such that if you want to develop your app on ios then you need to use Objective C & Swift programming language. And for Android studio Java & XAML is required. Now for Windows HTML, CSS & XML programming. But Java is best, if you want to know, why Java programming language is best, then keep reading ahead.

Step 1:

What is Mobile App Development ?

Smartphones and tablets are the most important device for human today. Mobile has made its place in every pocket, due to its features and functionality.

Because peoples are using mobile for businesses as well as entertainment. So most of the time people are spending on mobile. And this is the main reason,

Why mobile is near and dear for everybody right now ?

Because as per mobile popularity and demand is increasing in the market. its functionality is enhancing day by day. With the help of mobile application development.

Hence mobile new application feature is attracting more peoples towards mobile device. And this is the best solution, for online your businesses around the world on finger tip.

So Mobile app development is becoming more and more popular among the people. Because it is providing your business online platform in minimum cost budget.

Mobile app development main root is from traditional software development. But it is only for mobile technology device.

Step 2:

Mobile Application development is best carrier choice

I hope you are agree with me. Virtually everyone today has a smart phone in their pocket. Do you know ? How do people spend time on their mobile ?

wonderful result, 90% of time on mobile is spent in Apps only. So there’s a amazing opportunity, for you in mobile application development field.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go back to school to do this. Because there’s a online tools and software, and which is also free.

through which you are able to do, mobile application development easily. But there’s a catch, for mobile app development.

So you must know this important point, before doing mobile app development. Therefore if you want to develop a good mobile app,

Then first you need a good idea and creativity, for mobile app development. And apart from learning programming language, you should have awareness about current market trending.

For Example :

Which types of app is running in the market, as well as which mobile app people are downloading more.

Suppose if Song and Whatsapp is already available in the market. then why you will develop this type of app. So it is necessary that, your app idea must be unique.

and problem solver. Such that your app solve people problems. Then definitely your app will run and earn in the market.

You can check this app idea, and how much earning right now.

Mobile tracker Free this is best app free.

Step 3:

why do you want to become a mobile app developer ?

Well you are probably aware of, how popular mobile apps are today. And how easily people are earning from mobile app development.

But just see, how many apps are available right now.

For example You can refer this free app for location trace Cell phone location.

Google Play > number of apps 3,000,000

Apple App Store > 2,500,000 Apps

Windows store > 1,000,000 application

Amazon App Store > 800,000

BlackBerry World > 500,000

Now don’t be afraid by the number of apps available across different platforms. But sure you’ll have some competition.

And most of these are likely not be in your industry. So you not need to worry about competing against those.

But it’s important that, you have a clear goal and good idea before, you become a mobile app developer.

Here are few common chances, why do you want to become a mobile app developer.

  • You want to establish your own startup company.
  • You’re trying to be a freelancer for mobile app development to earn money.
  • If You are a business owner, but does’t have funds to outsource your business mobile app development.

For example :

you have a big idea, and want to be next snap-chat or Instagram. If you think like that, then i really admire your high ambition.

This is not an easy route, but possible if your dream is your passion. And definitely you’re successful, It’s potentially most profitable business right now.

So you need to learn how to do everything from scratch. Therefore learn here everything step-by-step. And the best part is majority of mobile application is free.

Step 4:

Which is best mobile app development platform ?

Now you have decided your app idea. So on which platform, you’ll develop your app. Because there are mainly three mobile app development platform.

which is called cross platform mobile app development.

  1. ioS (Apple) > If you want to earn more money from your app, then you should choose ioS app. Because in Android more apps are uploaded regularly,

And hence more piracy in Android. But ioS is more strict regulations. ioS check many things strictly before uploading any app in ioS store.

Because ioS user check many things before downloading any app. So there is more profit margin.

Now you can’t develop ios app on your PC. You need a mac book or imacro, which is product of apple.

2 . Android > If you want to make your app more popular, and provide user to free. Then select Android platform. Also if you want to earn money through advertisement.

Therefore provide user free download app, and monetize ads on your app to earn money. Hence become popular among user.

And this is also a good idea, because in starting if you provide paid app, then more user will not download. So in startup if your app is free,

then after popular you can make it paid app.

3 . Windows > If any good idea app is already published, on ioS & Android, then you can develop it for windows phone.

Because many user are migrating from ioS & Android to windows, user strength of windows is also increasing day by day.

Step 5:

How to create mobile app ?

Now you have selected platform, then next step is, how to design and development of mobile app. So if you want to create mobile app on ioS platform.

Then you can use XCode (IDE) interface builder to use ready-made templates. So that you can follow a consistency for ioS platform for mobile app development.

Now if you want to create mobile app on Android platform. Then you can visit Android site . where you will get online guideline,

where you will get online guideline,

tutorials, fonts, color, styles, control and libraries functions. So you will get here all information on Android platform about mobile app development.

Now for windows platform, you visit Windows site for mobile app development. Here you will get information like,

Elements, navigation, pattern, layouts, templates and control.

Step 6:

How to use mobile app software ?

Well now you have decided platform and design, then how you will start to develop your own mobile app. So for this very first,

you have to register yourself, as a developer on that platform, which you have already selected for mobile app development.

Because you are able to use that platform SDK (software development kit).

# Example :

ioS platform, you have to got to apple official website, Apple and register yourself as a developer in account section.

As soon as you register after that you are able to download ioS Xcode SDK. Now if i talk about programming language, then you can use objective C or Swift

language to develop your mobile app. On Apple developer website, you can find many tools, tutorials,technique and library functions.

And with the help of ioS simulator, you are able to testing your mobile app. Then next, if your mobile app is fully developed,

after that to lunch your own developed app, you have to pay $99 to apple each year.

Step 7:

Google android app development software

Now if you want to develop your app on Android platform. then you have to register on Google official website, Google

and then download Android studio from official website Android studio

If you are not comfortable with Android studio, then you can use eclipse IDE. This is also popular and many developer use eclipse IDE.

Now for your app testing, you can use Android Emulator. In Android studio, you will get all interface like, interface designing, code editor and debugging.

After that if you want to lunch Google app, then you have to pay $25 to Google one time payment.

Now for windows platform, you desire to develop your own app.

then you need to register on official website of windows Microsoft . And this registration is free.

So by using windows SDK and Microsoft universal windows platform (UWP), you can easily develop your own mobile app.

Now for programming language, you can use C++, HTML, CSS and XAML. and Visual studio is already integrated in windows SDK by default.

Hence to lunch your app on windows platform, then you are required to pay $19, one time payment to Microsoft for individual. and $99 one time payment for organization.

Step 8:

which programming language are use for mobile app ?

It’s time for you to know, which programming language is required to develop, mobile application for different platform.

Now if your object oriented programming system (OOPs) concept is clear, then you can easily develop your own mobile app.

As i discussed above first you need to select platform, On which you want to develop your mobile app.

#Example :

  1. ioS platform (Objective C & Swift) programming language is uses.

2. Android platform (Java & XML) software programming language is use for mobile app development.

3. Windows platform (HTML, CSS & XAML) software is run for mobile app development.

Whenever your app is finally developed, then it’s important to do real device mobile app testing for your app.

you can also test on emulator, but always do testing on real device, Because you are able to see the clear performance of app on real device.

So it’s essential to check app performance, on real device before launching.

Step 9:

How to launch mobile app ?

Cool you have done app testing on real device, and it’s perfectly working fine, now this is time for app launching.

So for this, first you need to submit your app for approval, to app store whatever platform you have chosen.

Now you can get your app approval fast or it can take some time. It depend upon terms and condition for publishing, like no malicious code, clean syntax is used.

As well as debugging free, So if you care on this part, then you’ll definitely get fast approval.

As soon as you get approval, then your app is launched. Well what’s next, keep reading.

Step 10:

How to make your mobile app popular ?

Well done your app is launched on app store. Now your work is not over here, think what can you do, to make it successful.

Do you know everyday many app developer upload their app on store. So it’s very important that your app should be discoverable.

Such that whenever your user search your app, then find this easily in store.

and this’s only possible, if you mention in your app its proper keyword, title and description.

Even you can tie-up with any advertisement network to promote your app ads. Also don’t avoid user comments and suggestions.

Reply every user comments & suggestions.

And target the particular audience. As well as promote on social media like, Facebook, twitter, Instagram & Printrest.

So that you can get fast popularity. Keep reading for next great point.

Step 11

How to earn with Free or Paid App ?

It’s also very important, how you’ll provide this app to user free or paid. This is totally dependent upon you, but a good idea is necessary.

Which will help your app famous among the user and more revenue profit. So for this if your app is having unique idea,

then you can provide user to download only one time payment. Or if you feel your app will slowly grow, then in this case you can provide free app download

to user, and place ads inside the app, and can earn money with advertisement.

Other option is Freemium, if your app is addictive, in this case user will get free app, but after certain level and other features user will pay money.

So you can use this types of concept and decide yourself, which option is better for your application as well as revenue profit.

Therefore this is the all Information, if you are planning for mobile app development.

I hope you enjoy learning Mobile App Development (Best Guide Step-by-Step). If you feel this post is helpful for you, then like, comment and share on social media. Otherwise dislike, you are having any doubt, ask me always here for your support. thanks for sharing this post.

Track a Cell Phone Location For Free Mind-Blowing

Track a cell phone location for free, any mobile is possible for general people. But how it’s possible, See to be honestly any mobile location tracking is not simple and easy, for general public due to security reason.

I will explain in details here, don’t worry. But still there is only one right method, through which you are able to find, the location for any mobile number.

And this is only for you knowledge, So don’t try to misuse this.

Here i am going to provide you step-by-step guide, such that how to find someones location using their cell phone number.

And you will know here, What is the fact how to track a cell phone location without them knowing

As well as people having many misconception about phone location tracking. So do you want to know ? What’s the real story behind it ? keep reading.

How to track a cell phone location for free live ?

Well very first i like to fairly clear your doubt, to track the any location is impossible for general public.

So only the police and Government agencies of that particular country can trace the any location. Rest anyone can’t trace any location.

But still i am sharing you, some method and step through which, you are able to reach near the live location. Hence except this method, there is no any alternate option, through which you can reach near to anyone live location.

Now why can’t general public trace anyone live location ? Well think yourself, Why does this matter ?

Suppose If a person is able to trace easily any other man location. Then security of that country is in danger. So location tracking is illegal.

Therefore ordinary people can only track location to some extent. So up to what extent, you are capable to trace. Just i am about to explain here.

Just keep reading, how to track a Cell Phone Location For Free.

How to find someones location using their cell phone number ?

To trace anyone location to the some extent with mobile number is easy, with the help of two great App.

So first you need to install these two App in your mobile phone. Then you are able to reach out, near the live location of anyone.

But there’s a catch. How you will reach ? near the live location by using these App. And this application is available in Google Play store.

So for this catch, continue reading. So why you are waiting go and download today. and use this feature to trace location simple and quick.

Best Application for location trace

  1. IP logger

First go to play store and search for Ip logger. Then you will find there, “Ip logger URL shortner”. Then install this application in your mobile. Refer the snap below.

2 IP Location

Now again search for other App in play store. Then you find ip location app, install this app in your mobile see the snap below.

After both the application is successfully installed in your mobile, then first open Ip logger app. And accept disclaimer.

You are using first time, so you need to create account before use this app. To make your account simply fill your email id and password only. See the image below.

No need to create account in Ip location app. It is open simply, here you only need to check Ip based information.

This is the best process to track a Cell Phone Location For Free.

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing ?

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing is easy But some catch’s here. So i am describing step-by-step, follow this simple step and you are able to trace live location.

# Follow this Steps :

  • First open chrome browser or UC browser any.
  • Through browser Search any funny or attractive picture (Attention choose best picture, eye catching so that anyone can click easily)
  • Select any best photo.
  • Tap few second on selected image, then page info will shown. Now click on page info, and copy link URL.
  • Open Ip logger, and go to image URL option open it. Paste image selected url, After that click on create, it will create short url.
  • Copy logger url
  • Share logger url to whom you want to trace location, through Whatsapp, Facebook, message, the important part is that he has to click on that url. So for that use power word. like very funny picture, breaking news, write some temptation message. So that it is click quickly.
  • If your shared image is click, then it will show in your Ip logger records. Then click on records, after that ip and location of clicker will appear on screen. again click on ip to Copy ip address of clicker.
  • Open Ip location application, and click on lens icon, then ip location window is open, now paste ip here. and then click on OK button.
  • Now you are able to see live location of that person, which has clicked on your shared image. Hence all information is available here you can see. look like below image.

This is the best part of this app, track a Cell Phone Location For Free with ip address.

How to trace mobile number current location online

How to trace mobile number current location online ? is totally based upon the ip address in this case. But if person is not online, then you are not able to trace him.

or if the person is again on, off his mobile and then connect with internet. So in this case his ip address is also change. Hence again you are not able to trace the accurate location.

Here even you are able to see GPS lat and long of that man in the above picture.

So to find location of that person, there are two ways through which you can reach out to that location.

1 click on Google map icon, it will show you location.

2 If you want to see, how far distance is that person from your location. then click on icon near google map. Which will show current distance.

Even you can see satellite view. how to reach there by road ? just zoom the satellite view, then you are able to see the clear location of that person.

So he is not knowing, and you are tracing him. Hence “track a cell phone location without them knowing” is done.

But unless the shared image is not clicked, you will not get the ip address of that person and are not able to trace.

Therefore i hope you understand it well step-by-step guide, and now you are intelligent to trace any location right now.

Through this process, you are even able to find out distance between you and target device for, tracking a Cell Phone Location For Free.

# Now this is time for great explanation about ip. Think what you have done here ?

what is Ip address ? Who provide this Ip address ? How important is ip address ?

with the help of Ip address, you are intelligent to trace any location. So As i promise you to explain in details.

What’s story behind it, keep reading to know misconception.

What is my ip mind-blowing ?

Well how police trace your real time location, from mobile number and Ip address.

If you are using internet, watching video on YouTube or accessing any website then don’t forget, you are under location tracking.

Because a Ip is allotted to you for internet access.

And do you know ? with this ip address can be reach to your home location. Even your real time location is find out.

So first you must understand “what is my ip meaning ?

Well Ip address is just like your car or bike.

But there is a difference your car or bike is always in your control. whereas Ip address is not in your control.

It is control by your telecom service provider operator company. But basic function is almost same. Let me compare the both function.

Just think when you want to purchase a car. What is requirement to buy a car ?

1 you have to pay money.

2 you are to provide your identification and address proof documents. Because if you do anything wrong in future, by car then can reach out to you easily.

Then car dealer provide you a car with a number. such that your id and address is capture in your car number.

And now you are free to move by car anywhere using fuel.

Now in similar way. When you want to use internet, then your service provider check your account balance for data use, and you have already taken the SIM before, with providing your id proof document.

So they have already your address and id proof.

After that they allot you a Ip number to access internet.

Here fuel is your network coverage area. just like car if no fuel, then you are not able to move.

So same as if you are not in coverage network area. you can’t access internet or any website.

If you want to know more about internet click link, What is Internet

# The best story is not end here. Because it is just start keep reading.

what is my local ip address simple meaning ?

When you want to connect with Internet, then your internet service provider (ISP), assign you a ip number, which is also called your local Ip address.

Now through this ip address you are able to connect any website worldwide.

But do you know ? when you access any website, then those website know all details about you.

Like what is you ip address, who are you ? from where you are accessing, as well as which device you are accessing website.

Hence as many website you access, all website get your complete information with date and time. In technical term IP is called (Internet protocol).

So all the communication on internet is based upon the Ip address in the network.

Therefore no one knows, what is your computer name or mobile number.

On network communication does’t care about name and number. But only consider ip address for communication.

So on internet as many devices are connected. Examples watch, Tv, laptop, mobile and many more all are assigned ip address.

This ip is important because it’s actually using to Track a Cell Phone Location For Free.

Who provide my IP address ?

Your ip address is provided by your’s service provider.

But they are not IP address maker, Because service provider get this Ip address from an authority.

And this is Internet assigned number authority (iana ).

which allot the all IP addresses worldwide. So this authority manages all ip addresses in the world.

And knows which ip address is allotted to whom. Hence iana has divided ip address according to global region wise.

# Example :

for Asia continent (APNIC), So Airtel, JIO, Vodafone in India has got IP address from (APNIC) in bunch, like one crore IP addresses.

Then these telecom companies distribute these ip addresses in its local region. that is why, you are good to Track a Cell Phone Location For Free.

Now if you want to check your ip address, Because you are using internet, So before connect to internet your service provider assign you a ip address.

Then just search in google “what is my ip”

you will see a ip number on your screen, and that is your ip assigned by your service provider (ISP).

Therefore at that time, you are using this ip and can be track, if you are doing something wrong.

Remember this ip is dynamic, it is not fixed ip, whenever you will on, off or disconnect, you will get different ip address, Which is check by your service provider, and assign to you whatever is available or free in that particular area.

How my ip address location is manage ?

All Service providers pay money for each ip address.

Suppose Airtel has only 100 IP address, But his customer is 200.

then how it’s manage, well they know that at a time 200 customer, will not be available on internet.

So whenever you off your internet connection, Or not using, then your Ip address is allotted to other person.

But they maintain log file at what time, which ip is allotted to whom for how much duration.

Therefore all this information is capture in log file, which is handle by operator companies.

# But think what will happen, if 200 customer is available on internet at same time.

Boom Airtel server will down, and display message like secure connection is failed.

Or they can off internet for some time, So that some people will go back. and as many ip is available again people will connect.

How Police and Government agencies trace with IP address tracker ?

Well anyone can’t find real time location for any other person with ip address.

Because Ip address is also dynamic, it is moving. One ip is allotted to many person even within a hour. If you want to know more about IP, then click on link what is IP Address.

So it is clear that with the help of IP address, You can’t find real time accurate location.

Now Police and government agencies has direct connection with ISP.

And if they want to trace any mobile number, then put that number on surveillance.

If mobile is on then it is connected to near base station tower (BTS) in real time.

And hence it is easily trace with mobile number, from which tower BTS this mobile number is currently connected. So in this way real time location is trace.

You are under Government and agency Tracking

If you are using mobile or Internet then be careful always.

Because in case you are doing something wrong, then using your ip address, You can be trace out and possible to reach your home location.

So don’t do anything wrong be safe and secure from government and agency.

If you are not doing anything wrong, then you will not be under trace.

So whatever you are doing online, just do it in the correct way to be safe and secure yourself.

I hope you enjoy learning Track a Cell Phone Location For Free Mind-Blowing. If you feel this post is helpful for you, then like, comment and share in social media, otherwise dislike. Your are having any doubt in app and ip logger, then ask me i am always here for your support. Thanks for sharing.

How to Set Up a Conference Call Like a Boss

How to Set Up a Conference Call is very easy, if you know the correct step, So learn here best method. Because i am going to explain here the right way. How to do it quick and effortless ? Only 3 simple steps, how to setting up a conference call with full confidence anytime anywhere. So keep reading for The best part ?

Why setting up a conference call is important ?

Well you are living in a technology era. And technology is power for human. what is the most important thing of everyone life ? Common that is time. But think why this is most important ? Because on the Earth planet time is constant. Everybody are getting equal time credited in their account everyday 24 hours.

And you know time can’t be stop, it is running. So all person want maximum work output to utilize this time. Therefore in this scenario, technology is helping human to save your time and energy. like How to Set Up a Conference Call. taken an example for better understand.

Suppose you have an important message for your company employees or it may be for your business members or many more. And that employees and business members are located in different part of the world.

Now you want to convey a message to all your employees staff Or business members. Then in this case how to set up a conference call will help to save your time as well as energy. I hope you got what’s conference call ? and why it’s great ?

therefore this’s essential to know and set up a conference call fast. And here i’m describing easy and correct way for setting up a conference call. How can you actually use this ? Right now Step-by-step keep reading.

3 Best Steps How to Set Up a Conference Call ?

All businesses are currently using modern communication system. For discussion of plan and hosting meeting online. And you generally get invitation through email everyday.

Even you can schedule and organize your webinars or events free and fast. just send your invitation and manage your meeting with

And all is simply done from your outlook account, though email and Google calendar, it’s that simple. So this’s the best part to save your time and money. Hence why to wait ? just Start right now today, how to set up a conference call . So how can you use, and What’s the real story ? keep reading.

  1. Setting up a conference call. First appoint a date and time for your conference call.
  2. Invite Welcome message to your all Participants. But send all Participants an invitation with your PIN, a well as date/time and dial-in number(s).
  3. Initiate your conference call as per scheduled agreed time. To do this just all participants dial in and enter your PIN to join your conference call right now.

How to Invite Free HD Audio,Video and Screen Sharing ?

Here’s the great deal:

A conference call is the best way to connect with a group. There are few ways through which you can send invitation. And can connect anyone from anywhere anytime all around the World.

1 Online Invitation or through email :

Now to Send an Invitation, you first need to login in your account. If you want free account for conference call, how to create, how to set up and manage, as well as the available best features. All things you want to know step-by-step guide, Then refer below link Free Conference call.

Free Conference call

2 Google Calendar

  • Open a chrome browser, Enter your Google account details credential and sign in.
  • Add chrome extension, For this go to the Google Calendar Extension in the Chrome Store and then click Add to Chrome.
  • Confirm the new extension dialog box Click on Add extension.
  • Now Sign in to your account, And then click Approve (Only first instance required)
  • Create an event, Here need to fill out event details, Like click the add location description along with your meeting details. After that click to save.
  • Start your meeting right now all is done.

3 Outlook plugin

Here your account login details are required that’s (email and password) to finish download. If you are not having account, then first create your free account Today, Sign Up right Now

# Download outlook plugin :

For this Double click the FreeConferenceCallMicrosoftOfficePluginSetup.exe file. But this outlook plugin is only for Windows.

# Installation process :

This is Automatically done by Setup Wizard only click on Install button on pop up window.

# Finish Installation :

A Pop up Window is appeared after installation only click on Finish button.

# Open Outlook :

Here a window is open now click on Meet Now button icon to loggin into your account.

Enter Credentials :

Here Enter your username and password, So that your account is link to your outlook account.

# Schedule a Meeting :

Now to Schedule a meeting, click drop button, then click Schedule a Meeting. A template for meeting will appear. Then you choose date,time and location for your meeting.

# Appointments :

After schedule is finish a template will appear click on Appointment button and add participants by clicking Invite Attendees.

# Start your meeting today Quick all is done.

Important keypad commands use for meeting control

  1. Press (*5) once to mute all participants
  2. By pressing (*6) mute all participants
  3. Again press (*5) to mute all participants, now in this case Participants are NOT able to unmute themselves.
  4. Press again (*5) to return the normal conference mode open
  5. By default all participants lines are unmuted. Which allow all partners to talk
  6. Press (*6) Self mute
  7. Press (*7) to lock the conference and block all other participants
  8. Press (*8) for turn off entry and exit tones
  9. Press (*9) followed by 1 to confirm you want to start the conference recording
  10. press again (*9) followed by 1 to stop recording

How to set up a conference call on an iphone

Whenever you make a call from smartphone. You can talk at the same time up to five, other people with the help of conferencing call. So how to start conference call with your mobile. Here is very simple 4 steps, through which it is done fast.

  1. Make a call
  2. Then go to in-call-menu, and tap add-call. During you dial the second number, the first call will be kept on hold. If you are unable to see the in-call-menu, then tap the hide keypad button, to show it on the front screen on your mobile.
  3. Once you have the second person available on the line, then tap merge-calls to connect everyone on line.
  4. Repeat step two and three to add more participants to the conference call.

What’s iphone conference call limit ?

The iphone allows you to merge up to five calls at a time, to change them into a conference call. But do you ever think, why is this five call limitation for conference call ? Well you will know right now the fact.

This is due actually Conference calling on your iPhone is mostly a single-tap process. So it only allows five people to connect at an instance.

How to set up a conference call on skype fast

Start free conference calls with Skype right now today. Whenever you need to share a big news with your family, Friends and business partners. Then Audio calling is not the best way to show your happiness. So with Skype video group calling, also including conference calling and group chats.

Hence the best part is that, you can host a group video conference call for up to 25 people free. Even you are able to add more user, who are having Skype account, and this is totally free.

But what about those, who are not having Skype account. Just call them on their mobile or landline number with Skype Credit or a subscription. And initiate making gruop calls today. Therefore enjoy the free features of Skype quick.

Start skype for business conference call today

You can fast start a group call for your businesses. Here all features are available related to your business requirements, like meeting schedule, file sharing, conference call Audio and Video, screen desktop sharing as well, and many more other services.

How to start a conference call ?

First make sure your contacts are available by checking their present status. After that follow the below steps, to invite them for conference call.

  1. Go to in the Skype for Business main window, which is in your contact list. And then hold down the Ctrl key, and click the names of your contacts to select them for your meeting.
  2. Then right-click the selection, and click Start a Conference Call.
  3. Click on Skype Call. That’s done so simple.

# Now receiver will get a notification for conference call, and he can accept or reject your request for conference call.

How to add more people to the conference call ?

If you wish to add more people to your conference call, Simply drag their names from contact list into the meeting. Or you can add from menu as well.

  1. See in the current conversation window, in the participants panel, then click on invite-more-people button.
  2. Select which you wish, from the list, then click OK. This is done Skype for Business calls, So use this features today.

If you want to know more about new technology, then you refer my previous post. This link is given below.

Mobile Tracker Free Download

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Free Call online to mobile SMS ( Free Best Service)

Free Call online is best option for you, If you are looking for free International phone calls around the world. Even you can send message text local and International free SMS. Approximately any mobile phones and landline phones in the world.

And the best part is that, you are not required to sign up and create any account. So enjoy this free calling and SMS services account free. Because there is no any special requirement for free fone call. Only you need to java enable browsers with internet connection.

Whenever you make a phone call, then an extra notification will pop up, Which is allow to use microphone, then click on allow. So that the website run and access all required resources. Make sure this is important step for making calls.

What is limit for free call online ?

Good question, there is a limit for phone calls for a single laptop device. And the maximum calls and SMS within 24 hour is only one (Call and SMS) is allowed. This is due to prevent the service abuse. Whenever this limit is reached, Then user are getting notification of the same.

And this alert message is wait next 24 hour before trying to use this free service again. After passing 24 hour you can place your next call again. Hence this service is totally free online texts and phone calls.

Neither you pay any cost nor your call receiver pay any coins for receiving phone calls. So this is why limited phone calls are allowed. Don’t worry i am going to provide step by step guide, how you will use this service free fone call keep reading.

What is special to make phone calls ?

This service allow you to make free VOIP calls from your PC or smartphone. Just you use any standard web browser. There is no need to download any Apps and plugins. So there is absolutely no any payment is required. Simply inter the phone number and click on call button to start your first call.

This is free internet calls from PC to mobile. you call for free to any phone number around the world using internet. You can use many of different apps to call for free, but keep in mind that those app only work. If the receiver has the same app installed in his computer or smartphone. Because SKYPE is a good example of that.

But free call online support make free phone calls web browser based application. Which allow user to connect free internet VOIP calls to mobile phones. So it is very special that forget everything, like account creation, sing up and payment. Just go directly and make International phone calls free. Hence this is really lovable. I also use this service for making International call free.

Why its Call quality is better ?

Well VOIP stand for Voice over Internet protocol. And this is a good technology, which allows to use internet for making phone calls online. So this is generally called Internet phone. But this is different from other service provider.

such as SKYPE that offers free calls via internet to mobile and landline phones. And this service generate all calls from the web browser to a phone endpoint via VOIP technology. The main difference between this technology and regular is cost of using it.

What is advantage of using VOIP Technology ?

  1. It is independence from big telecom networks. Because its call is not routed through regular telecommunication services.
  2. Freedom of choice. There are many Apps and service provider are available in the market as a VOIP service care.
  3. No bills and Contract. Use free this service without paying any coins. Only internet connection is required for free call online
  4. Free phone calls in local networks, such as same networks.
  5. Free unlimited calls to users from any part of the world.
  6. Very Cheap or almost no cost specially in case of International phone calling
  7. No any roaming surplus full mobility free, such applications are available to install in smartphone and tablet
  8. Data transfer for application is also easy through VOIP technology

There are also few disadvantages, This should acknowledge such as.

  1. it needed to have a computer with internet connection to use this service.
  2. Your handset must support this technology to use this application.
  3. Sometime phone calls quality issue, Which is not good for user experience.

But here you are seeing VOIP technology advantages is more than disadvantages. And this is reason VOIP is making its own place in Telecommunication market So its sense and interest are growing everyday. Because it assurance to reduce phone calls costs.

What are different Free Online Phone services ?

There are mainly four services. Which you can use completely free of cost anywhere anytime with one day limited times. But you really enjoy to make free phone calls, you no need to go for long registration process, This is SAFE and EASY to use.

P2P file sharing

This is better choice in case of if your email account is not accessible to share any files. it is having option provide you free P2P file transfer, as well as share unlimited files to your family and friends across the globe.

There is also one more good option, you can directly transfer files through web browser between two online users. And this is called P2P file sharing. By using the latest technology quickly and safely distribute your file to receiver.

Now it is very easy to share any types of files over the Internet, without login to a particular website. Which help connect to friends, family person, colleague or business associate and send any file. Which is stored in your system. All types of formats file are supported like images, videos, audios, text documents or spreadsheets by using this service another user quickly. So lets start now and share any files.

How you will share any files online free ?

  1. Username is required, so for that you just register once a username, to establish a connection between two computers. Hence your name is recorded along with your IP address for 30 days. So that you can use this service next time without entering your name. If 30 days is over then again enter your name to use this service next time.
  2. Receiver user, After enter your name click on next button to go to further step. Then enter the name of other user, and click on next button to establish connection with them. As you are connected a small screen is appeared in front of you. So you can chat here with other user, Whom you want to send files.
  3. Now by clicking share now file button, you can attach any file from your system here. Select the file and click OK. So the process of sharing files start immediately. And the percentage is also displayed here. Therefore you can view process of sharing status.
  4. If you want to Stop chatting and sharing, then just click on stop chatting button. After that you are not available to send and receive any text message to the other user. Hence afterwards file transfer is completed. you can stop.
  5. Click on the back button to start or use other services you want. Like phone calls, text sending messages.

How to use free call phone ?

This is totally free calls service to mobile and landline phone. And connect to any phone on the Earth planet. As well as communicate your message without any disturbance.

  1. Use standard web browser Chrome for free call online.
  2. Allow permission a dialog box. your browser ask a permission to use microphone java application web phone. Once you allow then next time it will not ask for the same. So next up it will start quickly without any delay.
  3. Turn on speakers, headset, and microphone of your device. And check all Audio devices are connected in the right way as well as working properly.
  4. Select user country list, If everything is OK, then you will see a country list displayed in right hand side on the browser screen. And then enter the phone number using your computer keyboard. You can call mobile or landline phone as well. Just enter the number of user, you want to call. but remember always enter number in International format. I mean to say placing respective country code followed by the phone number of receiver.
  5. The process of calling is started, a dialog box is displayed on which country is also shown on your screen. As well as shown the time duration on the screen. As long as you are available on this call. Hence call duration depend on destination cost. And clicking on Red hang on button, your call is disconnected.

How to send text message Free ?

Well send international text message (SMS) free without worry about bills. You can send text message local, national and international. This is easy and attractive interface. So you can send your text message free in a minutes. Therefore lets started send text message free now.

  1. First Select country code, Where you want to send text message (SMS). Choose a name from given country list. Which is currently visible on your screen.
  2. Enter the recipient number, check if it is correct then click on next button available there.
  3. write text message, Enter the message you wish to communicate. But keeping in mind, you are only allowed 140 character in a single text message. Hence for recipient convenience, you are advise to write your name below the message. So that recipient can easily recognize you. who has contacted. Then click on next checkbox button, to verify that you are not a robot.After verification is completed, Click on the send text button.
  4. Check status of text message delivery. Your text message is generally transmitted immediately, but in sometimes it takes few minutes to deliver text message. So wait for sometime. After 60 second is over, then you can check the message delivery status. If message is successfully deliver it is automatically displayed on the screen.
  5. Click on back button to use other free services available for you.

How to handle Video chat free ?

You are not required any account for video chat, directly video chat is available for you. Just communicate with your dear distance is no matter. Even national and international facility is available free. So talk with your family and friends, at any time with just a few clicks on your computer. But you are required to connected with internet. You can use this service for business and projects as well.

  1. Username is required for video call, So first both user need to register by entering their name. No other details are required. Neither you are required to create a account for login. The system records only your IP address to recognize you. After that you are ready for video call.
  2. Then allow dialog box to use microphone to your computer system. Now to make a video call use your webcam and microphone. Whenever pop up appear on your web browser for permission.
  3. Receiver name is also required to set up connection. So enter the name of receiver and click on next button. Now you are able to view picture as well as talk. If the other user is no longer available then display offline message.
  4. If you want to stop video chat, then click on End call button available there, Which will end current video session. So it is very simple and user best experience based.

If you are really looking for this services, then link is given below for use free any part of the world.

Where is free call online ?

All service are Available here free

If you want to learn more about new technology and Physics true knowledge. Then see my previous top post. This link is given below for your easy reference. I am sure you will enjoy during learning by simple words Tips and Trick as well.

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Free Conference Call Services (100% Free with 1000 callers)

Free Conference Call services is easy and simple with secure connection. This is gift of technology, Because with the help of Free Conference Call services. You can connect Locally and globally with 72 countries. And can talk with anyone through Audio and Video conferencing anywhere, even you can share your laptop screen.

Which is a great feature as well for your business presentation to remote client. Hence this is totally free conferencing call up to 1000 callers. So enjoy this best free conference call service. Now you will ask Where and how will get this services . So don’t worry i am going to provide all details step by step here. Continue reading you will understand this easily.

Free Conference Call services start today for your Business and Friends

A free conference call service provide you, to host basic conference calls and video meetings. If you are looking for this services for small business, as well as family and friends conferencing, then you are at right place. Because i am going to provide you best free conference call services here.

Which is completely free for limited participant. with a great feature totally free, connect all around the world any time. This is simple application, which you can use through laptop as well as mobile. And you are able to use immediately within second without any delay. So let me allow to explain, and identify the best free conference call services for you. Hence go ahead today to enjoy this service free.

8 Best Free conference call services for you and Business

Here is the best free conference call services list. And continue reading to know, which is best for you. We will compare with features available in each services. (Best Overall)  for your business, who need a comprehensive free conference call service.

UberConference This is for Startups who want to hold smaller conference calls with up to 10 people Those who is looking for a free conference number with toll-free international call-in numbers. PGI provide cloud based web conferencing solution for small business free conference call international. This is providing toll free conference call for individual and for business.

Google Hangouts Those companies that uses G Suite and is looking for sync communications across devices.

How to evaluate free conference call services best for you ?

Free conference call services must allow, you to connect calls with multiple participant, either from your phone system or online without paying any subscription fee. As well as without any additional hardware require. So when you are determining the best services.

Then you must consider the factors, like price, features, call quality and security. In order to determine the overall best services for small business. Therefore you must look the services on the following important areas.

  • Price >> In order to use each services it has to be free to start. And completely free to use even if there is a paid version.
  • Easy setup for use >> Setup should be quick and fast. And the process take immediately to host a conference call without delay.
  • Caller limits >> You compare each service’s on the basis of participant limits. Such as preferences for maximum participants. And callers are added easily, whenever call is started. Also look this service support international access.
  • Call quality >> See the customer feedback and concerns for call quality. And if a service offer high quality audio or video calling.
  • Security >> Always check to see, if a service offered protections. Such as PIN, dedicated phone numbers for each account as well.
  • Call controls >> Check available options for managing the conference call. Such that call muting, call announcement, and call scheduling.
  • Call recording >> You considered for each service’s ability to record conference calls. And transfer call if applicable. How easy to access recording call later.
  • Mobile app >> Mobile apps must be available to connect, management and participation in conference calls during live call.
  • Desktop app >> This facility should be available to share your laptop screen to client. And able to share presentation as well.
  • Customer support >> you consider the customer services channels available in case of any technical issue created.

Hence my recommendation is freeconferencecall,com for the best free conference call service. Because it supports up to 1,000 participants with call recording. As well as easy participants control. And meetings are easy to schedule. Either you use it for an audio call or online meeting. This is very simple to use.

Best Overall Free Conference Call Services for Business is a free conference call service. Which provide call recording, web management and connect 1000 participants free. This is far better the limits imposed by other service provider. And this is the best choice for any business or individual.

Which want to use a robust conference calling system. Without paying any subscription fee and per user fees. There is free conference call app is available.

Which is the best free conference call services? is free service for 1000 participants. Because there is no any hidden charges. A maximum of 1,000 participants can join a conference call with high-definition, audio, screen sharing and video conferencing. Each conference call maximum duration is for six hours long. With an unlimited number of calls can connect during conferencing.

What is required for free video conference call ?

Well to use free conference call services, you get a free account with an email and password. which is activated within a second. Now before account activation, first i like to explain, There is no any hidden charge, talk as much as you like, for as long as you want. This is free upto 1000 callers. Conference call participants only pay standard local rates. Now let me allow to explain,

How to create free conference call account ?

As you inter the email id and password, then receive an instant account. With dial in numbers all covered countries. And an access code for immediate phone conferencing. Now each account limit is 1000 participants, on an unlimited number of 6 hour free. For international conference calls and this is available 24/7 for your account.

How do I set up a free conference call ?

As you will inter your email id and password above shown for free conference call , after that your free account is activated immediately. And it looks the snap given below. This same information is send on your email id for your future reference. So access code and PIN is important for conference call. Hence keep this safe also.

How to Host Your Conference Call ?

  1. Dial your dial-in number, Whatever the number is given in your activated account. For example here in this account free conference call dial in number is ( 0172 519 9276).
  2. When prompted, enter the access code, which is in your activated account. As for example in this account is ( 882332) and this must be followed by pound or hash (#).
  3. Now press star () to enter the host PIN, which is given in your activated account, for example here is (1836) and that is followed by pound or hash (#).

If you want Recording then, Dial *9 and 1 to record your call. Dial *9 again and 1 to stop recording.

How to instruct participants set up a free conference call ?

  1. Provide your dial-in number, which is available in your activated free account. Hence for example this account is ( 0172 519 9276)  and also provide the access code, this is also given in your activated account. So here for this account is ( 882332). Note this is different for your own account, So use that number only.
  2. Alternate option send an email, with the conference detail information, like date and schedule.

How to Invite participants for free conference call usa meeting ?

A conference call is the easiest way to connect with a group. There are a few ways to invite participants for a meeting. So To send an online invitation or email . Just follow the below three easy steps.

  1. Log in to your account first.
  2. Click on Invite button below your meeting credentials.
  3. Click Copy to Clipboard or Invite by Email to distribute the meeting information on your own. Or, expand your view to complete the meeting details, add participant email addresses for free conference call usa friends email and click Invite.

How to make conference call for Video ?

Go to Host Online Meeting to load Web Viewer . The Meeting Dashboard will open . Start the audio portion by clicking Phone and following the prompts . Now How to screen share.

  1. Click Play on the Meeting Dashboard.
  2. Select the items you want to share.
  3. Click Start Sharing .

How to Start free video conference ?

  1. Click Camera on the Meeting Dashboard.
  2. Choose to dial in over the telephone or through VoIP on your computer.
  3. Video is live once the Camera turns green.

What is Pricing ?

This’s web-based conferencing service provider is free available no any cost to the user. While there is a premium version. But up to 1000 callers it is totally free. Which is attracting for small business and individual. And This makes a truly free solution for conference calling.

What is the best features FreeConferenceCall

FreeConferenceCall is one of the best rich features for providing quality and secure free conference call services.  The free service offers  many features and tools are same for other providers for paid system. For example calendar integrations and a local desktop app.  So such types of service is helping you for free host webinars your small business. And and provides online storage for recorded meetings.

Free Conference Call Customer Support

Well Free Conference Call customer support is fantastic without any doubt. It is really surprising to speak with a live support  representative. And this is for totally free service. Your all questions answer is done in well manner as well as in great details.

Therefore representative provide clear explanation  about any technical questions and quarry. Which will really attract you to continue with them and solve smooth if any issue come. Even support you for your account set up and setting as well.

What is missing with free conference call ?

There is no much missing with free conference call regarding its features. However the thing missing is only online storage. Which is limited to 1GB of storage for video or audio call recordings.

Also in addition, it doesn’t send recordings directly to your email inbox after meetings. But this is not really a deal breaker. Because 1GB is equates to 90 minutes of video and about 10 hours of audio.

What are users feedback about free conference call ?

Well those Businesses, which are using this services are satisfied with free  conference call service, and appreciating that it’s free and reliable. Because the support for up to 1,000 callers, on a conference with features like call recording is really very good.

As well as screen sharing, and international dial in numbers is a favorite among many small business owners. For more details you can check customer review on website.

Where to Find Free Conference Call login ?

Free Conference call offers updated features without taking with you any money. It takes just a few second to sign up process. Or you can directly download the app from the App Store . As well as Android marketplace and get started that way you want.

Now it is right time for you to get free conference call as well for your Business. And free conferencing with your friends and family all around the word. So Enjoy listening, watching and sharing with them free of cost. By using the button given below.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Beyond Your Current Imagination

Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting Things with Mr Internet, apart from the people. Because Things can share their experience and data with other Things. And this is called Internet of Things (IoT) .Well Things are now becoming smart. Just like human exchange their ideas and experiences. So Things are working like human. This is not dream but it is reality. But think what human will do, If everything is done by Things and Internet.

Internet of Things (IoT) how it works

Well Things are added with ability to sense and communicate. As well as touch and control. We as a human being interact with other people in environment through five senses. Which are Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch. Hence matching this ability to Things through sensors are called Internet of Things (IoT).

To sense,touch and add the ability to communicate. So that Things can communicate easily. Therefore the Internet people and Internet Things are into set. Now take an example how is your smart phone. Do you know how many sensors has your smart phone ? It knows where you are, you are moving, how you are holding it and how much light in the room.

As well as it knows, how much closer to your face. Even has an eye so can see it is running. And has ability to communicate with wireless networks.

What is IoT in simple words ?

Network of Physical objects that are connected to the internet and allowing them to send, receive and exchange data. So what exactly is required to make IoT. Well there are mainly four requirements for IoT. And there are listed below.

  • Hardware >> This is your devices, like your watch, mobile, car and any other objects. Even your fan, AC, bulb etc.
  • Data >> It is the digital signal information sense and receive, for example when you check ECG through finger, it provide heartbeat rate which is data. And data is universal language. Hence no English, no chines and any other. But the universal language of things.
  • Software >> The software is piece of information, which is interpreting and controlling the activity. As well as analyse the stuff.Hence for example Facebook, Instagram. So take data from valuable hardware and presented to you.
  • Connectivity >> This is the mode of communication, like wireless, wire, Radio frequency, 2G, 3G, 4G, Lte, Volte, FDD, TDD, GSM, CDMA establish the connection through Internet that hardware. Hence it is chipper and faster. Now by attaching a sensor in hardware, you can monitor the other Things around this hardware. And start communicating between Things in standard language. Not English but data. Hence these are requirement for Internet of Things (IoT).

What is Internet of Everything ?

When knowledge is for free, only your ideas are worth paying for. I mean to think about this, computers and sensors are becoming so small you can connect everything with Internet now and already. We are talking about everything like highways, road, traffic light and home appliances.

And Sensors are directly connected with your doctors, for health care situations. Hence the real magic is not everything is connected with Internet. But the real magic is everything will be able to communicate with each other. Also think sensors in our car or roads, they can detect automatically an accident.

As well as automatically notify the near hospital and emergency services. And can detect the traffic sign, and redirect the free route for ambulance to hospital. Just imagine your refrigerator and kitchen will automatically order food for inventory.

Whereas your mobile will show, your all medical reports. So this is not just imagination but things are happening and it is reality. Hence Technology has power to transform our world. And technology is actually finger tips to achieve. With the help of technology any ideas is turn into reality.

What are examples of the Internet of things ?

Well there are so many example of Internet of Things. suppose for example you forget to lock your door, but you have sensor at your door, which is sensing door is open then it will lock the door and notify you on your mobile. Now your door is lock, whenever you reach at door push this button to open door.

Take other example, you have a car and sensor of the car is monitoring engine report and sending directly data to car manufacturer service center. Then manufacturer will notify you fault about car.

Real World Application of IoT

What are the application of Internet of things ? How it is use in Real world ? if you want to know all about IoT, then continue reading. I am going to explain real world best application of IoT, here in simple and easy words. So that you will enjoy the learning process.

  • Smart Home >> Before explain smart home, Do you know smart phone ? I hope you are getting, what i want to say. If you know smart phone then it is easy to understand Smart home. So recall previous day it was a simply phone. which were using only for voice call and sms. But after some time more features added in phone like, Internet, camera, Video, APPS etc then it became smart phone. so in similar if you home is interconnected with more devices. Because whenever you will be out of home but able to control your home Things. So definitely you love if you could switch on air conditioning before reaching home or switch off lights even after you have left home ? Or unlock the door for your friend temporary access. Whenever you are not at home. So don’t surprise IoT companies are building this products to make your life simple and convenient. Smart home has becomes started, ladder of success in the residential spaces, and it is predicted Smart homes will become as common as smartphones. Therefore the cost of owning a house is the biggest expense in a homeowner’s life. So Smart Home products are promised to save time, energy and money.
  • Automobile car >> you will see a different car experience, This types of car is running without drivers. And fully automatic control with internal functions. Self maintenance as well as comfort of passengers, using on board sensors and internet connectivity.
  • Industrial Services >> This is the buzz in the Industrial sector. Which is also called Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It is gift for industrial engineering with sensors. Because using software and big data analytics to create brilliant machines. Well you will surprise, smart machines are more accurate and consistent than humans. Well communicating through data and this data can help companies growth. Real time tracking application for goods, And exchange information about inventory among suppliers and retailers, as well as automated delivery.
  • Smart Cities >> This is another powerful application of (IoT). Humans are not well organize to handle cities problems, in good manner. So IoT will solve major problems faced by the people living in cities like pollution, traffic congestion and shortage of energy supplies etc. By using sensors and web applications citizens can find free available parking slots.
  • IoT for agriculture >> According to report continuous increase in world’s population. So demand for food supply is extremely challenge for humanity. Therefore Governments are looking for advanced farming technique with the help of research. So that food production can increase. Hence smart farming is one of the best fastest option. Which is growing field in IoT. Therefore Farmers are using meaningful insights from the data for better investment and return. With the help of IoT sensing for soil moisture and nutrients, controlling water usage for plant growth.
  • Energy Management >> Smart Grids will also be able to detect sources of power outages more quickly. The main concept behind smart Grid is collecting data in an automated fashion. And analyse data report for better consumer experience. As well as improving efficiency of electric uses.
  • IOT in Healthcare >> This is best gift for humans. With the help of IOT smart healthcare is coming now. So one hand band will provide your all medical report. Not even report but also it will suggest remedy for any problems. Therefore you can think how comfortable you feel. How much life will save at real time with critical illness. According to research in IOT in healthcare, the coming years human will be revolution in medical treatment and help.
What is IoT and why IOT ?

I hope after reading this post, your concept about IoT is cleared and you understood well, What is IoT and why IoT is important for us. Now one question for you. What is speed of Technology growth ? answer through comments. If you want to learn more about technology, refer my previous post. This link is given below.

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Artificial Intelligence (Explained in Simple words with best example)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is human intelligence simulation and is processes by machine. And this is done specially by computer systems. So this computer work and react like humans. Most of the time people confuse in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Hence i am going to explain Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with simple example. So that you can better understand easily. But remember both are different things not same. Therefore let me explain in simple words, artificial intelligence and machine learning. what is basic difference ?

What is Artificial Intelligence with examples ?

well do you understand, what is intelligence ? No problem let me explain this first. It is ability to gather information, and to retain it as knowledge to apply in some real situation handling. Not sound good, wait it is my promise you are going to understand this easily with example. So continue reading.

The word intelligence comes from, Intelligo meaning to choose between different options. Hence For example, suppose you are driving a car and at random a man and a dustbin came in front of you.

Think What you will do by applying your intelligence. Which is given by God to you ? I hope of course you will save human first. And this is your right decision, no problem collide with dustbin. But remember at the time of driving training, It is instruction given to you by trainer, don’t collide with anything.

So in this situation you applied your own intelligence given by God. Because human is more important than dustbin. So how you decided this, simple the intelligence given by almighty God. Choose the best option available at random in real situation or event.

And this is called intelligence. Now i hope my promise is win because you got understand. But story is not end here. Think why ? Because this is human intelligence. And exactly this types of intelligence need to transform in computer systems.

What is AI used for?

So that Computer work and react like real human. Hence this is called Artificial Intelligence. But challenge is that how this will achieve by human. Therefore what are human doing currently for this achievement. What is progress in Artificial Intelligence ? What is planing and development in Artificial intelligence. If you want to know all this question, then continue reading for all information.

Now once again Artificial intelligence in simple word, It is the capability of a machine to mimic intelligent human behavior. Wow computer is doing mimic like human. Hence its mean that computer will work like human. Well but think what you will do ?

So really this is question mark for human. And hence some people are not in favor of Artificial Intelligence. Because this is predicted as human and machine war lead in future. And machine will control over human.

Which is dangerous for human. Don’t worry now till human is controlling machine. Therefore at present development human is not giving full control to machine. Hence there are two types of Artificial intelligence.

What are types of artificial intelligence ?

  • Weak Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Strong Artificial Intelligence (AI)

So what is weak (AI) ? Well this understand the things but do not have self awareness. Not sound well, OK it can’t think as well as no emotion. It work on human instruction given. So now till all available (AI) are weak. just for example Google photo is weak (AI).

Which can identify your photo in any group photo. But can’t blackmail you. If your photo is with your girlfriend other than your partner. For example Saying as change my camera otherwise, i will send your girlfriend photo to your partner. So weak AI can’t do this. And this is best part of human control. Hence currently all work is doing only on weak AI.

What is strong (AI) ? well this is just like human. which has self awareness. it can thing about its own benefit as well as its own progress. Also has emotion and feelings sense of good and bad. Which is dangerous for human. So this is called strong AI.

But don’t worry, now till all the development and work is doing on only weak (AI). Because human perception for strong (AI) is dangerous. It can take over the human control. And strong AI can develop more strong AI . This can be human out of control. which shows the war between human and machine. As you generally see in the many movies.

What is History of Artificial Intelligence ?

well you know human being is most intelligent in this universe. But computer is a machine, which is our slave. Are you agree with me ? this is the fact now till. Also you know very well, computer does not has its own intelligent. If it has per haves refuse to obey your order.

When computer is discovered, human are increasing its uses day by day. And want to get maximum work done by computer. So human is now fully dependent on computers today’s. Hence in every walk of life computers are working. Human are developing day by day its speed, size and its capacity of work. So that computer can perform better work fast with high accuracy.

Now John McCarthy was the first person, who told about Artificial intelligence. He was a American computer scientist. What was his thought about Artificial Intelligence ? Can computer think and work like a human. John McCarthy was the first person, who told about this technology in 1956. Wow can you think that moment.

There was a big celebration for that time. And it was decided we can make a machine, which will think and work like a human. Therefore for research and development in this field humans are investing their money like water. And it was told to achieve the dream.

So that time, some excellent program was developed. This program was solving algebra word problems, Geomatery theorem, and also learning to speaking English. Hence people faith grow fast, very soon that machine target will achieve. which will be intelligent like human.

Who invented AI ?

So during this time in Japan waseda university, a Robotic project started with (WABOT-I) name. Which is completed in 1972. This was the first intelligent Robot in the world. This was also called Android. Hence in today’s world, you only know Android operating system. Actually Android is combination of two words. which is (Andr + Oid).

So Andr meaning in greek is human and oid is likeness. Therefore Android complete meaning is human likeness, Hence this Robot was able to walk like human. And catch like you. It was having artificial eyes and ear like human. It was speaking and understanding Japanese language. But it was not intelligent like human. There was many problem with this Robot compare to human intelligent.

Now next phase start from 1974 to 1983, which is called Winter Artificial intelligence period. So the companies and stakeholder of this project started raising questions on this project failure. Because Stakeholders were hopeless and thinking, this project is not possible and stop budget funding.

Hence some scholar find out the main point for failure of this project. So the most important point was limited computer power. And second point was some program consuming exponential time to solve the problem. Third point was huge data requirement. For example if you want to compare a object, then it required huge information data, to match and find out how this object looks like.

What is meaning of Artificial Intelligence ?

Well how do human recognize dog or cat ? as well as in which situation, you need to apply car break. So these all are called human intelligent. Which is given by God to human. And this intelligent want to transform to computer. Hence this is called Artificial intelligence.

But this is important point to understand. How human get this types of intelligent ? Well this comes from experiences and self learning habit. Not sound well. OK let me explain, experiences means many information data. And self learning habit, means remember from past event and perform better in future.

Consider an example, when a child goes near to fire, he does not scared but when that child touch the fire, then next time scared with same fire. Because he remember past event. So this is called self learning habit. Wow human has the ability to learn from experiences and apply in the future actions. Therefore this is called an intelligence. And when we impart this intelligence into a machine is artificial intelligence.

The main purpose of artificial intelligence is that, whatever the human can do is to transform into the machine. So AI is a branch of study this is to make computer do the things, which we can do better. Hence best example of artificial intelligence is Google voice search.

Because in Google search engine, you no need to type word, just activate speaker in Google search and speak, what do you want to search. Computer recognize your voice and shows the correct search result to you. So you can think how easy to search in Google now.

What is machine learning ?

Well machine learning is subset of artificial intelligence. And deep learning is subset of machine learning.So machine learning is a a process in which you guide a computer to learn and improve its learning experiences. suppose if you want to teach a mobile phone camera, this is a dog photo. Then what you will do ?

simply you will provide many different types of dog photo in its algorithm. After that it will develop a pattern of dog, which will help to recognize a dog photo. So that next time whenever a dog photo is shown, then that camera can easily understand dog photo. Because it has past experience of dog photo.

And again it is added in dog photo experiences, As time is passes it will become expert in dog photo reorganization. But think what will do, if a cat image is brought in front of that camera. Then definitely it will fail to recognize image. Because this camera has no any pattern about cat image.

No any learning experience about cat image. It was only expert about dog photo. So in machine learning you target a specific object learning, and teach that computer to practice and become expert about that particular object recolonization. Hence machine learning meaning in simple word is that, through a algorithm.

you are teaching a computer about a specific object, and that computer is improving learning as well as becoming expert of that object. But in Artificial intelligent computer learn in general about all things, rather than only a specific object. So this is the main difference between AI and machine learning.

What is Deep Learning ?

As i told you deep learning is subset of machine learning. And which is inspired from our brain work functionality. Brain cells are called neurons. So this arises concept for Artificial neural networks. Hence human is trying, how our brain handle huge data with the help of neurons.

in similar fashion a machine can handle such data with the help of artificial brain. such as our brain handle. Therefore to perform deep learning very well, required more data. I want to say if deep learning has huge data, then its performance is better.

What is carrier opportunity in AI ?

If you want to make your carrier in AI. Then you must remember your mathematics back ground should be strong. Because this is the game of huge data play. And which is using math branch Statistics, Probability, Algebra and Matrix. Because you are able to solve complex problem with the help of mathematics.

So if you have deep knowledge of mathematics, then it will help you in this AI field. And today it has became a big tree. Hence all robotic automation process works is under this technology. And today it has got more popularity because big data center is also under this technology. Now it is prediction that many manpower requirement is needed in future in this AI field. And I hope that in future an average body will assign a AI task in future.

Which Software program is use in AI Technique ?

Well Python program is mostly using in AI. But why Python language is use ? Wow this is due to rich library and predefined function and code are available in Python. Hence Python support and translate to develop software for AI projects easily.

So AI is a very big field, in which machine learning, natural language processing is a part of AI. If you want to make your carrier in AI. Then my suggestion for you is learn first machine learning. So that it is easy entry for AI field. As well as you will enjoy AI learning.

If you want to learn more about technology. Then refer my previous post. This link is given below enjoy more learning. And grow your true knowledge.

I hope you enjoy learning Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. If you have any doubt ask me. Always here for your help and provide you true knowledge. Welcome for your feedback. If this post is helpful for you, then comment, like and share. Otherwise dislike. Thanks for your sharing and comments.

Best Mobile Under 10000 (Amazing Tips to Buy Smartphone Online,Offline)

Best Mobile Under 10000 smartphone products list is here. If you want to buy best mobile under 10000, Then your are at right place. Because i am providing here, list of mobile under 10000 best product review. So that you can buy best mobile under budget. And enjoy the all latest mobile features. There are many mobile phone available in the market. But you must see the review and customer rating before buy.

Best Mobile Under 10000 Amazing Tips for buy

Smartphone under 10000 all product list is here. So before buy any mobile phone, what should you must know ? I am going to explain the important points. Hence always check this points, before buy any mobile phone. Otherwise you will be in loss. So lets understand this important points.

Decide your budget >> This budget should not increase at any cost after purchasing of mobile phone. This is important because sometime you buy the mobile of RS 10000 rupees, but after purchase you bear actual cost Rs 15000 rupees. So be careful and decide next point.

Mode of Purchasing >> How are you going to purchase by cash payment or credit card EMI. If your are going to purchase through credit card, Then it may be possible 10000 thousand rupees mobile phone, you are paying through credit card 15000 thousand rupees. Here 5000 thousand as interest credit card.

Therefore you are bearing total cost of mobile phone 15000 thousand, for 10000 thousand mobile phone. So my suggestion is that if you want to buy 10000 rupees mobile phone. Then first collect 10000 rupees and buy in cash, this is profitable for you mobile under 10000. Now go for next point to check.

Why do you want to buy mobile phone >> Here you take a paper and pen. And take your time to write down, why are you buying mobile phone ? Suppose one of your friend having mobile phone, Which camera is good so you want to buy that phone and compete with him.

Or your other friend having mobile with best gaming features, which attract you to buy that mobile. Or if you are a tech guy and want to use latest mobile phone. Then you forget this latest phone will be outdated after 2 months. This mean that the same company will lunch new model updated phone after two months.

So again you have to sell, your old model phone and go for new model phone. The same thing is happening in the market. Hence you can think, how many child are taking birth in the world, more than that mobile company are coming in the market and lunching new mobile model.

Smartphone Buying Guide

But people have always a motive for latest phone. So how many times you will change your phone. Because mobile company will not stop new model lunching in the market, because they are doing business.

Hence you should stop, this is your budget, brain, time and energy. If you will ask me personally, i use my phone unless it is not stop working. How many new model that company is lunching in the market i don’t care. Now check next technical specification before buy any mobile phone.

Technical specification >> First of all you check processor of your mobile phone. What is processor ? Well this is brain or mind of the mobile phone. Therefore whatever mobile function is working, all is done by processor.

And there are many companies in the world, which is manufacturing mobile processor. So most three best companies, you listen again and again which are given below.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • MediaTek
  • Samsung Exynos

Hence after deciding your budget, you should look, which processor under this budget is good. Therefore all processor manufacturing companies are working, how best processor can be made so that use minimum battery and provide more power backup.

Now here is an architecture used, which is called ARM(Advanced Risc Machine). This company provides processor design space, in which all processor work has to be done in that space. There are millions of transistor in a processor.

If there is more transistor in processor then that processor is good. So for this transistor size is decreasing day by day. To accommodate more transistor in the processor. For example in the beginning 26 nano meter, 12 nano meter and now using 10 nano meter size of transistor.

Now you generally listen CORE in processor like single core, dual core, quard core and octa core. Hence What is this CORE meaning in processor. Well CORE is just like your mouth in processor. If somebody give you one plate of food, and you are only eating this food with your single mouth.

Then it will take more time to finish. But one of your friend join to eat this food, then this is dual mouth and food is finish early. Hence similarly dual mouth means dual CORE. I hope you got the point more CORE means better efficiency. So choose best processor for your mobile under budget.

Phone with Best Battery Life

Mobile Battery >> Whenever you go to buy any mobile. You seen about battery (3000mAh), (5000mAh). What is this mAh ? Well this is Milli ampere hour. So for example suppose your mobile phone battery is (3000mAh). Therefore in your mobile phone there is a circuit, display, processor and speaker.

Now if you use anyone of them, it will take power from battery. Again consider your mobile is in standby state. Means you are not using any function and it is just kept. And this required only energy 300mAh. Hence after 10 hours, your mobile battery will be discharge.

Without using any mobile function, just keeping this. But suppose you are watching Video, so in this case circuit required more power from mobile battery. Therefore in this case circuit required (1000mAh). And your mobile battery will discharge in 3 hours watching the video.

Hence mAh indicates, how much power your phone can give per hour. This is clear that if you are using more function of mobile at a time, then more battery power is used. And your phone is discharge fast because all function required energy from battery.

For example suppose you are in hill station area, or in travelling mode. Where signal strength is weak. So in this case your mobile has to do more work for signal catching. Hence your battery is discharge fast, because more work is done by mobile in this mode.

Therefore always prefer more (mAh) battery power as per your requirement. If your mobile screen size is large, then more battery power is consume by screen. Well do you know about screen size. you generally listen screen size (5.5 inch),(6 inch), what is this length or breath ? well this is neither of them. And it is diagonal length of screen.

Gorilla glass >> This provide safety for your mobile scratch and broken. The latest version is Gorilla glass 5. It is based upon totally drop, if your mobile is drop, then no more damage and harm. So before buy any mobile check for Gorilla glass and its version for safety point of view. But many mobile companies does’t provide information about Gorilla glass. So you can check this by google by mobile model.

Help Me Choose a Smartphone

RAM (Random Access Memory) >> How many functions you are using in the mobile, which is open and is kept in a task. These all are putted in the RAM. Because whenever you open any app, that is start from, where you have left that app.

So check for RAM (2GB,3GB and 4GB) as per your requirement. If you take big RAM memory but your processor is not good, then you can’t do more multitasking work in your phone. So according to processor always choose RAM. Now next important point for your phone.

Resolution >> What is this ? Well it is also called pixel. Hence this provide appearance of text or images in your phone. How the images and text looks like in your phone. Therefore this is very important point, technically this is horizontal and vertical lines.

If there are more horizontal and vertical lines on screen, then text and images will be clear. And this is also called pixel. So always refer display for full HD or more pixel. Never take 720 pixel phone.

Camera >> Nowadays there are many types of camera is coming in mobile. Which is dual and triple camera, but when you take images then you find actual quality of these camera. But if you are buying mobile for camera only. Then forget everything and first you see the camera review and picture quality.

After that you can analyse the camera quality. And never go for mega pixel, because one mega pixel of company and 20 mega pixel of china can’t be equal. Always see the quality in low light and dark light. But my suggestion if you are buying mobile only for camera, then buy DSLR camera, don’t purchase mobile.

Because the main function of phone is calling and messages. But camera and other functionality are just additional things to make mobile smart phone. So its depends upon you to fill your requirement. Always check quality and review through Google before buying any mobile phone.

Best Smartphone Technical specification

Dual Sim >> Check for dual sim, if it is then next dual Volte. Means two JIO sim can work together. And finger print scan for security. also face recolonization from front camera. Now check 3.5mm jack if it is not available.

So you can use ear Bluetooth. Fast and wireless charging is available or not. Hence all technical specification i have discussed here, So before buy any mobile make sure to check all this points.

Now one point is left many times people ask questions. How should buy phone offline or online. Well where you find the low price either offline or online. So you prefer to buy, where you are getting low price. Hence some phone sell online more and some offline more.

If you are going for online purchase, then first check the customer review before purchase the phone. And always give preferences to specification rather than Brand. Because any Brand level can be use outside but specification is the important things, Which you are getting in your phone.

Also check mobile company service center is available or not near by your location. Because in case of any problem in mobile, you can easily replace or get repair your phone. As well as go for insurance of your mobile. So that in case of theft or broken you can get insurance.

I am not promoting here any mobile company on my website or post. But just want to share knowledge with you, So that i and you can learn something new. Because this website is made for knowledge purpose only. The main motive is to provide you true knowledge. If you feel this post is helpful for you, then like comments and share otherwise dislike.

Which is the Best New Phones under 10000 ?

If you are searching for the best phone under 10000. And find many phones are available in the market under this budget. As technology is growing and continue to provide new phone every month. But the best phone around you are given below list.

On the basis of Customer review, all around the world for smartphone within this price. Hence as i explained above, always check specification before buy any phone. Then definitely you will not be in loss. So i recommend you check anyone phone below list before going for purchase.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
  • Xiaomi Redmi Y3
  • Realme 3
  • Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1
  • Realme U1
  • Samsung Galaxy M10
  • Asus Zenfone Max M2
  • Realme 2

Therefore for example i am providing you only one phone specification, Which is for (Xiaomi Redmi Note 7).

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 – Specifications

Ram & Storage : 4GB | 64 GB
Display : 6.3 (1080 X 2340)
Processor : 2.2 GHz,Octa
Operating System : Android
Primary Camera : 12 + 2 MP
Front Camera : 13 MP
Battery : 4000 mAH
Processor design : Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 MSM8956
Available online All product@ : Flipcart

If you want to learn more about Technology. Then refer my previous post, this link is given below

I hope you enjoy learning best mobile under 10000 article. If you have any doubt ask me. always here for your support and provide true knowledge. Thanks for like comments and share.

MI Mobile Best Product (Expert Review MI Mobile Phone)

MI Mobile (Xiaomi mi 9) is best product. This is about to lunch by MI Mobile in last week of Jun 2019 expected. So on the basic of its feature and specification (Xiaomi mi 9) got rating 4.5 out of 5.  Hence people are waiting for Xiaomi mi 9 to lunch. You should know Xiaomi is a Chanies mobile company Rank third position world wide. And (mi 9) is its model.

MI Mobile (Xiaomi mi 9) Features and specification

MI mobile has lunched many product in the market. And most of its products is successful. But xiaomi mi 9 is latest product with advance features. So this product is getting best rating by people and waiting for its lunch date. Because (xiaomi mi 9) has some special feature.

Which is attracting people. This product is coming with slightly high price. But considering the feature of the device, people is liking to go for its use. xiaomi mi 9 has Amazing camera, battery backup and with Amazing display.

So this feature attract the user to enjoy video and games. Therefore overall this device is providing great option for user. One can definitely purchase this great Handset from xiaomi, If budget is not an issue.

MI Phone Amazing Display and Configuration

The xiaomi mi 9 screen size flaunts a 6.39″ (16.23 cm), with screen resolution 1080 x 2340 pixels. So this can provide an immersive visual experience. And it is coming with a slim bezel display having a stylish view with color.

This device is equipped with a Kryo 485 octa-core processor.  Which is setup (a 2.84GHz single core and a 2.42GHz Tri-core and a 1.8GHz quad-core). World class premiere of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset.

And this processor is assisted by the massive 6GB RAM. So that it is providing a smooth multitasking and gaming experience to the user.

Xiaomi mi 9 Camera and battery

The camera of this device is providing with the triple rear sensors having 48MP + 12MP + 16MP lenses. So that this can capture Amazing picture even without light flash. Which is having auto-focus, and dual-color LED Flash.

And this enhance the photography experience. Whereas at the front, it has a 20 MP lens that can capture selfies. So users will love to share this lovely picture. As well as it will also provide awesome video calling experience to the user.

Battery is a important factor for mobile device running. Hence there is a 3,300 mAh Li-Polymer battery. Which will provide immense power to keep it active for a long time. The special feature of (xiaomi mi 9) is quick charging support.

So that it can fill the battery in a short time. Thus user will get instant power backup with a single charging.

Xiaomi mi 9 Storage and Connectivity MI Phone 

Xiaomi mi 9 has an inbuilt massive storage of 128 GB. So this is enough memory for the user requirement. But you must note, There is no external memory slot. As far connectivity is concern.

Hence it is coming with 4G VoLTE support, Wi-Fi 802.11, Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS with A-GPS, Glonass, USB Type-C.  This is important for your information, xiaomi mi 9 will support 4G, 3G and 2G Technology only. This Handset will not support 5G Technology.

Xiaomi mi 9 Mobile price in India and specification

Xiaomi Mi 9 mobile price in India is expected to be Rs 31,790. And as i have already mentioned above, Xiaomi mi 9 Mobile lunch date expected is Jun last week 2019. Which is having 6 GB RAM/ 128 GB internal storage memory.

As far Xiaomi mi 9 Mobile color is concern, it is expected to available in Deep Gray, Holographic Illusion Blue, Holographic Illusion color.  Now its specification is given below for your reference.

  • Lunch date                     >> Jun Last week 2019
  • Brand                               >> Xiaomi
  • Model                              >> Mi 9
  • Operating system      >> Android v9.0 (Pie)
  • SIM Slot(s)                   >> Dual SIM, GSM+GSM, Dual VoLTE
  • SIM Size                        >> SIM1: Nano, SIM2: Nano
  • Fingerprint Sensor  >> Yes
  • Height                           >> 157.5 mm
  • Width                            >> 74.6 mm
  • Thickness                    >> 7.6 mm
  • Weight                          >> 173 grams
  • Touch Screen             >> Yes Multi-touch
  • Camera Features       >> Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus
  • Wireless Charging     >> Yes
  • Wi-Fi Features            >> Wi-Fi Direct, Mobile Hotspot
  • Bluetooth                       >> v5.0
  • GPS                                   >> with A-GPS, Glonass
  • USB Connectivity        >> USB charging

Coming Soon if you want to BUY. Then you can buy from the given link below but it is not available currently. If it is available then able to buy and enjoy mi mobile latest phone.

MI Mobile similar phone specification

You can go for similar mi mobile phone. This is also having best feature and less price RS 11,999. Redmi Note 7 (Onyx Black, 64 GB) (4 GB RAM).  The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 has a high storage capacity that can be efficiently used for storing media files easily.

The Camera offers photos with sharp resolution quality. And Battery is quick charging facility. So that device can get immediate power backup. This is perfect option on budget.  The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 64GB offers a 6.3-inch touchscreen. And offers a screen resolution of 1,080 x 2,340 pixels, with Gorilla Glass v5 screen protection.

The device contains an internal memory storage of 64 GB. There is also option for expandable external memory slot that supports up to 256 GB via micro SD card. Mi mobile smartphone has 13 MP front camera. Which click nice picture with LED Flash even in dim light condition.

There is a pair of 12 MP and 2 MP primary cameras. This provide memorable picture with natural look. As you know battery is very important for mobile. So Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 64GB carries a 4,000 mAh Li-Po battery.

And this provide backup for whole day without charging. If discharge then quick charging facility is available. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 supports a network, 2G, 3G and 4G with Wi-Fi facility. As well as direct Wi-Fi and Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS is available.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Specification 

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7  is best handset mobile phone, under the budget price. So one can go for this mobile phone, If your budget is low but want to use MI phone. Then xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is best option for you. Because its Customer review rating is 4.5 out of 5. Hence customers are satisfied with using this mobile phone.

Hence its specification is given below.  If your requirement meet then go for purchase mi mobile phone.

  • 4 GB RAM | 64 GB ROM | Expandable Upto 256 GB
  • 16.0 cm (6.3 inch) FHD+ Display
  • 12MP + 2MP | 13MP Front Camera
  • 4000 mAh Li-polymer Battery
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE Processor
  • Quick Charge 4.0 Support
  • Splash Proof – Protected by P2i

This product is available.  So you can BUY from here, click the given link below.

Now if you want to learn more about mobile and Technology. Then refer my previous post, this link is given below.

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Cloud Hosting Service provider in 2019 | (Expert Review) For 5 Best sites

Cloud Hosting is need for your website ? And if you are looking for Best Cloud Hosting service provider. Then you are at right place. Because i am sharing here, why and how these 5 cloud hosting are best ?  So that you can choose, Who is best for you, among top 5 cloud hosting service provider. And you can make right decision for your website cloud hosting.

Because cloud hosting is important for overall performance of your website. So you must use cloud hosting. Otherwise your website will be out of race. If you can’t go for paid cloud hosting. Then you choose free cloud hosting plan. But must use cloud hosting. So i am providing here free cloud hosting list for you. In free cloud hosting, you are not getting all the features. Hence it is recommended that if your website is having high traffic. Then go for cloud hosting paid plan.

What is the meaning of cloud hosting ?

Cloud Hosting service provider having multiple server interconnected with each other, in different locations. Suppose for example server location are USA, India, UK, Australia, Germany, France. So after connecting all these countries its looks like a cloud.

And cloud is other name of internet. Hence cloud  sites data are available at all these server location. Hence on cloud hosting. your website is hosted not only on one but on several servers connected to work as one. So your website don’t depend on only one Server. even if one server is not accessible, the Data is retrieved and processed.

With the help of other available servers without any downtime. The important concept of cloud hosting is “Divide and Rule”. Hence many servers work together. And called as the Cloud.

Best example of Cloud 

If you want to know real time best example of cloud hosting. Well You already know, So who is that any guess ? Ok let me tell you, that is king of search engine. And that is Google itself. Because Google has done its resources spread over hundreds of servers on the cloud.

So it is not surprise, you have ever seen facing any issue of downtime. Hence i don’t remember seeing it down as per my use Google experience .

How does Cloud hosting work ?

As earlier explained, each server in the cloud network is helping, in carrying out a special set of task. And in case of any server in cloud network failure. Then another server temporarily take charge of providing required resources. So this is the beauty of Cloud hosting.

Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Servers comparison

If you compare Dedicated server to Cloud hosting server, Then Cloud hosting reliability factor is better than dedicated server. Because in case of cloud  multiple servers work together. So in case of any emergency, Your website is not down.

Because Other servers is helping to get the resources available. Whereas in case of dedicated server only one server is available. Hence in case of emergency, your site is down and dependent upon the only one hosted server.

And the pricing depending upon the actual uses in case of cloud hosting. So you pay how much you use. However you are always free to make changes as per your requirement. And this is real beauty of cloud hosting main concept.

If you want to increase bandwidth and storage space. Then it is simple to do without affecting the existing set up, even for a moment. Hence it is pretty clear that you must think to use cloud hosting. If you are really looking for your business demand.

What are benefits of cloud ?

  • You pay only for how much data you use – Suppose if your business are fluctuating and using less data, Then you can easily change hosting package based upon your current requirement. And pay only for what you use.
  • Choice available for OS – There are two operating system Linux and Windows. So you are free to choose as per your choice and requirement.
  • Security – Cloud hosting offers great security. Whenever any sensitive data is loss. Then immediately data is stored in the system.
  • Flexibility – You can manage complete server configuration via API or web based interface.

What is the best cloud hosting service ? 

Well you know, web hosting is unseen foundation of the internet name of things. Therefore every site you visit is hosted somewhere. So to make your site live on internet, You required hosting. And one of the best option available to you is cloud hosting.

Hence this is great for anyone because it provides flexibility. As mentioned above plan is like pay how much you use. There are dozens providers if not hundred. So it is really difficult to choose from and finding right one. Hence it can be a doubting for you.

So i spent my valuable time for research and find best cloud hosting in the business. Which can provide best solution for your own business enhancement. If my effort help you. Then it is really making sense for me and my effort.

How cloud is different from server ?

However i am analysed everything from features, reliability and support point of view. So without any doubt here are the best 5 providers for the cloud hosting. You don’t think i am doing any bias here. And even i am not having any affiliate with anyone of these companies.

Hence i am not going to provide you any affiliate link here.  I am going to providing you here, 5 best cloud hosting company website directly. Where you can check and purchase. I will not get a single coins from them. And this is based upon the Customer feedback and vote.

Whenever choosing a hosting provider, It is important to know, what is your requirement ?. So first have a look on your own website. How many pages is in your website. And how many visitor you are expecting to get.

What points are Important to know before cloud hosting ?

  • Random Access Memory (RAM) – This is a kind of digital brainpower. So its provide the data storage necessary for computer to complete a tasks. If the more (RAM) for your site, Then more work it can handle. Hence for most website, a gigabyte (GB).
  • Computer Processing Units (CPUs) – It is the core of your server. They are acting like a brain. And processing information naturally. If there is more CPU, then your site is more efficient and perform better.
  • Bandwidth – This is simply the amount of data, that is flowing between server ( your site) and internet user. So bandwidth indicated, how much information can travel on this connection. As well as how quickly. Hence hosting with great bandwidth, allows your site to cope with high traffic.
  • Root Access – Its provide the ability to customize your server’s environment. And you can installed some special software. For example extra security, and gives you great control.
  • Up time – Well this parameter is very important. Because its refer the amount of time your website is live on internet. But it is impossible to achieve 100% up time. So your target should as much as less downtime. Because if your site goes down, no one can access it.

So taking everything into your account. You should go to purchase plan for cloud hosting. There are many hosting service provider in the market. But the list which i am providing you, 5 best cloud hosting provider are top in the market. You should check everyone features and services before purchase. So that you can choose the right cloud hosting provider for your website.

Top 5 hosting companies 2019

Here i am providing you these 5 companies name. So again i am telling you, check before taking any decision . This is based upon overall performance . All are well know in the market.

Name and Link are given below. Click the link to check the company details feature .

  1. A2 Hosting 
  2. Cloudways
  3. Interserver 
  4. FastComet
  5. Heficed 

Now don’t worry after purchase any company hosting . Because you are free to change any time your service provider. If he is not providing better service and support. And always look for your server location near to your site user traffic. Suppose for example.

If your site is getting high traffic from USA. Then you must host your site on USA server. Because loading performance will be fast.

Best Free hosting services 

There are many companies. Who claim that they are providing free hosting. So you first need to check how many days or years. They are providing free hosting. And you know free service is like free. I mean to say they can stop any time. Whenever the load on server is increases.

Then you can’t recover your site. If they stop permanently . So it is important if you are serious about your site and project. Then i will recommend you, according to my knowledge and experience  never go for free services. Because it is not secure, as well as  you will  not get more features to implement on your site.

Suppose for example . No any company is providing you Cpanel in free hosting account. If you don’t know what is Cpanel ? . Let me explain. This is called control panel. Where you are able to login in your server database. And you can change and modify any data from server.

But if you are new, and want to learn something for the time being. Then you can go for free hosting plan. Therefore i am sharing here some free hosting company provider.

Is there any free hosting services ?

So you can check and use for your website. But again i am telling you, First check how many days company is providing free hosting.

Free hosting provider 

Here i am not providing you link of these companies. Because they are free and i don’t know more about them. So you can Google and check their details for service.

If you want to learn more about hosting and domain . Then you are welcome to refer my previous post . And that link is given below. 

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What is Cloud Storage And Cloud Computing Technology ?

What is Cloud Storage Meaning ? If you want to know, Then you are at right place. Because you are going to learn here, basic concept of cloud technology and cloud computing. Which is generally called cloud platform. And this is use for cloud data storage.

What is cloud storage | And why its name is cloud  ?

Well  i am going to  explain first basic concept. Why this technology name is cloud and its symbol is like cloud ?. So that you are enjoy learning this concept.  And this is easy to understand, just remember how cloud is form. After that you are able to understand, logic of cloud name and symbol for this technology. So let me explain this. Don’t worry it is easy to understand. Because i am going to explain.

How cloud is form ? Do you know ? due to combination of water vapor molecules(H2O) cloud is form . Which is not having any fixed place and structure. Here i want to say, cloud are moving things, and its structure also changes. Hence sometimes cloud is seen and sometimes cloud is not seen in the sky.

Because cloud makes and break in the sky.  Similarly cloud technology is actually, made with combination of many computers network. And many users network just like water vapor molecules. So sometimes users are available in the network.

And sometimes users are not available in the network. Hence its network makes and break like cloud. And since cloud is above in the sky. Which caters many peoples through the rain.

Therefore in similar way cloud technology provide services, to all over the world. And it is not fixed at a place. So cloud technology is movable. Hence it is just to relate with actual cloud.  So its name and symbol is given just like cloud. And this is the logic behind name and symbol of cloud technology.

What is the Meaning of Cloud Technology | how it works ?

If you really want to understand meaning of cloud technology .Then you are at right place. Because i am going to explain about cloud technology. So simple that, it is going to store in your permanent memory . And hence you will never forget it. Now let me explain this in easy trick.

So first break these two word Cloud and technology. what is cloud ?. Therefore simple meaning of cloud is, a different name used for internet. And cloud is a different name used for “any where any time”. Now What is technology ?.

Well technology is a unique technique, which makes our daily work life easy. Hence technology can be anything, for example (tools, software, Car, Mobile, Laptop…). And therefore any things, which is useful for human is a technology. So cloud technology is ” any where any time makes human daily work life easy”.

Hence take an example, See the picture below.

Suppose you have a computer. And you are doing your normal work, like create file, play game and store data on this computer. But when you need to play a high end game and store huge data. Also you want to use some software, which is not installed in your computer. Then what is option for you to use these services ?

Well you have the following options to choose.

  1. You can perched a new powerful computer. Which is having software installed and huge storage.
  2. And if you have a high speed internet. Then you can take a computer on rent to use those power services, from your local computer. And this is cloud technology idea.

What is cloud storage and cloud service provider ?

Many people know that cloud technology is use for data stores only. And this is not correct. Because this is more than storage. So let me explain, Cloud technology features. This technology is providing services and many applications.

As well as data storage. So there are many companies, which are working for cloud technology, and proving IT infrastructure for organization. Therefore cloud storage is a model of computer data storage. And digital data is stored in logical pools.

Because physically digital data is stored in multiple server location. And due to this cloud is providing high speed data rate. Since data is stored in multiple server, So data loss chances is negligible. Even in any disaster case.

Hence these are examples of cloud storage.

  • Dropbox
  • Google drive
  • Amazon drive
  • Google cloud
  • OneDrive
  • pCloud
  • OpenDrive
  • iCloud
  • Securesafe
  • MEGA

Therefore apart from these companies. There are many other companies, Which are also providing services for cloud storage. So these companies are providing cloud storage digital data for their clients. And your data is safe and secured here with the help of high level encryption.

What is cloud computing simple and easy definition ?

To understand well about cloud computing. lets divide this in two parts.

Computing >> whenever there is word of computing. This is simple word of computer. Then what is computer ?. So computer is an electronics device, which is computing something. With the help of processor and memory. So if you see the word computing. Then this is consist of processor and memory. And what is cloud over here ?,

Cloud >>  As discussed in the above paragraph. Cloud is different name of internet used for “Any where Any Time”. Hence Cloud computing is (any where any time Processor and Storage). Here memory word is changed with storage. Because both have same meaning.

Now lets simplify this, so that you can better understand. And hence just remove processor word. Therefore cloud computing simple definition is (any where any time storage). Now see the picture below.

Hence in the picture person is storing, some data from his local computer storage to cloud storage. What data he is storing ?. It can be any photo, video or file. And he is moving to other place. But he is able to access data easily from other place. Therefore cloud is any where any time storage.

What are some examples of cloud storage and cloud types ?

There are four types of cloud. And which is important to know . So this is given below.

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Community cloud

Public cloud >>  It is mostly used by general public. So for example Google Drive is public cloud. Because you all are using Google Drive to store the data. Hence it is shareable drive. Because any one can access Google Drive.

Private cloud >>  This is mostly used by organization. And it is a dedicated storage. So only this organization is able to access this storage.

Hybrid cloud >>  it is (public + Private) cloud. If any organization uses (public + private) cloud, then it is under hybrid cloud. So for example. Any organization uses dedicated storage for confidential data. But email id storage is shareable among the employees. Therefore this is example of hybrid cloud.

Community cloud >>  Many organization storage their data in a dedicated storage. But all these organization, share this dedicated storage among them. So this types of cloud is called community cloud.

What is real advantage of cloud storage ?

It may be you are thinking, Why anyone is going to use cloud computing ?. Then let me explain, the advantage of cloud by an example. Because this example is going to clear your all doubt.

Suppose you want to open an eCommerce company. And you have some limited amount of money. Then how you are going to manage all department. Because you have to maintain sales department, marketing department and IT infrastructure department.

Then you must be thinking. Is there anyone who can provide me IT infrastructure ?. So that you can manage Sales and marketing department only. And focus to increase your sales level. Rather than focusing on IT infrastructure. Then answer is yes cloud computing.

Hence for example, all Banks applications, you are using right now is example of cloud computing. And Facebook is also example of cloud computing.

What are the three types of cloud computing services ?

Here three different types of cloud computing serves. This is very important . And this is given below.

  • Saas
  • Paas
  • Iaas

Saas >>  What is Saas ?. This is software as service. Hence in this case, user does’t have software. So this user is depend upon other companies software.  And other companies is having their own software. But these user are using companies software, with the help of an interface.

Therefore Gmail is best example of Saas. Because Gmail software is not installed into your mobile. So this is nothing but an interface.  Because Gmail software is maintained by Google itself.  And you are just using an interface to use your email id. So this is called software as service.

Paas >>  This is platform as service. Many times user is asking for platform, like give me a platform for execution. So what is platform ?. Now take an example to understand Paas. Suppose you are writing few lines of C programming code. And you are looking  for execution this C programming language.

what are real examples of cloud services ?

Then you are giving this code  other person for execution. So for example, Google is providing JAVA platform for execution. Hence you are writing JAVA program but you don’t have platform. Hence this is called Platform as service.

Iaas >>  

This is infrastructure as service. Whenever the user is asking for infrastructure services, like give me some server and some storage. Therefore it comes under infrastructure as service.  So the best example of Iaas is Google cloud.  Because Google is providing free services, to store data on Cloudflare server.  So if you are storing  website data on cloudflare server . Then this is call infrastructure as services.

If you want to know more about technology. then refer my previous post. And link is given below.

Well your feedback is important for me. I am feeling, you are enjoying to learn this post. If you are having any doubt, then feel free to ask any question. I am  here with you to solve your doubts. Because my motive is helping you with easy learning. So thanks for like, comment and share . What is Cloud Storage And Cloud Computing Technology.


What is Telecomtalk ? | And Talktalk Telecommunication


What is Telecomtalk ? | And Talktalk Telecommunication . This is an online platform. And that provides its user, with latest information related to the telecommunication industry services. If you want to know more about Telecomtalk and Talktalk. Then you are at right place. Because i will explain this with example to understand better.

What is Telecomtalk explained with example ?

Well as i told you. Telecomtalk is just latest information about telecom services. Which is provided by Telecom companies to its user. Hence every telecom companies, announces his latest services to his customer. And that services is voice, data, mobile, smart devices, and DTH plan.

So for example Bharti Airtel is providing “Free 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot Device on Six- Month Advance rental plans”. And this is called Telecomtalk. In Telecommunication Industry. Therefore i hope you got my point.

Reliance Jio gives access to Home TV in new ‘Triple Play’ plan

This is telecom tugwar. Because every telecom company is fighting for customer. So they are offering new services and free offer to attract customers. Therefore after capturing a share of wireless market. Now Reliance JIO focus is on Fiber to the home(FTTH) service.

The company is testing new Triple play plan for its own employees. Who are currently using Gigafiber connection. It is reported in Telecomtalk. Hence as per plan a user will be offered 100GB, of high speed data and unlimited voice call. Reliance JIO is likely to provide new plan very soon.

What is Talktalk ?

Talktalk is a growing Telecom company. Which is providing services to customer. And this service is pay television, Telecommunication, internet access and mobile network, services, to business and consumer in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2003 as a subsidary of Carphone Warehouse.

But in short time it is demerged as standalone company in Mar 2010. Its headquarter in London. Talktalk is providing fixed line and mobile phone services and broadband. Hence Talktalk has become the UK second, broadband internet aceess, television and telephone largest company. After Vergin media.

Telecom news

Smartphone prices down 16% in 10 years. So The fall in price is due to operating system(OS) mobile maker. Because using open source, which is free to download. And customization users can modify and redistribute. 

Now Shanghai becomes world’s first district with 5G coverage. Trial run on 5G network. And started service in Shanghai reported on 30th Mar 2019. Hence 5G is next generation of cellular technology. And download speed 10 to 100 times faster than 4G LTE.

So during lunch ceremony. Shanghai vice-mayor Wu Qing made the network’s first 5G video call, on an Huawei Mate X. the world’s first 5G fordable, AI phone. When it is fully operational. Then subscriber will avail same service. Without upgrade their SIM cards.

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  2. Telecommunication basic Foundation


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What is Telecommunication Device For The Deaf ?

What is Telecommunication device ? This is a Telecommunication equipment. This equipment is use by deaf person for communication. And hence it is a gift,  for deaf by Telecommunication engineering. So If you want to know, more about Telecommunication system and Products. Then you are at right place. Because you will learn here. .The best concept for Telecommunication engineering and  Telecommunication device for the deaf.

What is Telecommunication Device For The Deaf ?


See the above picture . How two deaf person are communicating . This is a telecommunication device for the deaf(TDD). And this is an electronic device called teleprinter. Because you know that, deaf person can’t hear. But they can see, the text message. And hence they can communicate. The text message over telephone line. As shown in the above picture.  Therefore they are exchanging text message as seen in the picture. Very easily with each other.  By using  this teleprinter. Hence  this device is design for deaf persons . Because they are having problem, for hearing or speech difficulties.

Hence in other words. This is also called teletypewriter(TTY) text phone.  Because only text message is communicated,  over this device by deaf person. Therefore this is called telecommunication device for the deaf(TDD).  And so Its size is about typewrite.  Or like laptop computer. So this  is  with a QWERTY keyboard.  Because its small screen, that uses LED, LCD screen.  And display typed text electronically. After that  text message is transmitted live, via telephone line.  To  a compatible device uses by other deaf.

Therefore this devices is developed. For partially  Analog Public switched telephone network (PSTN). But it does not work. As well on the new Internet protocol(IP) networks. So this device is called TTy. But as the technology is moving, towards IP based telecommunication.  Hence this device need to be enhance,  for IP based communication.

What is Telecommunication Engineering ?

Telecommunication engineering is  4 years course discipline.  And this is based on two important foundation. Therefore  its first foundation is hardware device.  And second foundation is software program. Hence software program is  compatible with hardware. So any work is done, using software application . Therefore after combining hardware and software, a telecommunication system is made.  Hence this system is complex. Due to design of electronic switching systems.

But this  is capable for communication, with other electronics devices. Do you know ?  these telecommunication system can’t communicate. unless it is not connected with each other. Hence to facilitate communication between these systems. you must required, a connection between them. So that  they can communicate, over that connection.  And this connection is called a medium. So this medium  provide,  a connection between two systems.

Hence this medium can be any types.  For example Optical fiber cabling, twisted pair copper, coaxial cable , microwave. And also IP network and wireless. Therefore wireless mode of communication are radio and satellite communication.  And internet and broadband technologies are wireless. So telecommunication engineering is made life easy and fast.  So just think over this. When you send a text message,  to your friend. How this message is transfer to your friend. Hence to understand message sent process.  Just see  below picture explanation.


How Text Message is deliver to mobile ?

What do you do ? to send a message to your friend through mobile.  Well  You simply press a send button after typing message. And now your job is over. But do you think ?, how this message is deliver to your friend. So let me explain.  You just remember, your mobile is called mobile station(MS). This is connected wireless  with Base Transceiver Station(BTS). Which is near to your physical location. And this Base station is connected with Base station controller (BSC).

Because  this BSC is again connected,  with mobile switching center(MSC).  And this mobile switching center collect data from network.  Therefore data is transfer  to mobile switching server(MSS). And  this MSS  job is organize data. So that MSS is  transfer data to short message service center(SMSC).  And that  is connected with user information data base HLR and VLR.  So SMSC check physical location of sender and receiver.

Now  suppose, if receiver is out of coverage area or mobile is switched off. Then message is stored in short message service center(SMSC) up to 6hours.  And once the receiver mobile is on. Then message is send to MSS. This is connect to BSC on receiver side.  And hand over this message to BSC.  So that receiver BSC  is handover this message to receiver BTS. Therefore receiver BTS is finally handover,  this message to receiver mobile station(MS).  And hence message is finally receive by your friend. So you can think. All this effort is for sending one single text message. So i hope you will remember the process. whenever  you send a message to your friend.

What is telecommunication System ?

Telecommunication system is a medium. This is used for data or voice transfer.  Over short or long distance of communication. Because without telecommunication system.  You can’t transfer data or voice over long distance communication.  So It is because of,  as the signal travel in air medium.  its energy is decreases. And it can’t be listen directly.  Because signal is finally observed in air medium.

Hence telecommunication system is required,  to communicate over long distance. And this system is basically two types. Hence first type is wire communication system. And second type is wireless communication system.

Therefore in wire communication system. Information travel is in the form of electrical signal. And in the wireless communication system.  Information travel is in the form of electromagnetic waves .  Hence example of wire communication signal is telephone.  And example of wireless communication system is radio signal and television signal.

Telecommunication Equipments used in Network for communication.

There are many telecommunication equipments. which are use in network. For long distance communication system.  Therefore all these are hardware equipment. And this is working with software program.  So that these are capable to communicate.  With  other equipment as well.  Hence to setup a network for communication.  Following telecommunication equipments are required. And this is make a live network.

  1. Telephone                                  8  PSTN
  2. Mobile                                        9  Fiber cable
  3. Antenna                                     10  Copper cable
  4. BTS                                            11  Microwave Radio
  5. BSC                                            12  Router
  6. MSC                                           13  Server
  7. MUX                                          14  Modem

So there are Many, telecommunication equipments manufacturing companies. And they are providing,  the above listed equipments.  To their clients companies.  So clients companies are called Telecom operator companies. For example JIO, Airtel, Vodafone, AT&T.  Hence these all companies are called Telecom operator companies.  And they are providing  network services. To the user or Customer. So if you are using,  AT&T sim card for communication.  Then you are customer of  AT&T operator company.

What are new telecommunication products ?

Do you know ? what is digital transformation to digital journey ? Well  this is the rapid change by consumer demand for data services. So this is requirement of digital transformation.  Because time is fixed, it can’t be change. So in limited time, everybody want to achieve maximum work. Then think  how it will be possible ? Well the only option is, to enhance present technologies. Such that it become fast technology. Therefore you can work fast using this technologies. So cloud and 5G are new emerging technologies.  Which transform terabytes of data into real time.


Therefore Development in artificial intelligence is pace in 2019. Hence progress in machine learning artificial intelligence is coming into the mainstream.  Because by using smart technologies 5G and cloud.  your work is automated and fast . So the inventory does’t need to be manual. Hence it is monitor by cloud internet of things.

Therefore your asset tracking is easy. Also  security and surveillance monitor, by this smart technologies is fast and fine. So Artificial intelligence and 5G is next generation technologies.

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial intelligence is proving all platform with a robust development environment. And this  gives you control over your business fast.  So you can automate your business process tracking easy and fast.

Therefore you must know. What is Artificial intelligence ? Well this is human simulation processes by machine. I like to explain, here machine means, especially computer system. But you should know. This is dangerous and threat for human life also. So many scientist are against the artificial intelligence. Because they predict artificial intelligence can make human slave.  And Robust can take their own control over the world.

So this is really challenge for human life. But as of now technology is shifting towards artificial intelligence. Many Robust products are available, which is doing human work. So lets see, what human can face challenges with Robust in future ???.

If you want to learn more about telecommunication technology. Then you can refer my previous post. So link is given below.

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  2. Telecommunication fundamental 
  3. GSM Architecture for Mobile Communication


I will continue post with more hidden concept of Telecommunication technologies. But how do you rate this post ? Your feedback likes and share is important for me. I hope you enjoyed learning Telecommunication Device For The Deaf is a Telecommunication Gift. Thanks for sharing


What is 5G Technology Concept ? | And Why 5G Network is Required ?

what is 5G Technology concept is topic for today.

So i’m going to explain EVERYTHING you need to know about 5G Technology.

Because you know this’s the next generation of mobile technology.

Where you’re going to experience something new in this technology.

Because it’s not just the technology for your mobile only. It’s going to change your life daily experiences.

So 5G technology is more than normal mobile uses, which you’re using currently.

So are you ready to know what’s new in this technology keep reading.

What is 5G Technology ?   

If i talk at basic level, then 5G is “new generation of mobile technology”. 

It’s concentrated of course in delivering data and voice with high speed.

But it does so in a slightly different way, that actually not allow us to provide a better speed.

So you’ll have much FASTER data speed you have currently with 4G.  

The best part of 5G aspect is “Reducing Latency”, don’t worry you’ll understand what’s latency keep reading. 

So,  “Latency is the amount of time a set of data takes to go from point A to point B.”

As 5G technology promises for much higher data speed, much larger capacity, and much lower latency.

So you can just think, how FAST does the network react to things.

The reason is that it promises many things are around it, at least to bring a new application in the market. 

Which you’re not using right now. This’s powerful promises by 5G Technology.

So lets see, what’s 5G going to bring us .

Now i hope you got about what is 5G technology concept. Am i right or wrong. 

So after finishing this article Just comment about this article.

How Fast is 5G ?

If you want to know the maximum speed, which is observing in field during testing right now, is around 1.5 gigabits per second.  

But if you look into theoretical  limits, where industry is working towards, They’re expecting to get up to 10 gigabits per second. 

So you can imagine just for now 5G is instantaneous.

How will 5G impact our lives beyond the cell phones ?

Well, just think about how many devices have in your home right now.

#For Example:

AC, Refrigerator, door sensor, TV, Washing machine, smart thermostats, speakers and many more. 

So they all  use Wi-Fi currently , what 5G technology is promising is forget Wi-Fi, just use 5G.

 Everything is connected, and it’s all wireless, obviously the network still installs power.

But the base stations of the home might be a thing of the past.

Because Outside of the home, “the scale is much broader.

So you can just imagine a future, it may be five years from now where, every Tesla has 5G and every Mercedes has 5G. 

And the best story is that,  they talk to each other, It REALLY matter YES or NO.

Because there’s no any sensor rely right now in the car. 

And 5G has ability to relay on the communication.

Because the communication is very fast and can send large amounts of data.

So one of the biggest differences that 5G technology is going to bring to the new future.

Because it’s not going to focus only on cell phones.  As i told you in the above paragraph .

But it’s going to be connecting all things as well together.

So 5G is the first mobile-access technology that was born to enable IoT (Internet of Things) from the beginning.

Because the IoT is the interconnection of everyday devices through the internet.

And the best part, which allows them to communicate with each other independently. 

So IoT technology has also caused a lot of excitement for, how it can be implemented in the creation of so-called Smart Cities.

Where data shared between all the devices throughout the city. It’ll great improvement in efficiency everything from transport to power.

So in coming future, 5G  capability being available in all kinds of devices it’s prediction right now. But in progress.

Now i hope you’ll AGREE, If i say, 5G is much beyond simply phones or the traditional devices.   

So specially you’ll see the new changes in healthcare industry as well as in education system. 

This technology is going to be widely use. 

Because you can push training calls to anywhere in the world, and the student or employees that are being trained by using VR and AR devices. 

And they’ll feel the same experience,  they were inside the classroom. 

So 5G technology is bringing a lot of new knowledge for you, also need to train people FAST to use this great 5G features. 

Is 5G be more expensive ?

Well, it can not be predicted right now, all these things are regulated by the market.

But hope it’ll not much more 4G packages you’re using right now by service providers 

So it may be first time you’ll have  to pay premium for two or three years, and after that it’ll be cheaper.  

Now it’s expecting to launch commercially in the market end of the year 2020.

It’s just prediction, it’s still going to continue to evolve and expand “throughout 2021, 2022 and so on. 

But why it’s taking long time for implementation on ground. 

There’s a reason that Apple’s newest phone, the iPhone 11, which came out last month, doesn’t have 5G capabilities.

Even customers are not ready to takeaway. 

Because 5G technology is new. Which will work on 5G Network architecture.

But you will have to use 5G mobile, which is still not ready.

Why 5G Network is Required ?


5G network reduce latency and make fast connectivity. Now understand What is latency ? 

Well it is also called response time. let me explain. When you type any website address like on any browser.

Then it reaches at hosting server. And then Server response back to browser. This is called latency and response time.

Hence in 4G network its value is 0.045 second. But in 5G network it will be 0.001 second.

So you can think how fast 5G network will connect.In other words no delay. Then what is advantage of this. Why you want 5G Technology ?

Well Think about the autonomous car, Which is using internet connection.

If any delay happens, then car will take turn causes accident. Take another example alarm.

Suppose thief inter in the bank but alarm is delayed .Till then thief will run away.

So in world of internet latency is very important. I hope you got, What is 5G Technology Concept  importance ?

What is 5G Network frequency ?

Well before going to discuss 5G frequency. First i would like to explain about infrastructure.

Because 5G network infrastructure is very complex. You will ask why ? Then my answer is due to its frequency.

Do you know ? What infrastructure uses in 4G network. Well all telecom company uses its existing 3G tower infrastructure with some up gradation version.

But this is not the same with 5G Network. So all telecom company will require to setup new infrastructure for 5G Network.

Hence it will take time to use 5G network. See in 3G and 4G Technology spectrum frequency is use 3KHz to 6GHz.

But 5G Network spectrum frequency will operate 30GHz to 300GHz. Which is available. 

So all telecom company are demanding this spectrum to use for 5G Technology from Government.

What is advantage of 5G Network ?

What is happening in 5G Technology ? Just increasing spectrum frequency.

So remember important point, if you increase frequency, there is one advantage and one disadvantage. And it is very natural.

Advantages : More data will transfer fast together because bandwidth is wide. Antenna size will be very very small.

Because antenna size depend upon wavelength.And which is Antenna size = (wavelength)/4 .

So in 5G Technology wavelength is in Millimeter.Hence 5G Technology is called Millimeter Wave. 

Therefore 5G mobile will have many antenna. Which will provide you best signal strength.

And 5G Network will not required tall tower. Because its signal range is short.

So you can deploy on small pole and can provide network inside tall building, malls, basement.

And you can easily reuse the frequency to adjacent cells.

What is  disadvantage of 5G Network ?

Disadvantages : Signals does not travel long distance Because wavelength is very very small.

Even if rain drop can destroy the signals. So it will only travel upto 300m range.

Hence you have to deploy, many base station after every 300m distance.

So that it can communicate easily with each other. And due to this reason many new technology is coming.

Why this is new Technology ?

As i have discussed 5G Technology disadvantages. So to handle such problems new technology is required.

Which are given below. These all are evolving and part of 5G Technology.

  1. Millimeter waves : Using high frequency spectrum 30GHz to 300GHz.
  2. Small Cell : Luckily i am handling this project. This is also use for the short range signal within 100m. location Hotel, Hospital, Malls, Basement.

Massive MIMO : Multiple input and multiple output. To send and receive maximum data.

  1. Beamforming : This technology is also called twinbeam. Directed signals in a particular area.
  2. Full Duplex : Two channel uses and both way communication together.


Technology is human imagination, which create opportunities for people. And shape the better future to overcome with new challenges. So 5G technology is gift for you. I hope you enjoyed learning about what is 5G technology new innovations.  If you want to learn more posts about Telecom. Then you can refer my previous post given below link. So that you can better understand “What is 5G Technology Concept”. Different from 4G and 3G. If this article is helpful for you, then comment share and like otherwise dislike. Thanks for sharing this post on social media.  

  1. GSM Basic Architecture 
  2. 3G UMTS Architecture 
  3. What is VoLTE and LTE-4G

I will continue in next post more hidden concept of Telecom.  If you enjoyed learning What is 5G Technology Concept . So  you are welcome, for  feedback as well as share on social media. Learn more and grow rich. Thanks for sharing.


Satellite Communication | Best Concept Satellite Communication System

Satellite Communication is, so easy to understand. Because you will  learn here, in simple way. Best Concept Satellite Communication System ,you are using, TV and telephone. also radio and internet. So you must know satellite communication. Hence learn complete information about satellite communication . You can also, download satellite communication pdf. satellite communication notes, and ppt.

Best Concept Satellite Communication System

I hope. you have tried before, to understand about satellite. What is satellite ? How satellite work. why satellite is moving around the Earth ? . Do you know ? You do many work in your daily life. Which is dependent upon satellite. For example, When you are watching TV, or when using GPS in your mobile.

Also when you are calling, your friend and family in foreign county. Hence all these work are done by satellite. So my first question is, what is satellite ? Well in simple way. Satellite is a small object. Which is moving, around a very big object. This is called Satellite.

What do you mean by satellite communication ?

Satellite communication are generally use for mobile phone signal, weather tracking and television programs broadcasting.  Communication satellites are artificial that is use for signal relay and receive from the Earth station.

And amplify the signal and after that signal is re transmitted to the other different locations on the Earth station. Satellite are of different types and its range also varies according to their applications.  It always rotates and track the  the Earth location.

These are generally use for long distance of communication. Hence data are transmitted in digital form with high frequencies.  And due to this high frequency data become weak signal at the destination location . Then again  amplification is done.

Without satellite you can not watch any international TV programs.  This is the medium through which programs are broadcast.

How human got Inspiration for satellite ?

Hence Moon is moving around the Earth. Which is also a satellite. But it is a natural satellite, Because it is not control by human. Moon inspired the human, to make its own satellite. After that human made its own satellite. And lunched this satellite into Earth orbit.

Which is helping now. And made  the human daily life easy.  Hence for your information, a satellite size like TV.  And big like a truck. Its size depend upon satellite functions. Solar panel is there, on both side of satellite. Which provide energy to satellite. And main body of satellite, having transmitter as well as receiver.

Which work for signal transmitting and receiving. Satellite having some control motor, because you can control satellite remotely from the Earth. Hence can change, its location and angle.

what is function of satellite ?

Satellite function depends upon its work. But main satellite function is, used for communication. Because radio and ground wave can’t used for, Earth full communication. So satellite is made, mainly for communication. Why Satellite is moving around the Earth ? Well  this is due to, Earth gravitational force.

Due to which satellite moves, around the Earth and does not fall on the ground. This is a simple law, if any object has to continue in space, then it will have to move around a big object like Earth. Hence it will not fall on the ground. Because satellite moving speed, will overcome gravitational force.

This is the reason, why all satellite are moving, but does not fall on the ground. Mainly there are three, types of satellites. which are given below.

  • LEO ( Lower Earth orbit ), This site is generally used, for image scanning.
  • MEO (Middle Earth orbit), This satellite is used in navigation .
  • GEO (Geostationary Earth orbit), This satellite is mainly used for communication.

For more details information about satellite motion. you can refer my previous posts.

Satellite orbital velocity

Kepler’s Laws

Geostationary satellite


 what is satellite communication block diagram ?


From the above picture, satellite block diagram. User is your mobile or TV. Signals goes from users to terrestrial body. Which is exchange. Then signal goes to Earth station. Parabolic antenna is used, to transmit signal to satellite. Hence satellite receive signal and amplify signal.

Because receive signal, by satellite is very weak. Due to losses of signal in space. There is a transponder in satellite , which remove the noises. After amplification of signal. satellite send back ,the signal to the Earth station. Therefore Earth station send this signal, to user through terrestrial body.

What is Satellite frequency ? | Satellite advantage and disadvantage

  • A satellite communication operate on microwave frequency.
  • Its frequency range is 1GHz to 50GHz.
  • Uplink frequency is use 6GHz, (Actual value 5.75  to  7.075GHz).
  • Downlink frequency is use 4GHz, (Actual value 3.4  to  4.8GHz).

Satellite advantages :

  • Point to multipoint communication is easily done.
  • Compare to fiber cable, signal is easy to transmit and receive.
  • No need to change antenna direction on Earth station.

Satellite disadvantage 

  • During bad weather condition. Signal do not work properly.
  • Signal need to amplify due to losses.
  • Satellite communication range is limited 75,000km.

What are the types of satellite communication ?

Based on principle of operation. Satellite are divided in two types. Because both operation are different, to each other. And both are  use for communication.

  • Passive satellite, it does not generate power. Because it has a metal cover on surface. Which reflect the signal, coming from one part of Earth, to other part of the Earth. So the coverage distance is very less.
  • Active satellite, it has transmission equipment, which is connected with satellite. Such as transponder, which receive the signal and amplify it. And  re-transmit this signal to Earth.

How do LEO, MEO and GEO, cover full image of Earth ?

These satellite are based on the altitude.  LEO is very near to earth. So it covers very small surface of the Earth. Hence it required about 66 satellites, to cover entire surface of the Earth.

MEO it is at more height than LEO. Therefore it can cover, larger surface than LEO. So it required 10 to 12 satellite, to cover entire surface of the Earth.

GEO height is about 36000km, above the Earth surface. And its time period approx 24 hour. Hence one satellite can cover 40% of Earth surface. So minimum three satellite are placed at angle of 120° each. And hence it cover the entire surface of the Earth.

What is the role of satellite in communication ?

If you want some more information. About satellite communication . So check this link . And if you are looking for pdf file. Then must download satellite communication pdf. Because it is simple, and easy to understand. 

If you want to learn more about telecommunication and Technology. Then refer my previous post. This link is given below.

I will continue in next post. With best concept of physics new topic.  hope you enjoy learning  satellite communication. So want your feedback. You can comment and share on social media. Thanks for sharing .Learn more and grow.


Bandwidth Definition

Bandwidth definition

Today you will enjoy to learn something new about bandwidth, You will learn in this post actual meaning of bandwidth, What is bandwidth ? examples of bandwidth, types of bandwidth, how bandwidth is measured ? What is bandwidth limit ? What is device bandwidth ? What is difference between bandwidth and speed ? You will learn all about bandwidth in easy way, so that you will never forget bandwidth, lets start.

What is bandwidth ?

In communication when you  are sending signals, So first you should understand what are signals ? The signals are variation of voltage, but made of what ? you can think from where this variation comes ?.
The answer is simple, it is message signal created  by the source,like if you are sending your voice and  communicating  it. Now your voice is made by vibration of your vocal cords, which start the wave, this wave is again converted into electrical signal in the form of voltage.
This frequency is a constant and remains constant, whether it is converted into electrical form which is voltage.What types of frequency generated by your vocal cords ? there is a particular value of frequency generated by your vocal cords.
It is not an unique and single value of frequency generated by your vocal cords, It is a combination of frequencies generated by vocal cords.
So there are so many frequencies which are generated at a time, because there are so many particle of vocal cords and all are vibrating with different frequency , but there is a mean frequency all of them.
Hence there are two things one is all frequencies and other is a mean frequency, all there frequencies are around the mean frequency.  
Suppose you are speaking and the mean frequency is 300 Hz, May be there are certain lyrics in your voice, which are at 250 Hz and 350 Hz, See there is a range of frequencies in your voice which is  250, 300, 350 Hz. This range is called bandwidth of your voice see below picture.




As seen from the picture the bandwidth will be more if this range is high, So total range of frequency associated with signal, device and channel.
So you will learn about bandwidth with reference to signal, device and channel, the signal which is produce by the source of information, like sound you produce, there may be a video, there may be a picture, there may be audio voice, these all are signals.
There may be mobile, TV, Camera, microphone, and many more are example of devices.
A cable which is carrying signal to your house, AM wave, FM wave, radio wave electromagnetic wave, which are coming from the space all are example of channel.
Hence all of these three signals, devices and channel, so all are having  their own bandwidth. you can refer link for communication fundamental concepts

Signals bandwidth 

Suppose your speech having frequency 300 to 3100 Hz, there are few people which are making loud sound. there may be 500, 600 and 700 Hz.generally male voice having frequency 300 to 400 Hz and female voice having frequency 500 to 700 Hz.
Now with this frequency, there are harmonic attach with this.
If your frequency is 300 Hz then there is mixture of 600 Hz frequency also, there is a mixture of 900 Hz frequency also and these are called harmonic frequencies , So that makes a complete group of 300 to 900 Hz, infect you are listening 300 Hz, but 600 and 900 Hz are harmonic so actually you are listening a combination of  frequencies . Means to say in this combination some percentage of 600 Hz and some percentage of 900 Hz very low but always a combination of frequencies.
This combination make your voice signature, due to this voice signature if in a dark hall many people are sitting, you are not seeing them face but somebody shout your name and you recognize that is your mother.
How this happen because you are listening a combination of frequencies, which is their voice signature, 

which is a combination of frequencies belongs to them. So every body has their own speech frequency. Hence for your speech frequency 300 to 3100 Hz, Bandwidth will be (3100-300) = 2800 Hz .
Now if you want to talk on telephone, the telephone is used for human voice, Therefore you have to keep your device and channel, which is fit for 2800 Hz bandwidth, If it is not fit for 2800 Hz bandwidth then your original voice will not be produce to listener.
Suppose device has only bandwidth of 1500 Hz, then it will allow to pass 300 Hz , 1800 Hz but it will not allow to pass 2000 Hz, 2500 Hz and 3000 Hz, whereas you have greater bandwidth of 2800 Hz contains so many frequencies. 
Hence if you want to hear real voice, the bandwidth of your device should be larger than your message signal bandwidth.You know that human hear range of frequency is 20 to 20 KHz, beyond and below this frequency human can’t hear any voice or music.
So music bandwidth is 20 KHz.
Similarly for video signal 4.2 MHz frequency required and for safe guard it is take as 6 MHz for a TV channel, which will transmit video and audio signal together required 6 MHz bandwidth. 
So range of frequencies is called a bandwidth, that indicate all the frequencies in the range will be handle during the communication.This is called a bandwidth of a signal.So larger bandwidth is better to accommodate complete information of wave. 
I hope you have got bandwidth concept clear now.

Bandwidth characteristics 

You should remember bandwidth is not use only for a signal, every things has its own bandwidth, likes
1 bandwidth of signal ( Audio signal, video signal,speech signal)
2 bandwidth of device ( mobile, TV, microphone, transmitter, receiver, headphone etc )
3 bandwidth of Channel ( AM wave, FM wave, Electromagnetic wave, radio wave, cable )
All above three having their own bandwidth, for example when you speak directly to somebody, your voice is different than when you talk on phone. This is because of fault of phone bandwidth. The phone bandwidth does not pass all the frequencies band of your voice because it is design for mean frequency only.
So some harmonic frequency of your voice is not pass though the phone bandwidth, that is the reason your voice is different from direct listen.  

Bandwidth speed 

Increasing the bandwidth you can increase the speed of the data transfer rate but its range will decrease see the picture below.
Bandwidth speed


Types of bandwidth

There are two types of bandwidth see below.
1 Base Band
2 Broad Band

Base Band is used for Ethernet, only one way signal, whereas Broad band used for TV, Radio and electromagnetic wave, travel in both way .
Bandwidth types
Base band allow you to either send or receive the signal one at a time only but in broad band you can send and receive the signal at a time.
Base band use low frequency wave, So it is used for local area network like Ethernet, it can’t used for long distance communication.
Broad band used very high frequency wave, such frequency wave can travel low distance easily, hence a broad band is used for long distance communication system.
Like TV and radio wave communication system.
I hope you have enjoyed learning  bandwidth definition, I will continue in next post with more concepts, I want your feedback, comments and share. Learn and grow, thanks for sharing .
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types of network lan man wan

Types of network topology is today topic for you. So I’m going to explain here everything you need to know about types of network topology

Hence It looks very easy but interesting to know the facts of types of network.

Many of us may be thinking oh i know about types of network topology.

What and how much you know about types of network i don’t know.

But i ensure you today you will learn the hidden concept of types of network topology.

So keep reading to know new concept here.

Types of network Topology

I hope you know LAN/MAN/WAN basic unique facts. Am i correct, So lets start what is new here to learn about types of network topology.

See network can be define by many ways on the basis of criteria.
So here network is defined on the basis of Area so this types of network are called LAN/MAN/WAN.
It can also be define on the basis of transmission media.
which will be Wire network or Wireless network. But general types of network is defined on the basis of Area.
I hope you got the network definition basic concept.

Types of network definition you study is wrong 

Don’t take it wrong, keep reading i’ll clear you today, what is wrong about definition, you’ll understand easily.    

The definition of network LAN/MAN/WAN we study in our books and teaches by our teachers.
And what you understand the concept about types of network is not correct.
So let me explain .
I am not saying books are wrong but want to convey you there is a gap.
And It is just incomplete definition about types of network.
So first we will see the normal definition written in books about types of network.
LAN/MAN/WAN and then will compare with full complete definition.
Are you agree with me.
So that you can understand that gap or incomplete definition. 
And  you must understand that gap because whenever you face an interview and that types of question.
So you are unable to answer question.
How can you create a WAN in your room ?
So after study this post, I hope you will never forget about types of network topology concept.
So lets first see what does books definition says about LAN/MAN/WAN.

Types of network books definition is incomplete 

Types of network books definition is incomplete 

Books definition about LAN (Local Area Network)
LAN is a group of computers and the network devices connected together usually within the same building .
MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) is a large network that usually span several building building in the same city or an entire city, Larger than LAN.
WAN (Wide Area Network) Not restricted to a geographical area, It is connected to state or country .

Types of network complete definition you must know  

As we know from the definition of LAN, network within a campus or within area of 2km to 10km is called LAN.
But suppose one of my computer is in Delhi office and other computer in Mumbai office connected through a Lan cable.
And I send some file from Delhi office computer to Mumbai office computer then,Can you tell me which types of network is this LAN/MAN/WAN. 
Well may be some people thinking it is LAN, Other some thinking it WAN and next some people thinking it is MAN.


Now my next question suppose you and your friend are sitting in a same room and chatting on Facebook, Which types of network is this LAN/MAN/WAN ? 


And again If now your friend is in Mumbai and you are chatting on Facebook from Delhi, Which types of network is this LAN/MAN/WAN.

So to know the facts, you must remember about LAN and WAN only,  MAN is nothing.
logically,MAN is somehow LAN.So you have to clear difference between LAN and WAN first.
Hence this is time to understand WAN .
If any two computer communicate over internet either both the computer  is placed in a same room, or one computer is in Delhi and other computer is in Mumbai.
or any other country but communicating over internet this types of network is WAN without any doubt.

What is computer network ?

Distance does not matter between two computers for WAN (Wide Area Network) if two computer are communicating over internet,
So this types of network is best example of WAN network. 
Well now i hope you have got the concept clear about WAN network.
Similarly if two computers are communicating without Internet whether one computer is in Delhi office and other computer is in Mumbai office.
or both computers are in same room  connected through wire cable, lan cable, fiber cable, this types of network is example of LAN network.
Then why it is said in book definition about LAN network, This is within a campus or Area between 2km to 10km.
Well this is because on the experience of practical approach network implementation and deployment.
Because No any network service provider will laying cable from Delhi to Mumbai for communication between two computer only.
It will be very costly network for two computer communication.It will be not practical approach
So this LAN network is feasible within a campus, or within short distance range area, Hence mentioned this reference in book definition.
Now i hope that your concept for LAN network is clear and you have got the difference between book definition and wrong concept clear.

Local Area Network

Now we will see about MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) this types of network is actually made by LAN network. 
Many separate building with 10km to 20km are connected by many LANs like entire city though cable without Internet, This is example of MAN network.
Hence actually small LAN network made MAN network.

Types of network conditions

   Hence from the above table, you will get maximum data speed in LAN network and lowest in WAN data speed.
LAN network will be most secure because you are maintaining small network, But in case of WAN it is large network data coming from passing many routers.
Now i think your concept is clear for LAN/MAN/WAN and you have fully understand well about types of network topology.
And now you’re able to answer yourself  for the above asked question .
I’ll continue in next post with more best concept so keep more reading  .
I hope that you have enjoyed learning types of network topology.
If you like this article concept then share and comments, Thanks for reading and sharing keep learning more and grow.
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subnet mask

Subnet Mask

Today our topic is about subnet mask, This topic is important and interesting, most of the people confused in subnet mass, Because their concepts is not clear and always in doubt,  How much you know about subnet mask i don’t know, But i ensure you after complete reading of this post your concept and all doubt will be clear forever in easy way. In previous post we have discussed in details about IP concepts, In subnet mask that concept will be use so i will suggest you to refer first IP concepts post after that you can well understand subnet mask. So lets start this topic.

What is Subnet mask ?

Subnet mask introduce from subnetting, Hence to understand subnet mask we have to understand subnetting. Now we will see what is subnetting ? why subnetting is required, If you can recall our IP post reference we have already discussed there are two version of IP one is IPv4 and other is IPv6. We generally use IPv4 and our discussion is also about IPv4 in this version we have limited IP. Now you can think all over the world people required unique IP to connect through internet, But we have limited IP so it is major problem in front of the technology, How to overcome of this problem introduce concept and reason of subnetting. So we can say to overcome the problem of limited IP, We required subnetting.

subnet mask explained

Subnetting is a technique to use IP addresses efficiently or preserved IP addresses with minimum wastage of IP addresses. To do this we have only three methods.
1 Use private IP, We know private IP for class A for class B 172.16.x.x and for class C 
2 Use IPv6 where unlimited IP are available no shortage for whole globe 128 bits, remember in IPv4 only 32 bits available.
3 Use Subnetting.
Hence here we will use subnetting concept to find subnet mask, The meaning of subnetting is “network within a network” or logically division of IP addresses,To understand why subnetting is required take an example to well explain the concept of subnetting see below picture.

How to find subnet mask ?


Subnet Mask

From above figure see the network router interface different users combination, It is important point every interface of Router must be different network, Means network ID must be different on every interface of router. If you don’t know about network ID please refer previous post IP concepts.
Take an example on 10 users network IP is suppose this IP is given to one user among 10 users. Now i have given other router interface 50 users IP, one user among 50 users, Now question arises, Is it correct i can allocate IP to 50 users router interface.

To check this first find class of this IP if you have studies my previous IP post then of course you know this is class B IP address, Then you can easily find Network ID of this IP address which will be because for class B two octet is reserved for network and other two for host id, Hence it is clear Network ID for IP address will be  .
Now similarly find Network ID for IP address it will be again because it is also class B IP address. 
Now you see for both router interface network ID is same, Which violate every router interface Network ID must be different, Hence it is clear that we can’t allocate IP address to 50 users router interface.
Then what IP address you can allocate to 50 users router interface, Except network ID given to 10 users router interface, You can take any IP address like because this is class A IP address and its network ID will be hence it is different, So every router interface must have different Network ID. I hope you have got the point.
Now among the 50 users you can use network ID but other router interface must be different network ID. This is same like two engineering branches Electronics and Mechanical, All Electronics students have same network ID and all Mechanical students have same network ID but Electronics students will not be allowed to sit with Mechanical students. Because Electronics students have other classes and Mechanical students have other classes.
Now if you are not understanding why network ID must be different on every interface of router ? . Then first you have to understand router working principle.
Well Router is an inter networking device, Its means that router is only use whenever need to communicate between two different networks. It is not use to communicate within the same network between different users,Within the same network between different users switch device is used.
Now you tell me if the same network ID on different router interface then router will confuse where to send the packet, Hence different network ID required on different router interface.
Now we will see how to calculate subnet mass.


subnet mask calculator

Allocate 10 users group Class A IP address          network ID (
Allocate 50 users group class B IP address       network ID (
Allocate 4 users group class C IP address       network ID (
Allocate 20 users group class C IP address     network ID ( 
Now you can see clearly all network ID are different for every router interface well .

# tags Allocate 10 users group Class A IP address          network ID (
Now you will allocate 10 users IP like.
1 →
2 →
3 →
4 →
5 →
6 →
7 →
8 →
9 →
10 →
Above IP address are allocated to 10 users. Can you think how much more IP address you can provide to users from this network ID. If you can recall from previous post then you will find for class A three octet are reserved for host that is 24 bits.
Its means that you can connect total number of users to this network ID will be (2²⁴ -2) it will be a very large number. it will approx to 16 Lakhs.
But you have only allocated 10 users, Then think about the rest IP addresses which is not used. Can we use rest IP addresses to other router interface BIG no, As discussed above all different router interface must have different network ID. 
Now maximum you will use 100 to 200 users not even one Lakhs, Then you are wastage  IP addresses of class A.
Now take similarly for class B.
# tags Allocate 50 users group class B IP address       network ID (
You will allocate 50 users IP addresses like.
1 → and 50th user but think how many more users can connect in this network ID. This is class B hence two octet reserved for host so total number of users can be (2¹⁶ -2) which will be equal to 65,534. This much of computer can be connect, But we are connecting only 50 computer again this is wastage of IP address of class B.
Now take for class C.
# tags Allocate 4 users group class C IP address       network ID (
similarly allocate 4 users IP addresses like
1 → and 4th user but think how much more computer can be connected on this network ID.This is class C hence one octet is reserved for host so we can connect total number of computer here (2⁸ -2) it will be equal to 254.But we are only connecting 4 computer. Again wastage of IP addresses of class C but little bit less compare to class A and B.
Hence to save the wastage of these IP addresses we apply technique such that the same network can be divided into sub network and maximum IP addresses can be used and router don’t understand that is same network need subnetting.
One important point CIDR value for all classes A, B, C respectively if it is written by default it means that no any subnetting has been done. Except this number 8,16, 24 if any number written then subnetting has been done.
Now we will continue this topic in next post.I hope you have enjoyed learning Subnet mass concepts. If you like please share social media and comments.
Thanks for reading and sharing keep reading more and more.
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ip address-public ip address range

IP address is topic for today. So I’m going to explain here everything you need to know about IP address.

Because you’ll learn here what is meaning of IP . And how it’s use as well as what are different types of IP . So keep reading to know everything right now.

IP Address what is

It’s important because you’re using laptop,computer, mobile and other devices, which uses IP  to connect with internet globally.

So every device uses an unique IP  for identification to connect globally.

It is an internet protocol address (IP ) and is a numerical number level like

Which assign to each device to make a computer network that uses the internet protocol for communication.

IP  allow a device to communicate with other devices over an IP based network like the internet.
Because an IP  has many parts just like an address location of your house globally.
Now for example suppose your house location address is written as 316 Janpath road New Delhi India then here.
316  – house number
Janpath road  – Street
New Delhi  – City
India  – Country

 So An IP  provides an identity to a network device.Similar to a house physical address location.

Devices on network globally differentiated by from one another through IP .

How IP address locator use to communicate ?  

Suppose i am going to send a package to my friend in another country.
Before sending package i have to know the exact destination, It’s not enough to send package only by his name and expect to deliver him.
I must required to attached a specific address to it which you look up in your phone diary.
So this same general process is used when sending data over the internet.
However we use phone diary to look up physical address,Our computer uses DNS Servers to look up a hostname to find its IP .
And this is called Ip Address locator.
Now for an example when i enter a website like into my browser my request to load that page is sent to DNS servers.
And which look up that hostname ( to find its corresponding IP  (
when we request by entering hostname to DNS servers our computer IP  is also sent to DNS servers.
After finding hostname corresponding IP  DNS servers allow to load that page to your compute.

IP Address to Location

Without the IP  attached, my computer will have no clue where to go.
A Computer address is called its IP  visiting a website is really just your computer asking another computer for an information.
Your computer send a message to the other computer IP , and it also sends along its origin address, So the other computer knows where to send its response.
And this’s IP address to Location
IP  is virtual map of  computer network over the Internet, Which is just use to locate any host within the network.
Without IP  you’re not able to locate any host on the network, So to connect with network IP is required. 
And this IP help to  find the Physical location of any host connected with the network.
#For Example:
If you’re connected with internet from USA , UK, so you’ll assign IP from same country. 

IP to address lookup for different types of IP addressing 

There are two types of addressing 

  • 1 Physical addressing (Only name no complete address eg MAC address 48 bits).
  • 2 Logical addressing316 Janpath road New Delhi India complete address eg IP

Now in IP address there are two version first IPv4 and second is IPv6 here in this post we will learn and discussed only IPv4 latter on will discuss IPv6.

So In IPv4 there are again two types of IP  first is Public IP and second one is Private IP 

IP is that identity from which you reach in the network from one place to other place.

For example if you want to send a piece of information from India to globally anywhere out India or any part of India.

So with the help of IP address identity you can send your information anywhere.

IP  is 32 bits logical address having 4 octet in each of the octet minimum to maximum value range is 0 to 255 only. So it’s IP to address lookup.
IP  is made by two entity one is Network ID and other is Host ID its simple means.
IP address  →→ Network ID + Host ID
See the below picture.
IP address-public IP address range
Remember always 4 octet in IP address it can’t be 3 octet and maximum value in any octet is 255 can’t be 256 in any of the four octet.

Different classes of IP address

There are five different IP  classes, Which are given below with their numerical minimum and maximum values.
1 Class A →  to 
2 Class B→  to
3 Class C→  to
4 Class D→  224  to 239
5 Class E→  240  to 255
We generally use IP addresses of Class A, B and C. However Class D is use in multitask, Class E is use in research.
Class A is used for large network buildup and class C is used for small network for example if you want to setup small network like 100,200 computer to connect on network.
then you have to choose IP  of Class C.

IP address network

There are two type of IP  network one is private IP network and other is public IP network.

We generally use private IP network, where you are free to choose any IP  according to classes.

But for public IP  you have to buy public IP from IP allocation agency IANA Internet Assigned numbers authority.

Now from above classes you can see class A end with 126 and class B start with 128 .

So then question arises where is 127 ? actually 127 is reserved for special purpose loop back address

So full range, Loop back is use to check NIC (network interface card) status and network issue when your system is not connected with internet.

How to recognize classes of a given IP address ?

it is simple to recognize classes of any given IP  only you have to remember the range of each classes.
For an example can you tell me class of this IP address belong, To know the class of this IP address,.
Because you have to see only first octet which is 137 then you have to check Class A end with 126 .
so it is not belong to class A, Now class B start with 128 and end with 191 hence 137 is in between this range so belong to class B.
Hence for any IP class check see the first octet number only where does this lies in all the five classes mentioned above.
And this will give you exact classes of that IP . 

How to find Network ID of given IP address ?

IP Address→→→Network ID + Host ID
Here from above picture it clear Class A, Class B, Class C four Octet value for Network ID and Host ID.
Hence to know the Network ID of any class IP  put Host ID value 0 you will get Network ID of that Class.
for example given IP what will be Network ID of this IP ?.
Ans  IP address→→→  10.1115.20.30  (This IP  of Class A) 
Network ID→→→  
# tags Find Network ID for IP
 (This IP  belong to class B) 
Network ID→→  
# tags Find Network ID for IP
(This IP  belong to class C)
Network ID→→
This is so simple to find network ID for any given IP .

How to find subnet mask of a given IP ? 

Lets see it by example IP find its subnet mask.
Here we see that this IP  belong to Class A, Hence first find its Network ID we have learned above Network ID will be
Now we know that one octet having 8 bits now important point Network ID bits will be represented by 1 and Host ID bits by 0  then it will look like.
See below, how to convert into decimal number 
11111111.00000000.00000000.00000000    now convert this to decimal number
255    .         0      .       0       .       0 This is subnet mask
Take an another example IP find its subnet mask.
Here first you have to see IP belong to which class, So it is clear this IP  belong to Class B.
Then write down its Network ID hence Network ID will be
Now replace Network ID by bits putting each bits of Network ID by 1 and Host ID each bits by 0 then it will look like.
11111111.11111111.00000000.00000000   (now convert this binary bits into decimal value)
 255     .    255    .       0        .       0           (This is subnet mask for IP

How to convert decimal IP  into binary easily ?

it is really very easy and simple method to convert decimal IP  into binary.
lets take an example IP write down number like this.
2⁷       2⁶       2⁵      2⁴      2³       2²       2¹        2⁰
128     64      32     16      8        4        2          1
1          1        0       0       0        0        0          0 ←192   (* Adding 128 and 64 gives 192 ) 
1          0        1       0       1        0        0          0 ←168   (* Adding 128,32,8 gives 168 )
0          0        1       0       0        1        0          1 ← 37    (Adding 32,4,1 gives 37 )
1          1        0       0       1        0        0          0 ← 200  (Adding 128,64,8 gives 200 )
Above method is very simple to convert decimal IP in binary.
So use logic simply which number addition gives decimal number value put 1, 1 to that number place and rest put 0,0
you will get 8 bits binary number for that decimal number hence decimal IP will look like this.
 192               .                 168             .                 37                  .            200
11000000          .         10101000            .         00100101              .        11001000  

Private IP   

Private IP  is that IP which you no need to buy suppose in your organization.
you want to connect 50 or 100 computer then you can use private IP  to assign each of your computer to communicate on network.
Some private IP addresses reserved are like this.
Private IP address Class A
Private IP address Class B  172.16.x.x
Private IP address Class C  192.x.x.x
So these are private IP reserved for Lan these IP can’t use on internet network.

How many Host can connect to an IP ?

Lets take an IP address what do you think about this IP ?.
Hey if you remember this is Network ID for class B hence suppose i have purchased this Network then how many IP .
i can distribute or allocate on this network or how many Host can use this network.
Broadcast ID→→→  to find out broadcast ID of a Network ID simply give the maximum value to Host ID it will represent broadcast ID
Network ID→→→
Broadcast ID→→→
Now number of usable host →→→ 2¹⁶ -2 = 65,534  host can allocated to IP  on this network ID.

Who IP address lookup

How it is calculate simply see how many Host ID bits are available .raise two to the power host bits available minus two will give you number of usable hosts.
now why here minus 2 subtracted from total number ? because two IP  are reserved first for network ID and last for broadcast.
so minus two is done because these two IP are reserved for special purpose it can’t be use for Hosts. 
Q IP address find Network ID, Broadcast ID and number of usable hosts.
This question is for you.
We will continue in next post i hope you have enjoyed learning IP address-public IP address range. if  this article is helpful for you then like  share  keep learning more and more.
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Antenna communication system

Antenna communication system 

Today our topic is antenna communication system and it is very important part of communication system so to understand telecommunication technology we must know antenna and its working principle so that we can better understand about telecommunication technology in previous post we have already studies basic communication system you can refer previous post 
basic communication system here in this topic we will discuss how does an antenna work.

working principle of antenna                                        

Antenna Communication system


Antenna is an important part of wireless communication systems like mobile, TV remote, computer, car remote or many other devices which communicate wireless as you see from above figure the voice signal our sound wave is converted into the electrical signal by microphone and this electrical signal again converted into electromagnetic wave by transmitting antenna and transmitted in the space or air and other side same receiving antenna which receive electromagnetic wave signal and this electromagnetic wave signal again converted into sound wave by loudspeaker which our ear drum detect and we listen the sound signal but you can ask or want to know how electromagnetic wave is created by antenna this is important point to understand lets see.

How electromagnetic wave is created 

This demonstration was done by Hertz scientist before Hertz Maxwell predicted about electromagnetic waves that due to undulation of electric and magnetic field electromagnetic waves is created Maxwell also told by accelerating a charged particle electromagnetic wave can be created now it was turn for Hertz to prove the statement given by Maxwell.

Hertz got the meaning statement accelerating a charged particle means same as oscillating a charged particle hence Hertz taken a LC oscillator as shown below.


As from above picture LC Oscillator here L is Load and C is capacitor when a charged capacitor is connected with load inductor as we know capacitor has two plate one is positively charge other is negatively charge as load connected now positive charges start to move from high potential positive plate to low potential negative plate and due to charge movement current start flow in the circuit through load inductor as current passes through load inductor magnetic field start to developed in inductor and as capacitor fully discharged then current flow is stopped in the circuit at this time magnetic field is maximum in inductor now due to current stopped now magnetic field start slowly vanish and hence due to change in magnetic field in inductor an EMF is induced  now current start to flow in opposite direction as shown in figure 2 and now capacitor is again getting charged due to current flow in opposite direction and this process continue hence it is an oscillator charges are moving back and forth we suppose that this is undamped oscillation means energy is not loss the energy stored in capacitor is transfer to inductor same amount of energy when capacitor get discharged and again same amount of energy transfer from inductor to capacitor this type of oscillation is called undamped oscillation means energy is conserved.
Now refer figure 3 here positive and negative polarity is continuously changing hence charge is oscillating back and forth hence using electrical signal electric and magnetic field undulation create an electromagnetic wave electric and magnetic field are perpendicular to each other two poles shown positive and negative is a dipole antenna one pole will be in positive state then other pole will be in negative state so it is called dipole and its one specific feature you must know the antenna will create electromagnetic wave or detect electromagnetic wave antenna minimum length will be 𝛌/2 where 𝛌 is wavelength of electromagnetic wave similarly mono pole antenna is there where only one pole is used which radiate in all direction its condition is 𝛌/4 for length of antenna hence this was the basic concepts about antenna in next post we will continue communication topic i hope that you have enjoyed learning Antenna communication system thanks for reading and sharing this post.
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what is subnetting

What is Subnetting ?

Today our topic is very important, What is subnetting ? .You will easily understand subnetting in this topic.In previous post we have learn basic concept of subnetting.You can refer that basic concepts  so that you will understand why subnetting is necessary in network. I will suggest you to go through basic concept of subnetting

Subnetting means ?

Subnetting is a technique to partition a single physical network into more than one smaller logical sub-networks. An IP address include two parts one is network part and other is host part.
Each IP address consist of the subnet mask. All the class types such as Class A, Class B, Class C include the subnet mask know as default subnet mask.

How to do subnetting ? 

Suppose you want to setup five different network, Then you have two choices first buy five different network ID, But this network ID will be very costly so will not prefer to buy five different network. Second buy a single network ID and divide this single network ID into five different sub-network ID, Which is called subnetting. Hence we will prefer subnetting as shown in below picture.
What is Subnetting ?


Here five different sub-network made by a single network. Now we will see how it is done for that to do suppose we have buy a network ID of class C, Which is, Here 24 is CIDR for class C because 24 bits are reserved for network ID in class C.If you are not understanding why 24 CIDR please refer previous post. 
Now from this network ID we have to provide five different sub-network of different PC users group. 10 PC will required ten different IP.
Similarly 30 PC will required thirty IP.

Method for subnetting

1 write down the given IP like, Now check which class IP is this, For example this is class C IP, Hence we know that for class C three Octet is reserved for network and one octet for host.

2 Now convert host ID into binary then we can write IP like this given below., since host id is zero so eight times zeros for binary.

3 Find the Maximum number of IP required in which network area, So from the figure first 4th network area required 40 PC, 5th network required only two IP for router to router connection, Hence 4th network required maximum 40 IP.
Hence write down the equation like this  

2ⁿ -2 ≥ Maximum number of IP required in given network   ( Here 2ⁿ -2 ≥ 40 )

There are two method for subnetting, First is according to host requirement and second is according to network requirement. Now we are doing according to host requirement, According to which network how many PC requirement that IP requirement rather than how many network requirement. So it is clear that we are doing according to host requirement.

Now 2ⁿ -2 ≥ 40 this mathematical condition must satisfy.
2ⁿ → represent binary number of bits available in host, Minus 2 because first network ID and last network ID are reserved for Network and broadcast respectively.

Now put n=1,2 ,3 ,4 ……… and check for which value of n the above equation  2ⁿ -2 ≥ 40 satisfy.
Suppose if we put n=1 then 2¹ -2 ≥ 40 0r 0  ≥ 40 which does not satisfy 
if we put n=2 then 2² -2 ≥ 40 or 2 ≥ 40 which does not satisfy  and so on check for condition

Here if we put n = 6 then 2⁶ -2 ≥ 40  or 64-2 ≥ 40 or 62 ≥ 40 ( this condition satisfy ).
So final value of n =6 satisfy  

4 Write down the taken IP  (written host part in binary ).
Now n=6 so count 6 bits from right side in host part binary for host and give remaining two bits to network this is important point.

                  N   Host



Means here 6 bits is reserved for host and 2 bits given to network.
In previous post we have already discussed host bits are represented by 0 and Network bits are represented by 1. You can refer the previous post link given above.
Hence we can write now IP in place of network bits 1,1 and in place of host bits 0,0.

Now convert the binary bits to decimal value, So we have already learn in previous post binary to decimal conversion.
Hence decimal value of  11000000 = 2⁷ +2⁶ +0+0+0+0+0+0 = 128+64 = 192

So decimal value IP  Here subnetting is done.
Hence subnetting is binary bits given from host to network is called subnetting .

Now for subnet mask we know that the IP  is class C IP address hence by default its subnet mask is  for Class C. But for IP after subnettting done 
IP address

5 Write down the by default subnet mask and at place of 0 put the decimal value after subnetting done so IP address subnet mask will be .

 How to make Subnet ? 

6  Now here start from first network ID why 26 ? because two host bits added in network bits. 
Hence Subnet ID  ( Subnet ID -1 )

Now for Subnet ID -2  you have to pick binary bits first 1 from left see below 
11000000  and calculate the decimal value of this 1 its value is 64 we have seen above .
Hence  ( Subnet ID  -2 )
again ( Subnet ID -3 )
again ( Subnet ID -4 )

Now we can not make more subnet ID in this network because 192 +64 = 256 which is not possible maximum value is 255.
If you are thinking making 10 to 11 like this is also not possible because here network ID is changed because in Class C three octet reserved for network.

Hence we can’t make more subnet ID in this network, Only four subnet ID are possible mentioned above.

Subnetting examples

From first figure we were suppose to make five different Network by doing subnetting. But only four subnet ID made taking Class C Network ID.
So it is clear that taking Class C network ID we can’t make five different network only four network are possible.
But taking Class B Network ID we will be able to make five different network that will be Subnet ID -1, Subnet ID -2, Subnet ID -3 …… and so on .

Here we have learn how to do subnetting ?. I hope you have enjoyed to learn subnetting and now your concept and doubt is clear about subnetting.
We will continue in next post .If you like comment and share, Thanks for reading and sharing keep learning more and more. 

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what is web hosting

what is web hosting ?

Web hosting is today topic for us. This is important topic because we all are using internet so we should know that actually meaning of web hosting. we know that this is modern era of technology. Digital media is booming, its perception is in year about 2020 it will be one of the largest sector of employment. So you must know about internet parameter like web hosting, domain name, How web hosting is done.If you are interested  how to earn money online then you should know about web hosting.

First understand domain name before hosting

Domain name is also called DNS (Domain name system or domain name service or domain name server).Don’t worry i am starting from basic so that you can understand well about domain name .If you use internet then you must know DNS. it can be hack by spoofing.
Now your computer and internet are automatically connected together means a full network is there. Like you are reading this post through internet so you are connected through DNS server through ISP (Internet service provider like Jio, Airtel) through internet then you are able to read this post online.
Web Hosting

See the above picture. Every computer connected with internet in the world makes a network. Now this computer network which help to connect one computer to other computer or one mobile to other mobile connect through IP address.
I have already discussed in our previous post about IP address in details. You can refer 

IP address is just like your mobile number but it is four octet bit number logical address like which is assign to your computer so that whenever your computer will connect through internet then this logical IP address is used for communication through this IP address.

Now Important point for domain name when you type,, on your computer to open the browser, Then your computer does not know IP address of now DNS server has IP of and DNS server connect your computer to Hence without IP address you can not connect to any website or can not open any website.
So our human ability is that we don’t remember number but we easily remember name like we save any number in our mobile with name to call any person easily. With this thought domain server was made like google, facebook,youtube,physicseasytips  and this is called domain name.
I hope you have now understand domain name.

So when you open then request goes to DNS server and provide IP address of to your computer and your computer connect to
Hence every ISP company like Airtel, Jio has its own DNS server, Which provide IP address to your computer to connect with different website.

There is one problem everyday many new website hosting is done and many old website hosting are expired so DNS server need to update every time.
So whenever Airtel,BSNL server is down then when you try to open then not connect.
Public DNS is also there google provide to ISP so that all ISP can configure in there DNS to obtain IP Address of any website which can connect easily in case of ISP server down.Now we will discuss Web hosting.

Web hosting 

You have chooses domain name and registration of domain name is done like, But whatever i will do on this website article posting, image loading anything update, Where i will store this data of course required a server, We can’t made web hosting server in our home because it required 24×7 internet connection, electric power availability or high internet speed required.

So that anybody comes to our website from any part of the world, then our hosting server can process fast to provide data to the user. So we can’t make hosting server at home as the requirement mentioned 
Now for this other companies are running their data center and has made their hosting server with all required facilities so we just pay some amount of money and they provide their server to us for the use of our website file data and remotely we can store our website data to that company hosting server.

Hence just like DNS server hosting server is there to store our website data and we can upload data to hosting server.If anyone open your website he can access your website file through hosting server.

Now you know that there are many language like html,css, php,Linux, windows in which website files are stored.
Hence there are mainly two type of hosting server one is windows hosting server and other is linux hosting server. Windows hosting server is costly because in windows hosting server need licence, But in linux hosting server it is open source

so it does’t required licence so linux hosting server is cheap.Server hosting also depends upon traffic if your website has no more traffic then you no need to buy big server hosting. There is server level hosting see below.

Hosting Server types 



There are three types of hosting server
1 Shared hosting
2 Virtual private servers (VPS) hosting
3 Dedicated Servers hosting 

Server is just like our computer but we do some special configuration in this computer, So there are many companies working on data center and provide hosting server service up to 99% up time.Now suppose any company made a big hosting server 16GB ram and I3 processor and full hosting server is provided to you then its hosting server cost will increase and this type of hosting server is called dedicated server hosting.

Now suppose in one hosting server above mentioned if divided into three virtual hosting machine and provided to three users separate to three different hosting user this is called virtual private servers (VPS) hosting.

Now Suppose in one VPS hosting server we made many small hosting such that many hosting user can shared this VPS hosting this is called shared hosting.

Now if your website is new and traffic is low 100 to 1000 users then you can use Shared hosting, If your website is taking traffic more than 1000 users at a time then you should chose VPS hosting.But your website large traffic like eCommerce website flipcart, Amazone then you should go for dedicated web hosting.Hosting totally depend upon the traffic of website i hope you have understand hosting.

Now suppose if you are using shared hosting and hosting company has given ten user hosting within one VPS, Now if one hosting is take more traffic then other 9 hosting user website will effect CPU will give all the time slot to more traffic taking time and other hosting user site will down. So this is disadvantage of shared hosting.
But hosting company manage this by monitoring the all site traffic so that other hosting site can not be down long time. Now this is all about web hosting.

Which companies are providing web hosting

There are many companies which are providing web hosting some important companies name for web hosting from where you can buy web hosting for your website, If you will do Google for web hosting you can see below picture.

Apart from this many many other companies are also there which are providing web hosting. Godaddy and BigRock are Indian companies.
Above any companies you can buy web hosting for your website all are providing well services to his customer.

Free Web hosting 

There are also many companies which are providing free web hosting, If you will do Google then many companies are providing web hosting only for limited period generally one year free web hosting. If you are using free web hosting and your website are taking more traffic then free hosting site will down.
So i will suggest you never go for free web hosting. If by any means all free web hosting site are closed then your website all data file will lost. So if you are planing for long time internet business then you should buy web hosting. But if you want to just test and learn website design then your can chose free web hosting.

Web hosting plan

Any above company you can see the hosting plan just signup with your email address and go the the hosting plan. Here you will find one year hosting plan, two year, five year hosting plan.Which types of facilities hosting company are providing, you can see all details about hosting plan just see below picture about hosting plan.


 Hosting and domain relation  

We have already discussed in details about domain without domain you can not do hosting first you have chose your website name like registration on DNS server then you can use hosting. Without name what you will do hosting to understand better relation between hosting and domain. We will take an example so that both term hosting and domain should clear concept.

Suppose if you want to make a house then what do you .First you buy the land means registration of land on your name so domain is just like registration of land with your website name . Now after registration of land you buy other material like cement, rod, brick to make the house on that land, Similarly hosting is making the house on that land with your website name.

Hosting and domain expiry period 

Well you should know expiry period of hosting and domain every year you have to renew your hosting as well as domain if you will not renew then you hosting and domain will expire then you will lose your website name as well as your website data.

How data and content is uploaded in hosting 

After buy hosting of any company .you will get a control panel generally called Cpanel. First you will login to your control panel hosting .After login you can do anything . You can write content, you can upload image, video to your website hosting server.

How to connect hosting with domain 

Your domain name need to map with your hosting server. IP address of hosting server is map with DNS server CNAME only IP address and name is map with hosting server so that hosting server can recognize your domain.

Can buy hosting other company and domain other company ?  

Yes you can buy hosting and domain with two different company. But as told to make website live you have to map domain with your hosting server then your website can be live and anyone from any part of the world will be able to visit or can access your website.
After making site live you can told the world to see my post on my domain like You can refer to learn what is internet in 10 minutes 
what is internet history We will continue in next post.

Now i hope that you have understand domain name and hosting and enjoyed learning what is web hosting. If you like comment and share, Thanks for reading and sharing hosting learn and grow.

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subnetting questions

Subnetting Questions

This post is about subnetting part 3, You will learn here final concept of subnetting in this post and this is last post on subnetting. We have already learn two post in previous on subnetting.
If you have not seen that two post, I will suggest you to first go through that post to understand final concept of subnetting well. I ensure you after study of three post, You will never forget the concept of subnetting and subnet mask, All three post written as simple. Refer previous post what is subnetting ? .

Today we will do subnetting of class A IP address network in previous post we have done subnetting on class C where limited subnet ID was possible in class C very less only 4.
Where as in Class A large number of subnet ID is possible.
So today we have taken class A IP address for subnetting.

First you have to design Network. How much IP required in network each and every interface. So lets our network design is given below with IP requirement.
Subnetting Questions

Lets take Class A IP, Now we have to provide subnet ID for all five Interfaces as shown in above picture. Hence five new network is required in our design of network.
Now we have take class A IP address try to understand the steps.

Steps for Subnetting questions

1  write down the given class A IP
2  We know that this is class A IP hence first octet is reserved for network and three octet are reserved for host see below picture.

Keep Network part as it and convert host part into binary, Then it will be like this.

IP address 12.00000000.00000000.00000000 ( host id converted into binary )
Now check the maximum number of IP required among the five new network interface,  
Here in this case 60 PC interface is maximum number required.
Select maximum value interface to design network, small will be adjusted itself.

3 write the equation 2ⁿ -2 ≥ maximum value interface so in this case we can write

 2ⁿ -2 ≥ 60 , Put n =1, 2, 3, 4,….. so on such that the value of n which must satisfy this equation.
If we put n =1  which will not satisfy 
if we put n= 2 , n =3, n= 4, n= 5, ( all these value of n will not satisfy the above equation ).

But n = 6 then equation will become 2⁶ -2 ≥ 60   or 62≥60 this is correct, Hence value of n =6 satisfy the equation.

                                              Network           host 
4 Now write IP  12.00000000.00000000.00000000 

Now you have to reserved 6 bits for host from left side, Rest make the values 1, 
Science network bits represented by 1 and host bits represented by 0 . If i am making host bits 1 then its mean that , I am giving host bits to network and this is called subnetting, Then it will look like this.

5  IP address  12.11111111.11111111.11000000  now convert this binary bits into decimal then we will get 

6 what will be subnet mask for ?
We know that subnet mask for class A by default is, Hence subnet mask for  will be because you have changed host bits to network bits so it will be not same as by default.

Now if you want to write CDIR value, Hare count how much bits for network is used in IP address, Here in this case total network bits 8+8+8+2 = 26 .

Hence first subnet ID will be so its subnet mask will be

How to make next subnet mask ?   

Now take the first bits of 1 from left to right in IP  12.11111111.11111111.11000000  
Find the decimal value of that 1 , So its decimal value is 64.Add this value into first subnet ID, then it will be  
Hence Subnet ID -2   will be 

First subnet ID   =
Second subnet ID = ( broadcast ID will be )
Third subnet ID   = ( broadcast ID will be ) one less than maximum value.
fourth subnet ID  =   (broadcast ID will be ).

Now we have found four subnet ID, But we have five new network, So we required one more subnet ID . So add 64 in 4th subnet ID hence 192 +64  = 256, this value is not possible because maximum value in any octet will be 255.
So for this you have to do like this.

Use watch concept, How time in watch change.

m    s
4 : 59 pm  here m is minute and s is second, When one minute increase then watch not show like 4 : 60 ,  It shows  5 : 00 

Hence here same watch concept will be use, when reach maximum value so this is main concept. Now we can write fifth subnet ID. 

Fifth Subnet ID  =    subnet mask
Sixth Subnet ID  =   subnet mask
seventh subnet D =
eighth Subnet ID =
ninth subnet ID =  and so on 

Last Subnet ID is 

Now suppose you have an IP then question is how many maximum host can link to this or how many computer we can add to this subnet ID.

Ans It is simple first you see which class IP is this, So this is class C IP now in class C IP three octet are reserved for network and one for host so total 32 bits.
But as per CIDR value it is clear that here 26 bits are used for network, So 32 – 26 = 6 bits are left for host .
Hence number of computer can be add to this subnet ID will be 2⁶ – 2 = 64- 2 = 62 
So we can connect 62 maximum computer to this subnet ID.

We will continue in next post.I hope you have enjoyed to learn subnetting questions if you like comment and share on social media thanks for reading and sharing keep learning more and more 

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what is internet

What is Internet ?

Today our topic is most important what is internet ? Today world has become modern, Many years work just completed in few hours. Due to easy communication economy is growing very fast in comparison to old days.  All this has became possible only due to a network which is internet, The men has not done in 1000 of years that work is doing by this network in only one decade.  
Human having same thought was not able to meet. But today due to Internet on finger tip to connect with world map anywhere.  

So you can imagine the importance of internet today in our life. According to a survey If one day internet stop to work world will lack behind 6 days, If internet stop to work for an hour world economy will loss one trillion. So internet has became necessity for our life today.

So in this topic we will learn in details about what is internet ?, History of Internet, How
 internet work, Application and uses of internet in our daily life.

 what is Internet history ? 


This modern network was started in 1962. J.C.R Licklider made an organization and given the name DARPA (Defence advance research project agency).With the help of this organization J.C.R made a network and given the name INTERGALACTIC.
The aim of this network was to connect the whole world together. J.C.R was working with his team for INTERGALACTIC. In 1974 two magistrate of DARPA  Vint cerf and Bob Kahn made TCP (Transmission control protocol) and changed the name from  INTERGALACTIC to INTERNET.
But after making Internet is was not possible to connect two computer. In 1976 Dr Robert made coaxial cable and with the help of coaxial cable many computer connected together and data transmission was made possible between two computer and given the name LAN (Local area network).
After that in 1983 chief member of DARPA Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn converted the name from DARPA to ARPANET (Advance research Projects agency network) and added unique IP address to every computer. Now with the help of IP any machine can access network, But now till only internet had use for data transfer, calculating and 2D- gaming.

But in 1984 John Postal made domain extension like (.com,.edu,.org, .net, .gov) with the help of this extension it was made possible to make website and was started website making to upload on internet and make website live. 
But this website was only limited to some city and country, Then in 1979 Vint Cerf and Bob commercialize internet through ISP(Internet service provider) company available for general public in the world, Before that internet was available only for defence and government agency that time it was called dial up internet.
Later on 1991 Tim tim berners-lee was a scientist he made www (world wide web) made possible for any part of the world any one can access internet.
Now the internet grow fast from this period to the entire world.
The credit goes to Mr Vint cerf for his innovation idea of internet. 

What is Internet and how it work ?


When we talk about Internet most of the people think the image of cloud, but it is not like that. The internet is the actually wire buried in the ground a multi fiber optics, copper occasionally satellite to the cell phone network.
Two computer connected to the wire can communicate, A server is a special computer connected to the internet and web page or file use to server drive.
Every server like, , has an unique IP address like postal address how computer find each other.

Now to remember this server easily rather than IP address we give these name like,, so this above figure how it work.

Your computer is not server because it is not directly connected to the internet. You and i use the computer is called client because it connected to indirectly internet through service provider. Here opted my home desktop using DSL.
Now i want to visit then my desktop will go through DSL to ISP to Internet and then to alo server now my computer connect to now i can look the web pages.

Now lets i want to send email to my friend Arun Raj similarly in this case my desktop connected to DSL to ISP to internet and then to Now i written mail and putting email address of Arun Raj and sent the mail.
Now mail will go from gmail server through internet wire to server.
Now Arun will login to server and email will retrieve. Whenever an email web page or image travels across the internet computer brought the image in small pieces called packets.

When the images reaches the original destination again its rearrange in order and original picture is ready on your screen.

Everything on internet connected directly or indirectly  through IP addresses to communicate between servers, your computer and your mobile phone.
To send and receive the message on internet a equipment use is called router helping each. packets  closer one step to its destination.

Every time you visit website up to 10 to 15 router find your packet from server to your computer.

The first layer is your computer IP address your computer sense first router as its own ip address, each time packet reaches other router and added another IP layer and goes to the server and then server send back information with an identical packet raping  each router back rape the information and packet reaches to your computer.
Thanks Mr Vinit Cerf for his innovative idea about internet today we are using internet 

That the way internet works. I hope that you have enjoyed to learn what is internet ? if you like comment and share. thanks for reading and sharing Learn and grow more.

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osi model layers explanation

  What is osi model layers ? If you want to know, OSI model layers concept.  Then you are at right place. Because i am explaining OSI model, In easy and interesting way. So that you are enjoying to learn, osi model layers explanation. Because this is important topic.
But why this is important and interesting ? Do you want to know ? ? So this is because of internet era. Because the working principle of internet is based upon this OSI Model layers explanation.

What is OSI model layers in simple words ?

Whenever we transfer any data like text, picture,video from one computer to the other computer. This OSI Model layers is use. Here nothing is seen, but all the OSI model layers work in the system. So to Know about this is interesting hidden facts.
Therefore lets start to understand OSI model layers, and its working principles in simple way. So that you enjoy to learn this topic.

What is OSI Model Layers ?

Well OSI (open system interconnection) is a reference model. Which is use for communication over a network. This model layers is also called, OSI reference model layers.  
So the main purpose of this OSI reference model is, to guide hardware making companies and software developers in one platform. So that digital communication products and software program is inter operate. And provide a clear facility framework.
Which is describing the function of networking or telecommunication system. So that it is able to communicate with each other easily.
Therefore  refer the below OSI model different layers. And i am explaining each layer in details. Its function and working principle.  With best example, so that you can easily understand. So lets start.
Hence it is possible that, You have study about OSI model layer before. But you are forget this model layer, And this is happen generally, if your concept is not clear about the topic . So in this topic, you are going to learn, OSI model layer so simple.  It is not easy to forget you . Hence I am going to explain  OSI model layers with the help of a story.


OSI Reference Model story explain in detail  

Well this is a reference model of seven different layers. This model is not implemented but we have taken OSI model reference to implement TCP/IP.
Hence as i told  this is seven layers.  Then next question arises, that which layers is consider as first layer. So for this, it is depending upon the Sender and Receiver.
If you are on sender side, then your first layer is Application layer. Because you are first touch the application layer.
And If you are on receiver side, then first layer is Physical layer. So that it is receiving information first. Therefore Physical layer is touch first as shown in the above figure.
Hence to remember  OSI reference seven layers model easily.  You can remember this phrase.
All people seems to need data processing.
Now it is easy to understand, OSI reference seven layers model by story. Hence suppose their is a company.  And which is having  seven employee.  Whose details are given below.



Now some more details about all person work responsibilities, just read the story. 

1 Andrew is CEO of the company, He know French language, Now he told Parwez i have 400 pages has to send other company xyz CEO need to deliver by today evening try best to deliver by evening and ensure.
2 Parwez told CEO ok will send and taken 400 pages, Then Parwez saw that all 400 pages are written in French language, But the other company xyz CEO is Indian and know English language only, Then Parwez translated this pages into English language, And now handed over 400 pages to Suresh and told this is important document need to deliver today urgent make sure no any mistake otherwise we will lost our job it is instruction of boss CEO.
3 Suresh  Now Suresh taken 400 pages and seen, where to go this document ok coming from Delhi and to go Mumbai. Now Suresh first called other company xyz same level Employee and asked today your company is open, Other company Employee told yes open, Then Suresh told ok i am sending some document to you after received, Please call me to inform, You have got the document ( In figure you can see dotted line shown ), Then other company xyz Employee says ok will inform you no problem.Then Suresh handed over document to Tanveer.
4 Tanveer  Received 400 pages and think that 400 pages are very important if i will send in a single bundle and by any means if bundle is lost then all document will lost this is danger, So he make four bundle of 100 pages each and given number 1,2,3,4 serially, And thought if by any means one bundle is lost, At least 3 bundle will deliver. Now handed over to Naveen.
5 Naveen Received 4 bundle and attached address From and To on each bundle and suggested  to driver the free route short distance to go fast and deliver timely, and finally handed over to Dinesh.
6 Dinesh  Received 4 bundle and checked all envelop are good address is also there, But envelop is open anyone can read this confidential document. Then Suresh fixed all four bundle with feviquick and sealed the enveloped with confidential documents round sealed such that if anyone try to open the document it will be recognize someone has open document and handed over to Pawan as saying that Naveen has informed you through  which route you have to go, you will follow that route and deliver this document fast.
7 Pawan  Received document and carrying this document and reaches to same level employee in other company xyz and handed over document.
Other company next level employee received and checked that document ok it is sealed means data is ok. Now this employee handed to next level now this checked four bundle and combined together and handed over to next level. 
Now next level employee received document and called to Suresh hi i have received your document now you not need to take tension, Then Suresh OK thank you now dotted line connection is break. Now document is delivered either other company xyz CEO read the document or not read the document, But data has been delivered work completed.

How OSI model work ?   


Application Layer


All software and app work, gmail, yahoo, facebook work on Application layer, its work is to provide user interface like when you open word, excel, note pad with the help of MS word, Hence user work at Application layer.
Presentation Layer
Encryption and decryption for example take two files Physics.mp3, Physics.doc, Physics.jpge, Now i ask you when we will open the Physics.mp3 it will open in vlc media where as when we open physics.doc it will open in ms word . So it is work of Presentation layer to how data will be represented.
Session layer
This is called end to end layer unless data is not delivered it will be in touch with receiver session layer. If data is lost it will display message data is not sent for example. 
When you send mail and if mail is not delivered the you get a message mail is failed and if mail is delivered then you get message mail is sent .
Hence session layer work end to end this is work of session layer.
Transport Layer
Segmentation is done by transport layer. here it is also important at this layer two protocol work TCP/UDP .
TCP is transmission control protocol and UDP is user data protocol.
Network Layer  
Routers work on this layers, find the route to deliver data work on IP addresses, Route is decided at this layer through which route data will be sent.
Data Link layer 
Added error detection and correction capability and also flow control work done by data link layer.
Physical Layer 
At Physical layer data is converted into bits binary and transmitted through medium wire copper , fiber or wireless and data delivered at receiver end.
Top three layers Application, Presentation, Session work on software where as bottom three layers Physical, Data link , Network work on hardware. 
And most important Transport combine these two software and hardware together.
Now we will continue next topic in next post .I hope you have enjoyed learning OSI Model Layers Explanation by story. If you like comment and share, Thanks for reading and sharing, keep reading more and more.      
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what is volte and lte-4g

What is VoLTE and LTE-4G

Today our topic is what is VoLTE and LTE4G very important topic for all of us because we are using mobile devices so important to know about this technology maximum people have confusion in VoLTE, LTE 4G so today your concept will be clear without any doubt if you have no technical knowledge don’t worry without going in technical details you will understand this technology if your are using VoLTE mobile you can see in your mobile near network tower indication strength it is written as VoLTE,LTE 4G, 3G,2G,1G in all these technologies peoples have confusion so today we will discuss all these technologies and their concepts so lets start our first question is what is 1G,2G,3G,4G LTE ?                      

Telecom Generation
1G,2G,3G,4G LTE here G stand for generation which change after some time whenever a big change happen in technology then this generation changes hence this G is generation changing due to development in technology as for example right now we are using 4G but next generation 5G is coming soon then will use 5G so first we will understand 1G.

What is 1G ? it came in 1980 the signal was using Analog  and only calling since using analog signal so voice break was maximum some part of signal was got and some part of signal was lost because analog signal became weak as distance travel and also effected by noise weather and cable losses analog signal work on calculation method not accurate value signal has no more energy and can’t travel long distance suppose you called someone 500 m far from you can’t listen you analog signal losses energy as distance travel and that time there was no more network towers available after 10 to 12 years 2G technology developed. 

What is 2G? digital signal sms and internet low speed feature available voice break long distance communication problem was removed in this technology now we ae able to send text message in the form of digital signal and was received at destination without any losses this was achievement of digital signal but internet speed was very low not able to download big files and was very costly so that  normal peoples were not getting uses of internet this was disadvantage of 2G technology after that 2.5G came at that time youtube came in picture but at this time buffering was maximum to download video maximum time taken hence peoples were not getting more advantage of 2.5G after that 2.75G (EDGE (E) came in picture speed was 128kbps in this technology some speed of internet increases video buffering reduces even at this time internet was costly maximum people was not getting advantage of internet but this time people were starting watching video on youtube  and youtube getting famous among the peoples now it was fast internet connection of 2G network even those people using 2G connection at present if they connect internet then in mobile shows written E means EDGE fast internet connection of 2G network now came 3Gwhat is 3G ? video calling speed 2mbps  peoples were knowing this technology as video calling now peoples were getting good internet speed and watching video easily and coast reduces normal people was able to use internet now 4G LTE came in picture.what is 4G LTE ? this is not 4G it is actual LTE(long term evolution) after 3G it was taking long time to develop 4G technology so in between this a speed was fixed and was announce if technology will achieve this speed then will be called 4G LTE ( HD video calling, HD live TV ) remember it is not 4G you can say on the way of 4G but below the level of 4G here high definition video calling and watching live TV without buffering here internet speed is very fast.

    Now important point all above technology calling method was same now lets understand the calling method of 2G,3G,4G LTE telecom companies focuses on internet data only but not cared about calling hence see call and data processing .


    •  Now audio signal your voice want to send other place you can’t send it directly because audio signal is very weak can’t travel long distance hence how we can send it is send on a microwave carrier signal lets understand this by an example suppose you have a latter and you want to send this latter to your friend in other district what are the way to send this latter there are only one way to send this latter through postman you can’t through the letter from here to your friend home now suppose the postman is going to delivered this latter but there is wide river between your district and your friend district and there is no bridge on the river then how postman will deliver letter now he can’t through this letter as river is wide then he has only option to use boat and deliver latter but it will take more time as other boat are also running in the river next suppose bridge is made on river then will take some less time but will be traffic to delayed delivery here concept of boat is 1G bridge is 2G fast communication by car 3G but not measure changes in network when 4G LTE came it was very fast for internet data but when make call it will go through 2G,3G above network concept mentioned so you have feel yourself calling from 4G LTE makes many problem call drop call not generated, route busy many problem arises to solve this problem now came VoLTE (voice over data) before that voice was converted into radio frequency and there are so many frequencies and frequency interference and also if network is poor it will also effect radio frequency but in VoLTE voice is sending as data making small packet data we know LTE is already high speed data hence in VoLTE your voice is made small packet data and imposed on high speed data and send so this will give you accurate data high speed quality hence you will listen clear voice without any disturbance and call drop but the condition is both side same smart phone VoLTE should communicate then your voice quality will be very clear even with poor network strength but suppose you have smart phone VoLTE but you are calling to other 2G or 3G phone then your data voice will convert to radio frequency signal and then will connect to 2G or 3G phone which will delayed the call connection and poor radio frequency signal which will cause call drop no clear voice connection delay same problem as 4G LTE now we will continue in next post i hope you have enjoyed learning what is VoLTE and 4G LTE  thanks for sharing and reading 
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        • analog and digital signals

          Analog and Digital signals   

          Today our topic is very important about basic and hidden concept of analog and digital signals as we know that there are only two types of signals which are used in communication system any electronics devices use these signals for communication or exchange of information so it is very important to understand these two signals basic concept one is analog signal and other is digital signal in this post we will study hidden and depth concept of analog and digital signals after complete study of this post your all doubt and concept will be 100% clear for analog and digital signals before going to discuss analog signal and digital we will discuss first analog clock and digital clock see picture below.


          analog and digital signals
          as from the above figure why one clock is called analog clock and other is called digital clock this is basic important point to understand in first clock analog we see that there are three hands one is hour hand second is minute hand third is second hand then we can say that this analog clock has time as hour:minute:second
          so it can take any value in 24 hour.
          now lets talk what happens in digital clock there is hour level and minute level as hour:minute  there is no second level hence after 60 second pass minute level will change from 1 minute to 2 minute we can’t see what is going in between 1 minute to 2 minute because it is not allowed in digital clock only level 0,1,2,3,4,5,…minute not like 1 minute 30 second that is why it is digital because only level like 0,1,2,3,4,5,6….59 minute there is no any level between 1 to 2 minute like 1 minute 30 second hence in digital clock intermediate level is not allowed in other hand in analog clock we have 1 minute 30 second that is why it is called analog clock because here every values within a given limit this is a basic point between analog and digital signal.
          now lets move to temperature graph with time suppose first point of graph is first day of month and last point is last day of a month as we analyse the graph this is analog graph because on the graph each and every value is possible like 27.3⁰C, 27.7⁰C, 27.88⁰C and many more hence we have allowed any value from 0⁰C to Tmax so this is analog because it can take any values within the given limit so it is called analog signal.
          now in electronics Tmax is change to Vmax hence 0 to Vmax here V is voltage suppose Vmax = 20V hence 0 to 20V it can take any value so it is an analog signal now lets move to different type of signal which is called discrete signal.
          Discrete time signal : it is important to understand before move to digital signal so lets start the signal which is defined for the discrete intervals of time see picture below.


          discrete the time axis discretise means we are measuring the temperature every day 11 am that is t0 is first day, t1 is second day, t2 is third day and so on the last day and all are on 11 am hence what is temperature between 11 am of first day and 11 am of second day we don’t know so this is how a discrete signal looks like above picture so we have the value of function temperature at f(t0), f(t1), f(t2), f(t3) ….f(tn ) but what is value between f(t0) and f(t1) we don’t know because we have not monitored the function temperature value at that particular time so this is what a discrete signal looks but you should know one point the signal is actually analog if we chain or join the discrete signal it is actually analog signal hence discrete signal is subset of analog signal so this is important point to know and all real signal are analog signal.
          Digital Signal : in digital signal we discrete both time and magnitude we divide the magnitude axis into the fixed number of levels and the signal can take value equal to there levels only as above shown in figure.
          T(t1) = 9⁰   T(t4)  = 15⁰     (discrete time signal )
          T(t2) = 38⁰  T(t5)  =  45⁰ 
          T(t3) =24⁰   ∆t =  t1-t0 = t2-t1 =t3-t2 ……..
          now magnitude discrete levels as 0,15,30,45 signals can take only these value now we will analyse digital signal consider 
          T(t1) is  9⁰ C  but in the digital signal 9 is not allowed only magnitude value level is 0⁰ or 15⁰ so what value should consider logically 9⁰ C is near to 15⁰ C but wait in digital signal we always consider lower level value because to minimize error this is key point remember we select lower value not higher value hence at T(t1) digital value will be 0⁰ C so
          T(t1)  = 0⁰ C
          T(t2) = 30⁰ C  ( Lower value only)
          T(t3)  = 15⁰ C
          T(t4)  = 15⁰ C ( it is allowed )
          T(t5)  = 45⁰ C ( it is allowed )
          note where value is not allowed other than digital level in that case select always lower value to minimize error above are values in case of digital signal so you can clearly seen the discrete time signal value and digital signal value
          Discrete time signal 
          T(t1) = 9⁰   T(t4)  = 15⁰     (discrete time signal )
          T(t2) = 38⁰  T(t5)  =  45⁰ 
          T(t3) =24⁰ 
          Digital signal 
          T(t1)  = 0⁰ C
          T(t2) = 30⁰ C  ( Lower value only)
          T(t3)  = 15⁰ C
          T(t4)  = 15⁰ C ( it is allowed )
          T(t5)  = 45⁰ C ( it is allowed )

          hence the most important point in discrete signal any value can take within the limit but in digital signal only allowed level value is consider and in case if allowed value is not matching then always take lower value in digital signal.
          very important point  for digital signal suppose we have taken for voltage two levels 0 and 5v now at any time t1 voltage is 2v that is V(t1) = 2v
          but here only two levels 2v is not allowed so digital signal value will be 0 but actual value is 2v hence error is 2v to overcome this error we take maximum levels key point.
          again suppose if this level is increase 0,1,2,3,4,5 then at t1
          V(t1) = 2v hence here 2v is allowed value so now error is zero so we have reduced the error by zero by increasing the level now we will continue in next post i hope you have enjoyed learning analog and digital signals
           thanks for reading and sharing

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          What is Modulation and demodulation definition

          What is Modulation and demodulation ? this is very interesting topic. If you want to know hidden concept in simple way. Then you are at right place. Because i am going to explain modulations and demodulation in easiest way. So that you can’t forget it.
          Hence it is  important for telecommunication in your real life.  Because you use and listen this term daily. if you are found of radio program. Then you commonly listen 93.5FM, 92.7FM,and 90.4FM. Do you know ? what are these ?.
          So in this topic you will get all answer. As well as  the important hidden concept of modulation and demodulation, and what is modulation ?  why modulation is needed ? . So  all questions and doubts,  are going to  clear in simple way. Hence you  need to read complete post. After learning this post, I ensure that you will never forget modulation and demodulation. So lets start.

          What is difference between modulation and demodulation ?


          Modulation and Demodulation best concepts

          What do you mean by modulation ? 

          What is modulation ?Well  this is  a mode of communication.  Now you will ask, what is mode of communication ?  So lets understand it by a practical example.  suppose you want to go to your friend home, and your friend home is 500m distance.

          Then what travelling communication you are going to use. What is your opinion ?  probably by walking or by cycle.  Now again suppose if your friend home is 30km. Then what do you think ? Which travelling communication you are going to use.

          So in this case probably by bike or car.  Am i right or not ?  Again take a next case, if your friend home is 500km.  Now tell me, what are you going to choose for travelling, probably by car, bus or train.

          Suppose if your friend home is 2000km.  Then what is your mode of communication probably by train or flight.  Now again suppose, if your friend home is 25000km, which communication you will choose.  It may be by flight only.

          What is Modulation and its real example ?

          So from these examples. what is your observation ? Well as the distance increases, mode of travelling is changing.  Hence in similar way modulation is mode of communication.  In which data are sent in efficient time, without error.

          Therefor here your mode of travel like cycle, bike, car, bus, train and aeroplane is just carrier frequency/ carrier signal.  And you are original data/modulating signal.  now you are going to your friend home. 

          Hence it means modulating signal, you are welcome in your friend room. But  your carrier signal (cycle, bike, car, bus, train and aeroplane)  is not  allowed to enter in room . So it is discarded.  But think without carrier signal, you are not able to reach your friend home. So that is why modulation is required.  Now i hope, you  got the point, what i mean to say.

          What is modulation and its types?

           now come to human body, audible frequency range is 20hz to 20khz. So below and above this frequency range human body can’t listen. Whenever we normally talk, then our frequency is 3.4khz. And when you listen music, then frequency is about 14khz.
          But when do you listen FM, in this case frequency is 98.3Mhz. So here frequency is in megahertz, about 4000 times above our maximum range. Now can you tell me, how do you are listening music on FM.
          Hence it is clear that 98.3Mhz is carrier signal. which is carrying original song/modulating signal. So  as much of higher frequency.  Whenever you are using, then its means, you are using fast mode of travel.
          For example if 98.3Mhz frequency, then it is like train.  And if  900Mhz frequency, it is just like equivalent to Aeroplane.  So that your signal can reach timely and efficiently.  As i have already mentioned, at destination point carrier signal is discarded.
          Only modulating signal is receive.  But carrier signal is only use for carrying modulating signal. Hence  modulating signal is superimpose upon carrier signal. Therefor now i hope, you are understand concept of modulation.  

          Why modulation is needed ?

          If you want to know concept, Why modulation is needed ? Then you refer my previous topic  Telecommunication fundamental  . And i am going to explain here,  see below diagram.


              when you talk on microphone.  Then your voice is first converted into electrical signal.  And that electrical signal again comes into the modulator.  So in modulator higher carrier signal frequency is mixed.  With Original voice electrical signal (modulating signal).
          By using some technique called AM (Amplitude modulation ), or FM (Frequency modulation). ) So in the modulation process signal is made with wave high frequency.  And this resultant wave is amplify means bust high power. 
          Hence then transmitted through transmitting antenna. Such as in the form of electromagnetic wave in the space.  Now other side receiving antenna detect or receive this electromagnetic wave and send to demodulator.
          where mixed signal carrier is removed. And after that original electric signal becomes weak . So again it is amplify, and  bust this electric signal reaches to loudspeaker. Then converted into voice signal in audible frequency range.
          So this is the basic process of modulation and demodulation. Hence  this is important to know. why modulation and demodulation is needed. Therefore you  see the reason of modulation.  For this refer the below picture.

          What is modulation easy language ?

          whenever you transmit electromagnetic wave.  And if its frequency is very low. In other words  it is having very large wavelength.  Then it has very low energy. So if transmit with high frequency wave.  Therefore its wavelength is short.
          But it has very high energy, and its directional quality is improved. If you transmit with very large wavelength, then wave signal  energy is distracted, and so at receiving antenna energy transfer is very low.
          which is not detected with receiving antenna. So this is one of the reason, that we mixed high frequency carrier signal. Because  at receiving antenna reach maximum transmuted energy. So that  receiving antenna can detect.
          And it has also some directional quality. Hence this is second reason and very important. So there are mainly two type of antenna.  which is generally use for transmitting wave signal. Well are many type of antenna.
          But mostly we use for transmitting purpose, only two antenna.  So one is dipole antenna, and other is mono pole antenna.  As you know that, dipole antenna has two pole, this dipole antenna is transmit or receive electromagnetic wave.
          Hence it depends upon the length of antenna. Such a way that, electromagnetic wave wavelength must be half of the length of antenna.
          Formula is given as , Antenna length ≤ (electromagnetic wavelength)/2 ≤ 𝛌 /2  . 

          Why modulation is required to transmit signal wave ? 

          Therefore  for mono pole  antenna.
           Antenna length  ≤ (electromagnetic wavelength)/4 ≤ 𝛌 /4 .
          Now take an example. when you talk, then your voice frequency is around  300- 3100 hz.  So suppose you speak with a sound frequency at 3000hz.
          Then sound wave is generated, with the same frequency electrical signal. Which is  generated by microphone. And you want to transmit this electrical signal. With without modulation as electromagnetic wave. 
          So you just calculate wavelength of this electromagnetic wave.  Therefore you know that speed of light is electromagnetic wave.  And its formula is  c = 𝛖𝛌 . 
          here 𝛖 = frequency = 3000 and c = 300000000 put in above equation  𝛌 = c/𝛖 = 300000000/3000 = 100000 = 100km .
          𝛌 = 100km  now to detect this wavelength signal.  You need to made Antenna length = 𝛌/2 = 100km/2 = 50km . So for mono pole 25km.  which is physically and economically not feasible  and sufficient .
          But when you modulate signal. Then its frequency is increases and its wavelength is very short. So you need to made antenna short length.  And this  is practically feasible and economical. Hence this is second very important reason. Why you need modulation.
          If you want to learn more about Telecommunication. Then refer my previous post, link is given below.


          If you feel this post is helpful for you. Then share in social media. I will continue this topic, in other post. please wait now. i hope you have enjoyed learning Modulation and demodulation definition thanks for reading and sharing.

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          lte network architecture

          LTE Network Architecture 

          Today our topic is LTE Network Architecture important because we are using this technology at present time so we must know about lte network architecture, 2G, 3G now became old so we will learn in details about lte network architecture and its hardware components working principle in this topic. 

          Lte Network Architecture working principle

          you will learn here best concept for lte network architecture and its hardware function i will try my best to give you best concept, i hope if you will read complete post you will complete understand lte network architecture your all doubt will clear point to point only need to read complete post see below carefully the picture for lte network architecture.


          LTE Network Architecture

          before we start lte network architecture i will suggest you to go for 3g umts architecture because we will compare lte architecture with 3g architecture and will analyse what new hardware is upgraded in 4G architecture so it is important first to understand 3g architecture you can refer previous post UMTS 3G Architecture 

          now 4g is called LTE but actually lte is not 4g it is 3.9G which we have already discussed in my previous post, actual 4G will come with name LTE advance and you will get more high speed data in 4G compare to LTE.

          in lte network architecture there are only three main component in this architecture given below.

          1    eNodeB  (Evolve NodeB)
          2    EPC        (Evolve packet core)
          3    IMS        (IP multimedia subsystem) 

          As you can see in above picture EPC is right side block details in which MME, HSS and SGW is present this is the main block of lte network architecture in short you can write only these three component for lte network architecture this is perfectly right.

          lte network architecture features  

          4g support variable bandwidth 1.4, 3,5,10,20 MHz 

          if service provider operator company is small can buy small bandwidth as per his company requirement and can provide 4g network to his customer flexibility is there, if operator company is big can buy large bandwidth like Reliance jio has 20 MHz bandwidth in 22 circles so jio providing free data to his customers.

          if we talk about data rate in 4g then DL(download) is 300 Mbps and  UL(upload) 75 Mbps the important technique use in lte network architecture for UL (SC-FDMA) single carrier frequency division multiple access  and for DL (OFDMA) orthogonal frequency multiple access modulation technique uses 64 QAM and now 256 QAM also available these are some important feature use in lte network architecture you must know.

          lte network architecture components 

          UE(user equipment) this is your mobile name user equipment in 4g architecture but in 2g architecture its name MS(mobile station) why in 4g UE because here mobile having screen touch, large screen, internet available, you can watch video, use voice call as well as data hence working like computer so it is called UE.

          UE connect with eNodeB just like NodeB eNodeB function for radio resource management, radio bearer control how radio resource management is done by eNodeB see here eNodeB to eNodeB interface x2 available through which channel allocation is done between eNodeB to eNodeB this is important point this was not available in 3g architecture between NodeB, eNodeB has dynamic capability to allocate radio resource, eNodeB forward incoming request only it not process itself here eNodeB directly interface with EPC no any RNC involve like in 3g hence overhead hardware replaced so it decreases connectivity time in 4g we expect 2ms connectivity time while in 2g and 3g 10ms .

          eNodeB connect with MME and SGW remember dotted line in above picture indicate control plan only mean when you are using data or voice call that time dotted connected hardware will not involve it will be only involve before connection setup so it is called control plan while the bold line connected hardware use for user plan this hardware involve when you are using voice and data call here you can clearly see the interface available between eNodeB and MME(mobility management entity) is S1-C  here C stand for control plan and similarly interface available between eNodeB and SGW(serving gateway) is S1-U here U stand for user plan MME work like VLR, MME also help in handover MME also select SGW for you on the basis of your location MME decide which SGW is near to you and will work better speed for you on the basis of all this parameter MME select final SGW for you.

          SGW work for routing and forwarding user data packet 4g work on ip technology no any circuit switching each and every component allotted ip for connectivity SGW work for server connectivity user desired to connect like facebook, google this is done by SGW.

          PDN-GW (packet data network gateway) its main work to assign o allocate  IP address to your mobile for internet connectivity if your mobile want to connect with other technology 2G, 3G then PDN-GW help for connectivity with other technology.

          HSS(home subscriber server) this is just like HLR in 2g,3g all user data and identity information is stored in HSS.

          PCRF(policy and charging rule function) its function is for billing of user data and voice call uses its sense user data consumed every minute you are using data and PCRF is looking you and updating its data base it also work for quality of service for user .

          band use for lte network architecture band40, 2300 MHz .
          now we will continue in next post i hope you have enjoyed learning lte network architecture if you like please share thanks for reading and sharing keep reading and reading.
          dated 6th Oct 2018    

          Telecommunication technology fundamental principle

          Telecommunication technology fundamental principle

          Telecommunication is a technology and it is very very important for our daily life made easy in modern era without this technology our life will stop this is the importance of this technology we will discuss from basic point of telecommunication to advance level in this topic first question is what is telecommunication ?.
          Tele – means at a distance, over a distance.
          communication – means information transmitted or conveyed a verbal or written message.

          Telecommunication means information verbal or written transmitted over a distance or large distance by using the technology is called telecommunication before we go to telecommunication details we need to understand sound wave creation and its characteristics because our voice is sound wave our first question is how sound wave is created ? see the picture below.

            From the above picture it is clear that vibration is source of sound and medium required to travel sound without medium sound can’t travel from above picture air is medium tiny particle of air medium get vibration and start oscillation back and forth and transfer energy forward to other tiny air particle and continue this energy transfer further and sound wave travel from source to observer ear now this vibration is experience by observer ear and send a signal to mind hence a sound is listen by observer.
          air tiny particle does not travel only disturbance that is energy travel from source to observer so this is called sound is a wave hence waves can transport energy through a medium without transporting a medium itself if air particle travel then it is called wind it is important point to remember.  
          velocity of sound depends upon medium in all medium like air, metal,gas, water velocity of sound is different it is important point.
          Sound wave we can’t see but we experience and listen only so visual representation of sound wave or parameter involve in sound wave see the picture below.

          from above picture it is clear that sound wave travel through air medium like back and forth motion of air molecule generating sine wave and parameter involve amplitude, time period and frequency mentioned above picture.

          if amplitude becomes larger volume of sound increases, frequency is number of oscillation per second f = 1/T Hertz if time period is decreases frequency increases higher node has higher frequency and lower node has lower frequency human can hear lower frequency 20hertz and higher frequency 20,000hertz below and above this range of frequency human can not hear dog can hear above 20,000 to 40,000hz.

          wavelength of sound wave when sound travels through air medium air compressed and decompressed the distance between two compressed region or decompressed region is called wavelength of sound wave ⋋ since wavelength is distance it is measured in meter now speed of sound wave is speed of the non compressed air molecules in non humid 20 deg centigrade air speed of sound wave is  343m/s “wave  speed ” is NOT molecules speed.
          speed of sound is the disturbance moving with speed we called this wave longitudinal because the wave moves parallel to molecules oscillation other wave is transverse wave in this case wave moves perpendicular to the molecules oscillation string and water wave is example of transverse wave.
          in longitudinal wave one complete oscillation or time period wave moves length of wavelength hence speed of wave = distance/time  =     ⋋/T = ⋋f hence speed of wave v = ⋋f this formula is valid for all wave not only for sound wave.
          now important point for this formula v = ⋋f  if we increase frequency then speed of wave is not increase wavelength is decreases if we increase wavelength then frequency is decreases speed of wave is not increases then what factor speed of wave depend its only depends upon medium like air, gas, metal, liquid medium speed can change after changing properties of medium.
          speed of sound depend upon two factor of medium one is stiffness or how rigid is it means stiffer  medium =  faster sound waves second factor is density 𝛒 denser medium = slower sound waves these two factors are taken into account for speed of sound 

          v = √B/𝛒  where B = Bulk modulus “how hard to compress”
          𝛒 = density of medium “how much mass per volume ” hence from these factor in iron sound travels 14 times faster than air medium    hence on a railway track if you put your ear to listen train coming sound 14 time faster than a normal person listen sound near you   hence sound speed Vsolid>Vliquid>Vgases.
          density play important role in 20deg centigrade speed of sound = 343m/s but in 0deg centigrade speed of sound = 331m/s hence the change the properties of medium can change the speed of sound i hope that you have enjoyed learning basic concept of Telecommunication technology fundamental principle thanks for reading we will continue in next post technology.
          dated 25th Aug 2018.

          3g umts architecture

          3G UMTS Architecture

          Today our topic is 3G UMTS technology in previous post we have already discussed about 2G GSM architecture as 2G is called GSM similarly 3G is called UMTS so in this topic we will study all about 3G UMTS technology and its architecture to understand better 3G UMTS technology i will suggest you first go through the 2G GSM architecture so you can compare the basic changes in 3G UMTS architecture easily, you can refer 2G GSM architecture see picture below for 3G UMTS architecture.


          3G UMTS Architecture
          this is architecture of 3G technology now first question arises that what is 3G technical name ? some people say that 3G is wcdma this is wrong as a telecom Engineer you must know technical name for 3G technology so its technical name is UMTS(universal mobile telecommunication system) in wcdma there is an air interface so technically wcdma is not 3G you should never say 3G is wcdma this is 3G umts.

          3g umts network

          now we will see what is the major changes in 3G umts network for this you should know that whole network is divided into two parts one is UTRAN and second is CORE network as shown in above architecture you should remember that in 3G umts whatever changes made is in RAN part only there is no major changes in core network and no any hardware added in core network only hardware and software is upgraded in core network in 3G umts technology only hardware changes in RAN parts if you have study previous post 2G gsm architecture we say our mobile MS means mobile station but here in 3G umts architecture our mobile is called UE(user equipment) here in 3G umts architecture our mobile handset connect with NodeB if you remember in 2G gsm architecture our mobile was connected with BTS but here with NodeB so if in any architecture talk about NodeB then you must understand this is 3G umts architecture without any confusion NodeB will similarly work as BTS but this is new hardware upgraded in 3G umts architecture next NodeB is connected with RNC while in 2G gsm architecture BTS was connected with BSC so here RNC(radio network controller) will work like BSC manages and control radio resources one RNC will control many NodeB depends upon capacity of RNC but this is new hardware upgraded in 3G umts architecture hence this two major changes NodeB and RNC in hardware 3G umts architecture.

           is umts 3g ?

          now RNC is further connected with MSC with interface Iu-cs which is circuit switching for voice call and other RNC interface with SGSN(serving GPRS support node) Iu-ps interface which is packet switching used for data connection you can compare with 2G there was no internet service but in 3G umts we will get internet services with the help of new hardware SGSN so if you see the above 3G umts architecture RNC connect with two ways one for voice call use and other for internet service data connection and both the route is different hence in 3G umts internet service is available due to new hardware addition when you made voice call then your request goes through mobile to NodeB and NodeB to RNC and RNC to MSC and GMSC like this but when you want to connect to facebook server then your request similar goes to RNC now from RNC to SGSN and SGSN to GGSN(gateway GPRS support node) and will connect to facebook server and you will use the internet service CG is charging gateway which is use for data used by user you get the message alert you have used 10Mb data and your balance data is 100Mb this is done by charging gateway.

          BG is boarder gateway which is used for connection of network in other circle when you go to roaming.
          MSC server is use for all authentication purpose but MGW (media gateway) allocate the channel for call setup here MSC is divided into two parts MGW and MSC server user plan and control plan.
          other hardware like GMSC, HLR,AUC,EIR we have already discussed in details in 2G gsm architecture you can refer now we will discuss here working of SGSN.

          SGSN(Serving GPRS support node) function

          SGSN routing and transfer data,mobility management, logical connection link control,help in billing, authentication, location update,current VLR now SGSN verify your authentication then request is forwarded to GGSN.

          GGSN(gateway GPRS support node)

          it is like a router connect your mobile to internet which server you want to access, current SGSN address save more than one SGSN GGSN connect and save its current address.

          RNC features  

          One RNC can communicate with other RNC with the help of Iur interface in 3G umts architecture but in 2G gsm architecture one BSC can not communicate with other BSC this is important feature of RNC.

          now very important point whenever there is change in RAN part then your handset mobile or user equipment will change so from 2G to 3G umts hardware changes in RAN part so your mobile is change to 3G here 2G gsm mobile will not support you have to purchase 3G mobile.

          next important point in 2G technology mobile is called MS means mobile station but in 3G umts architecture mobile is called UE(user equipment) because 3G mobile working as laptop all feature enable like internet,touch screen,camera,whats up every feature is available like equipment so it is called user equipment.     3G umts bandwidth available is 5MHz but the actual channel bandwidth we get in 3G umts is 3.84mbps the frequency available in india for 3G umts is 2100MHz 0r 1800MHz.
          now we will continue in next post keep reading i hope you have enjoyed learning 3g umts thanks for reading and sharing to others.
          dated 2nd Oct 2018.   

          gsm architecture basic for mobile communication

          GSM Architecture basic for mobile communication

          Today our topic is GSM Architecture which is basic foundation of global system for mobile communication in telecommunication GSM Architecture is very basic and common in telecom technology so in this topic we will discuss about GSM Architecture building block of its hardware component and its functionality it is very basic but at present it is half of Architecture of telecommunication system itself this  GSM Architecture is used for voice calling even today for data some hardware added in this component which is not included in this basic  GSM Architecture we will see in later architecture so this is main GSM architecture used for voice calling in 2G technology to know more about telecom technology you can refer my previous post in details telecommunication technology see below the picture.


          Gsm Architecture basic for mobile communication
          GSM stand for Global system for mobile if we are discussing about GSM architecture means we are talking about 2G technology architecture you should remember this point telecom evolution has brought advance technology 3G,4G LTE but here we are talking about GSM architecture simple means we are talking about 2G architecture latter on we will discuss about 3G and 4G LTE architecture step by step so that you can understand better GSM architecture is road map for other advance technology 3G and 4G LTE so it is very important to understand first GSM architecture then other advance technology architecture will become easy to understand.
          MS- mobile station is your mobile phone if it support GSM architecture then there will be two things one is your mobile equipment and other is your SIM card SIM(subscriber identity module) only your mobile equipment is not called mobile station it must contain with a valid SIM card activated and connected with network then MS is called mobile station.
          BTS–  base transceiver station this is a hardware installed near mobile tower you generally see mobile tower on ground and roof where BTS is installed and connected by GSM antenna through coaxial feeder cable this GSM antenna is installed on height of tower now mobile station is connected with near your BTS location.
          BTS functionality it is clear from its name transceiver means can transfer the call and receive the call hence it receives the call from MS and forwarded to BSC and it receive the call from BSC and forwarded to MS hence it is interface between MS and BSC apart from this BTS do many work like encrypt, encoding, multiplexing, modulate the signal, frequency hopping,establish call between MS and BSC.

          BSC- base station controller is connected with many BTS and manage all BTS request in a local town or city one BSC has many BTS connected its depends upon the BSC capacity but its main function is to manage or control all BTS request and communicate with MSC forward request to MSC and receive request from MSC its one important work is to handover the calls among the BTS suppose you are talking on mobile phone and moving from one location to other location then your call handover always BTS near to you for better voice quality without call drop this important work done by BSC handle handover from one BTS to other BTS apart from this BSC manage all radio resources means when you talk then some channel is allocated to you without